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Chapter 9: Fluid

Courtney allowed her body to rest and relax. Before Duncan she would've been punishing her body by depriving it of sleep. She used to always force herself out of bed and get going earlier than most; she always felt the need to rush, to be ahead of the sun. Now with Duncan's arm around her she actually let the sun rise and warm her naked body and allowed the morning to pass her by carelessly.

Her eyes felt heavy and her muscles felt limp, her breathing was slow and even, her heart beat was steady and strong. Courtney felt wonderful.

She slowly stretched and yawned herself awake. She noticed Duncan was still asleep and took the opportunity to study him. There were times she felt so lucky to have someone like him lying next to her. She felt so relaxed and free around him that when he wasn't around her walls suddenly rushed back. With Duncan she felt free, but protected and safe.

"Are you gonna keep staring at me all morning princess?"

Courtney was surprised he had been aware of her staring at him, but he already knew her so well it wasn't as surprising as it should've been. "Technically it's afternoon, lazy ass."

He chuckled before reaching over and giving her butt a good slap. "Look who's calling who a lazy ass."

Courtney smirked at him already sitting up and looking for her kimono. She spotted it on the floor and began to pull it over herself. As she guessed it was too small for her and barely covered her buttocks or chest. Damn Chris.

She sighed right as Duncan whistled. "I dare you to wear that for the rest of the day."

Courtney arched an eyebrow and scoffed. "You wish."

"Oh I do."

Courtney turned away from him and leaned over the bed looking for her panties. Courtney shouldn't have turned her back away from Duncan, 'cause right at that moment Duncan saw the perfect opening to slide under her legs so his head was right below her womanhood.

Courtney nearly fell over the edge of the bed as Duncan gently nudged his tongue against her opening.

Courtney had to hold on tightly to keep from falling. "Duncan…. It's too early for this."

Duncan simply licked her again eliciting another moan from her. "Says you, but I'm very ready for this."

Courtney moaned as her arms began to shake from the strain of her body weight. Duncan didn't ease her pain as he ran his hands along her inner thighs and rolled his thumbs around her hips. He managed to hoist Courtney up fully on her knees and started nibbling on the underside of her belly button.

He decided it was OK to keep going once he felt how wet she was becoming. He let his fingers tease her and continued to kiss her deeply.

Courtney could barley find the strength to moan as all her breathing turned into whimpering. She could only lean into the sweet feeling. Duncan pulled her into his lap, he was fully erect but didn't let himself enter her just yet. He really wanted to savor this moment and just take the time to hold her and kiss her.

Courtney was surprised by his sudden burst of affection. It wasn't like him to kiss her with just tenderness and warmness. She was worried she wouldn't get another chance to take advantage of his softer side in such a way, so she kissed him back with the same gentleness and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Duncan rubbed her back and gripped her closely, not caring how hard he was now. Just being close to her was enough and he wanted to make sure she knew that.

After a few minutes they both began to feel the strain of their desires and Duncan laid Courtney down and continued to kiss her with the same softness as he entered her. Both of them knew this time was different, this time they weren't just having sex, they were making love.

Courtney was thankful Chris hadn't set up a challenge the whole day and actually let them relax, she needed to after all the positions Duncan put her into today. It was the middle of the night and here Chris was giving them all packages with precious items in them, and Courtney nearly choked up when she saw the photo.

It was weird being reminded of her most precious memory. Being abandoned by her friend and left alone, in front of dozens of other prestige students from other schools, who were now all challenging her argument. But Courtney had managed to pull through, she managed to win the debate against all others and won the entire competition alone. Alone was what she had always been, her parents ignored her, her so-called friends hated her, even her teammates couldn't stand her. Up until that competition Courtney had hated being alone, but after that big success and extreme hurdle in her life, she decided she was better off alone. That she could achieve anything without the help of anyone else, and that she would actually keep anyone and everyone at a distance.

Now that Courtney had that moment back in hands she was remembering her cardinal rule and how she actually allowed it to be broken by Duncan. Lord knows she had tried to keep him away, but Duncan was much stronger than she realized and before she knew it she had made an exception for someone and actually let them be part of her life.

