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Chapter 8: Evaporate

She needed some time away from him. Being around him constantly was making her forget where she was or why she was here. Not to mention she was sore as hell.

She liked playing it rough with Duncan, really liked it. But she needed to catch her breath.

What she also needed was a solid alliance. She knew everyone, except Duncan, was trying to vote her out of here. What really ticked her off was the fact that everyone was trying to vote her off because they had some kind of grudge against her. It wasn't her fault she was the best player in the game, why was everyone taking it so personally? It wasn't like she was acting like Heather.

OK so maybe she was borderline Heather bad, but she had every right to act like a bitch. She had worked so hard last season only to get booted off unfairly, then she didn't qualify for season two, then she had to watch the only guy she really cared about get close to some other girl. Maybe she overreacted time to time, but she wasn't use to this kind of thing.

Teamwork, backstabbing, friendship, and love. These emotions were practically new to her. She was used to flying solo and having things go her way, she never worried about how other people felt about her until now. When everyone was attacking you all at once the first reaction is to cower or fight back. Courtney wouldn't be a helpless victim, she didn't care if people hated her for it either. She did what she had to do to get ahead, it was just who she was.

She quickly noticed Beth hanging out by herself as innocent and as naïve as could be. In other words, a perfect target.

"Hey Beth!"

Duncan wasn't sure what to do in his spare time, he knew Courtney needed a break while he could've kept going and going. She defiantly had him hooked in the worst way. He opted for doing other things he enjoyed, like torturing Harold.

He found a couple of snails and slipped them into Harold's bed while he was sleeping. Unfortunately the plan backfired when the geek found one of the snails resembling Leshawna.

"I'll call her Leshawna Jr," Harold said happily in a wheezy voice.

Duncan only rolled his eyes at Harold's emotions. On TDI Duncan wasn't so pathetic when Courtney had been unfairly booted off, he had sucked it up like a man when she left and just kept his eye on the grand prize.

Ok so maybe he did think about her at night, and maybe he did carve D+C in every tree in the forest, and maybe he did give her shout-outs in the confessionals, and maybe he did consider naming his pet tarantula after her, and maybe….

Duncan decided not to mock Harold for the display of emotion he put on. It wasn't like Duncan was much better when it came to Courtney, the only difference between him and Harold was that Duncan kept his affections secret; the fact that Harold could do it so openly actually made Duncan a little jealous.

Duncan rolled his eyes for feeling jealous at all and decided to just go back to bed.

Why was it so cold? She could've sworn she had fallen asleep next to Duncan, who was always so warm.

Where is Duncan? She quickly looked around and noticed everyone else spread out on the ground. Once she spotted Duncan relief washed over her which she wished she didn't feel. Relief was not something to feel for an opponent when you're in a competition. Yes she still loved Duncan, but she had to remember that they were enemies when it came to this competition. Courtney never felt so conflicted in her whole life, she really didn't want to be opponents with Duncan, but she really wanted that money! Something suddenly clicked in Courtney's mind, were they back at camp!? As soon as Courtney saw the helicopter Chris was riding in she knew this wasn't going to be a fun day.

God the woman was stubborn! He was practically killing Harold just to keep up with Courtney and Beth, but every time he thought he had outdone her she just kept on surprising him. He guessed he shouldn't be so surprised, she had a natural take charge attitude, especially in the bedroom.

Focus Duncan!

Duncan tried to keep his mind on the game but he really was having a lot of fun competing with her. She was probably one of the few people who were able to keep up with him. Duncan always prided himself on being street smart, but Courtney was book smart. If they weren't always trying to compete against each other they would probably make one powerful team.

But for now he was forced to team up with Harold, Duncan could already tell this wasn't going to end well.

Courtney honestly wished they were having a knife fight as opposed to cooking. She would've won the fight by now, but cooking these monsters was proving to be a real obstacle. It didn't exactly help when the ingredients were live animals that could kill!

As Courtney continued to fight for her life Berth chose to speak up. "You're so lucky to have a PDA," she hinted coyly. "It sure would be nice to call my sweetie Brady."

Courtney wanted to scream at Beth, she wanted to tell her to drop her PDA and just get the hell out of here. But Courtney needed an alliance. She hated Harold, was sure Owen hated her, and as for Duncan…. Well it was just safer to not form an alliance with Duncan. Wait, since when am I worried about Duncan?

Courtney sighed to herself, she was getting too involved with Duncan and losing her focus on the game, she more worried about him than herself.

"Go ahead and call him!" Courtney finally answered angrily. She needed an alliance to help get her head back in the game, she refused to lose!

Duncan still couldn't believe the dork punched him! Actually punched him!

Chris had ordered Duncan to see the medic since his jaw was all black and blue and didn't need kids with broken jaws running around. Duncan was even more amazed that Harold punched him hard enough to knock him out; he couldn't even remember the last time someone had been able to do that.

Duncan seriously thought about getting back at the dork but something was holding him back. It could be because he was actually proud that the dork had learned from their training session. Or it could be because he actually respected the geek for standing up for his girl. He knew he had been pushing it with the Leshawna jokes, but he never thought Harold had the balls to do something about it. He wasn't surprised that it took a girl to get Harold to become more of a man. Duncan knew that if anyone ever said anything bad about Courtney he would punch them out too.

I'll give him this one, Duncan thought solemnly to himself. He wasn't even that mad about it anymore and just eager to get back to his trailer with Courtney.

On his way back he caught sight of Harold's tearful good bye to the snail, Leshawna Jr. "Be free! Go on get out of here," Harold sobbed loudly.

Duncan's disgust quickly resurfaced, he'd beat Harold up for that later.

Courtney stretched her back, wincing when she hit a tight area. She was glad to be alive from the challenge but now she was really feeling it all over body. Everything was sore and tender as she walked gingerly to the only chair in the trailer, she would've liked to lie down, but the bed was too far away.

She threw her "gift" on the bed as she got comfortable. Chris had given everyone complimentary kimono's from the set, except he didn't check for body measurements as hers was two sizes too small. Duncan would probably love that. She laughed to herself and closed her eyes.

Courtney started to drift off in a light sleep when she heard the door of the trailer open. Her whole body awoke when she saw Duncan's bruised up jaw. "What the heck happened to you?" she asked worriedly. If she wasn't so sore she would go up and hug him, but her legs weren't responding.

Duncan looked Courtney up and down before asking her the same question. "Me? What about you? Did you get attacked by an animal or something?"

"Yes," Courtney answered bluntly. "You look like someone punched you," she said still observing his face.

"Harold punched me."

Courtney's mouth flew open in shock until she started giggling and had to place a hand over her mouth to suppress the laughter.

Duncan narrowed his eyes on her as she continued to laugh. "It was a cheap shot," he lied. He did provoke Harold into doing it and he did deserve it.

Courtney shook her head and looked at him with amazement. "What did you do to make him snap?" she asked. "I can't believe he would actually punch you when you're always overpowering him."

Duncan shrugged and rubbed him jaw gently. "I taught the dork well, now that he knows how to properly throw a punch he won't need to worry about anyone picking a fight with him again." Duncan looked over at the bed and noticed the kimono. "What's that?"

"Chris's idea of a good gift, the damn thing is too small." She smiled coyly at Duncan before adding "Maybe it would fit you though. I'm sure you must feel like less of a man after that horrible experience Harold put you through."

Duncan glared at her sarcasm before sticking his tongue out in a childish manner and rolling his eyes.

Courtney giggled one last time and tried to stand; as she did she hissed in pain and opted for sitting back down. Duncan's attention was immediately on Courtney when he noticed she was in some kind of discomfort.

"Are you hurt?" He tried to make his voice sound calm, but really he was worried she might've really injured herself.

Courtney smiled sweetly at him to let him know it wasn't serious. "No I'm fine, just need a good massage is all." She groaned feeling the tightness in her back.

"Say no more," said Duncan cracking his knuckles. He picked up Courtney in one scoop and laid her down softly on their bed.