Now that she was remembering her vow, she almost felt disappointed in herself for breaking it.

She felt someone nudge her gently.

"Hey princess, you should really get some sleep while you can," Duncan whispered over to her floating nearby.

Courtney just glared at him. She hated this stupid space challenge, the no gravity thing was not her cup of tea. She like sleeping on a firm mattress with pillows and blankets, and the only other available pillow was being used by Duncan's ridiculous pet. "Maybe I'd be able to sleep if I had a pillow," she said pointing at his ugly pet tarantula, which was peacefully snoozing away on the pillow Duncan had secured him to.

Courtney knew she didn't actually need the pillow, they were after all floating around in open air, but it was the fact that Duncan seemed to care more about his pet than her that really bothered Courtney. What girlfriend has to play the third wheel to a spider?

Duncan just looked at Scruffy with admiration. "Hey it's not my fault Scruffy needs his beauty sleep, don't you Scruffy? Yes you do!"

Courtney rolled her eyes in disgust. "Whatever, what about my beauty sleep?"

Duncan looked at her mildly surprised. "You're already beautiful."

Courtney lost her words and started to blush. She hated it when he did that, anyone else she could insult easily, with him she never knew exactly what to say.

"Did I catch you off guard there princess?"

Courtney turned her back to him and decided to stop overanalyzing everything and just go to bed. "Whatever Duncan, just go back to your pet spider and leave me alone."

Just when she closed her eyes she felt Duncan wrap his arms around her. "I'm never leaving you alone sweetheart, no matter how much you want me to."

Courtney sighed to herself, the problem Duncan had created for her was she didn't know if she wanted to be alone or not anymore.

Courtney was more confused than ever now and Duncan could sense it. She had felt so bad for him when Scruffy had died today, she had once again let her guard down and went to comfort him, only this time she had actually done it in front of dozens of people, and she was starting to regret it. Almost everyone looked at her suspiciously, she was supposed to hate him, and she was the last person in the world to try and comfort someone. Courtney needed everyone to think that so they wouldn't use her feelings against her, she had to win this game, she had to! Yet she couldn't even bring herself to do the challenge. It was bad enough the suit had been covered in everyone else's barf, but it was even worse how angry she was at everyone, so she decided to not do the challenge. She wanted some control back, she refused to do anymore stupid challenges, she was sick of it!


She ignored him, right now she wanted to be alone.

"What the hell happened with you today? I thought you were tougher than that, I thought you wanted to win this competition"

Courtney sighed and continued to stare straight ahead. Ordinarily Duncan enjoyed this game of hers, but right now he had no patience for it. Ignoring her protests, he picked her up and started walking them towards the spaceship so they wouldn't be heard.

Once he sealed them in he faced her and asked again, "Do you want to win this game or not?"

Courtney gave up frustrated by her emotions. "I don't know what I want Duncan! And why do you even care! This is your fault anyway."

Duncan looked at her confused, "What are you talking about? Since when are you unsure of what you want?"

"Since you came along," she admitted.

Duncan just stared at her and waited for her to continue.

"Before you I was fine by myself. I wanted nothing more than success and happiness. But now that you're in my life, I suddenly feel like I'm losing focus on everything, and that if I want to keep you in my life I have to sacrifice everything else."

Courtney sat down and held her knees close to her chest in shame. She didn't like feeling this weak or lost. She wanted Duncan more than anything, so what did this mean for her future? How could she do what she wanted and still have someone who was so different from her, who led a different life. How could she really be happy if all she could focus on was how to stay with him?

Duncan sat down in front of her and moved her hair out of her face. "Princess…. I understand you've been on your own and have done things on your own, and that you have goals and plans for your life, but why would you think that I'd ask you to give up any of that?"

Courtney wasn't sure how to answer his question so she just shrugged stupidly.

"Courtney, no matter what you decide to do or what you want, I will support you and be behind you all the way. We're a team and the only thing I want is for you to be happy."

Courtney looked up at him in amazement. "You do?"

"I love you, so of course I do you idiot."