She giggled lightly, truly touched by his offer. "Duncan, I meant a professional massage, not an amateur one."

Duncan gave her a look before reaching over and grabbing the sash from the kimono. "I may not have a license, but I'm way better than anyone else who dares lay a finger on you. Plus I think we both know by now that I'm no amateur in pleasing you."

Again Courtney laughed as Duncan placed the sash over her eyes. "Why are you blindfolding me?" she asked both intrigued and confused.

"Just trust me, this will make the whole experience more…" Courtney felt him loom over her as his warm breath hit her ear softly. "Enjoyable."

She shivered deliciously and allowed Duncan to secure the sash over her eyes. She wasn't sure what he was up to, but she was sure it was more than just a massage. She trusted herself in Duncan's hands, regardless of this competition or not she was going to allow herself this moment of pleasure with him. Tomorrow she would worry about the game again.

It made her anxious that she couldn't see him, she couldn't read his face or his next move, and she was completely in the dark.

Duncan gently rolled her over on her stomach; she could feel the weight of his body from the sinking of the bed and couldn't help but feel small as he leaned over her. She felt like she was prey and her hunter had her exactly where he wanted her, blind and defenseless.

Duncan slowly rolled up her shirt to expose her lower back. He moved both hands along the base of her spine and fanned out rolling his thumbs along the areas of sore muscle. Courtney groaned when he began working out a knot. It still surprised her how well he knew her body. He continued to run his hands along her back occasionally caressing her sides and going dangerously close to the waist of her pants.

Courtney trembled slightly as Duncan's calloused hands moved gently along the frame of her body. Duncan started moving his hands higher under her shirt where he effortlessly snapped off her bra and removed her sweater vest.

Courtney groaned loudly when he hit the area between her shoulder blades. "I think my spine is twisted," she whined.

Duncan immediately realized the tenseness and knew what he had to do. "Brace yourself," he warned her placing both hands on the spot. In one swift move Duncan applied enough pressure to snap her spine back into place. At first Courtney cried out in pain before quickly melting into the amazing pleasure her body radiated from being properly reset. All her tightness and intensity seemed to drain from her muscles and Duncan took full advantage of the moment. He pushed her shirt up higher to kiss the area he had previously fixed and continued to leave a trail of kisses along her naked back. Courtney sighed into mattress loving the relaxation he was bringing her.

However her blissful haze turned slightly heated when Duncan moved his fingers inside the waist of her pants and gently began to tug. She smiled to herself and wriggled her butt to help him get them off faster. Duncan smiled evilly and started massaging her feet and moved up to her ankles and the calves. Courtney kept humming in approval as she lay there allowing Duncan to do as he pleased, and do as he pleased he intended to do.

Courtney felt a chill shoot up her spine when Duncan placed his fingers nimbly on her inner thighs. "I am going to make you cum again and again princess, even after you beg me to stop."

Courtney's blood began to rush and her whole body went into overdrive. Part of her felt slightly frightened while her entire body felt excited and anxious. Duncan's words alone had made her wet and she had to clench her legs together so he wouldn't see her soaked panties. Duncan however moved the base of his palm along the inside of her thigh and slowly moved it up to her womanhood to which he felt her arousal.

"My, my, someone's eager," he purred tracing a finger down the lip of her slick opening. Courtney whimpered against a pillow and held onto the sheets for dear life. She could only see dark and wished she had some indication as to what he would do next, the waiting was killing her.

Duncan moved back to her thighs and rubbed vigorously, squeezing her ass deliberately to keep her on her guard. He didn't want her getting too comfortable yet as his hands dipped down in the area just below her ass. He snaked his fingers under her panties and found her clit in no time.

Courtney gasped and started rocking her hips. Duncan grazed her opening with his finger tips for a few minutes before taking them out from her panties and wrapping them around her inner thighs. He kept his thumbs inside her and moved them rhythmically in and out while his other fingers squeezed at her thighs.

Courtney started to pant heavily as the pressure from Duncan's hands continued to build up faster and faster. She moaned once before her climax came faster than she expected and her whole body started to go numb. This didn't stop Duncan from removing her underwear and flipping her on her back.

Courtney got a little worried. She was already so worn out from the first orgasm she didn't know if she could cum again. "Duncan," she pleaded slightly already willing to give up. Duncan shushed her by blowing lightly on her clit and kissing the ridges of her tummy and hip bones. Courtney whimpered again feeling the throbbing of her womanhood start up again.

Duncan decided to move slow as he lifted one of her legs over his shoulder. He placed one hand on her stomach and traced his index finger along the line of her abdomen towards her chest. He started to unbutton the top of her blouse giving her more room to breathe. He slowly moved his hand inside the space of her shirt and allowed his hands to play.

Meanwhile, Courtney had to ball her hands into tiny fists and bite her lower lip to stop from shuddering. She was still so livid from her last orgasm that she just barely felt Duncan's teasing hands. She wondered what his face looked like as he continued to torture her, she bet it had his signature grin and lustful eyes gleaming down at her. The thought excited her more as she pressed her body further into his hands.

Duncan squeezed both her breasts for good measure and ran his hands along her sides. He began kissing the leg propped up on his shoulder. He moved his kisses along the back of her knee to the inside of her thigh, finally he reached her clit and started to suck and nibble on it. Courtney cried out and lifted her hips against him. Duncan moved his tongue over her slowly with careful precision, making sure his piercing hit her g-spot a few times. When he began to taste more of her cumming he inserted two fingers and began pumping her through her orgasm.

Courtney came so hard she thought she might burst, she practically felt near the edge of tears. She hoped Duncan was done but soon felt her hands being handcuffed to the bed post!

"Duncan I can't!" she figured Duncan owned a pair of handcuffs but she simply had nothing left inside her to keep going.

He quieted her with a kiss. "We'll see about that," he said all too knowingly.

Courtney squeezed her legs together figuring he'd go back to that area. Instead Duncan fully unbuttoned Courtney's blouse and began massaging her breasts. Courtney's wrists strained against the cuffs as Duncan's thumbs grazed her nipples, making them peak into tight little buds. She cooed when he leaned over her and started nibbling on her ear lobe.

His hands continued to caress her breasts as Duncan's nibbling moved along her jaw line and back to her lips. Courtney nearly lost her breath as he sucked her tongue and bit her lower lip. Soon his mouth was over her left breast and sucking on her nipple while rapidly flicking his tongue over the tight little bud.

Duncan heard her cum again as the weight of her arms pulled against the handcuffs making a straining noise.

"Ah…Duncan please…." She couldn't even speak properly. She thought she was going to black out, she was sweating all over and felt as though she were disappearing.

Duncan reached under her and cupped her ass roughly. "Giving up already princess?"

She wanted to say yes. But the way Duncan was roughly pinching her ass was making her eager all over again. In response she bucked her hips catching the tip of his erection. Duncan hissed nearly doubling over. He had been hard ever since he started and now he just wanted to plain out fuck her.

Beyond his own control he slowly slid into her, he felt her walls contract bringing him in further. Duncan playfully slapped Courtney's ass to make her stop. He saw a grin on her face and lightly nipped her nipple in response making her squeak in delight.

"Bad girl," huffed Duncan sliding out and in her again.

"I learned from the best," she gasped out.

Duncan lost it and began thrusting into her to the hilt. Just when Courtney thought she could feel no more, she felt her final climax come over her, only this time it didn't end swiftly. As Duncan continued to ride her she stayed in her ultimate peak for what could've been hours for all she knew. Her entire core filled up with heat and continued to build and grow. Her insides shook and quivered against Duncan's member, begging him not to stop.

Duncan picked up speed as he felt the heat of her climax continue to emerge. He panted and moaned loudly, adding in a few curse words when he started cumming. Once he became responsive again, he collapsed on top of Courtney's naked chest and remained there completely lost to the world. They laid in complete silence until Duncan freed her wrists from the handcuffs and said. "Enjoy your massage?"

She hummed in response as she continued to evaporate into nothingness.