Courtney giggled, finally pulling herself together. He genuinely loved her in a way that was completely selfless. She could still go after everything she wanted and still be with him. He just wanted her to be happy, she wanted to tell him she wanted the same for him but ended up kissing him instead.

The kiss started off soft until Duncan brought her to her feet and started making the kiss more intense and rushed. She began to tingle when his tongue ran across the roof of her mouth and his leg started moving between her legs.

"Duncan," Courtney whimpered as Duncan moved his thigh harder against her and gripped her lower back.

Courtney rolled her head back in pleasure which allowed Duncan to start leaving a trail of kisses down her neck. He wasted no time in pushing the "no gravity" button and went dizzy with excitement as they both lifted off the ground and in the air.

Courtney wrapped her legs around Duncan securely as their bodies began to float freely. She closed her eyes peacefully as Duncan's hands began to roam all over her body and slowly start to undress her. She began undressing him feverishly as she kissed him passionately.

Once Duncan had her down to her bra and panties he effortlessly flipped her around so her back was against him, and began to grind under her things and right beneath the wet spot of her panties. Courtney's legs floated weightlessly and allowed Duncan more room. She wanted to feel more of him and reached behind her to caress his neck and bring him in lower for a kiss. The kiss caused Duncan to grind harder against her, Courtney moaned into his mouth and bit his lower lip.

He enjoyed how wet she was getting and brought his hand around to her clit and began to rub. Courtney quickly felt her arousal bloom and began moving faster against Duncan. Duncan decided to speed things up and moved his fingers under her panties and began running them along the wet folds of her womanhood.

Courtney panted and had to steady herself when she opened her eyes, she was getting dizzy from the lack of gravity, and it was quickly making her light headed as well. Duncan helped it along by removing her bra and cupping her breasts and giving them a good firm squeeze.

She couldn't stand the overwhelming tension anymore and quickly whipped off her panties and arched her back up so the tip of his erection hit her opening.

Duncan hissed and grabbed some of Courtney's hair in his fist and positioned her hips with his other hand. With her back still to him and her torso fully bent over, her legs were spread wide open allowing her to be fully aroused and ready as Duncan slowly entered her half way and started to thrust very slowly.

Courtney started moaning immediately as she felt Duncan move inside her. He was so warm that she became even wetter to the point where Duncan was gliding effortlessly in and out of her.

Courtney gasped loudly as Duncan took her off guard and thrust himself fully inside her and began riding her a little swifter. Courtney wished she had something to grab onto, because the pleasure had suddenly become so intense she didn't know if she should tell Duncan to stop or keep going.

Courtney just kept moaning and screaming as Duncan continued to grow harder from the new position, he literally felt unstoppable and wanted to make this last as long as he could. He gripped her buttocks securely so he could remain fully inside of her.

Courtney meanwhile felt like she couldn't breathe, there a strange sense of vertigo overcoming her that turned her delirious and made it so she could only feel Duncan and the joy he was creating for her. She didn't want him to stop! She knew she had already climaxed twice already, and she should make Duncan stop before she became too tired to go on, but each time he continued to trust inside her it was like the pleasure came back ten times better, so she continued to hold onto him and urge him on.

Duncan turned her around so she was facing him again and held her tightly against his body, she looked like she was going to pass out at any moment and he knew he should stop, but he kept hitting her in all the right spots that he remained hard. He just couldn't believe how amazing she felt inside and if she could keep going he was willing to keep going too.

After many more positions and climaxes Courtney could feel the drain of Duncan's body taking over, so she decided to take over. She began moving herself up and down on top of Duncan and rolled her hips teasingly. Duncan just silently gasped and closed his eyes as she continued to work her magic, she was so damn good at this that he didn't even try to stop any of her actions, he was going to let her continue to do her thing and soak up every last bit of the moment. Courtney felt something build up inside of her but it wasn't an orgasm just yet, it was like her excitement just tripled as she began moving faster and faster with Duncan inside of her. Duncan began moaning with her and gripped her ass firmly as she continued to ride him.

Courtney felt completely in control as she found her g- spot and kept her same pace on Duncan. She was going to cum soon; Duncan knew it and felt the need to cum himself before she wore herself out. So he lifted his hips and began matching his thrusts with hers.

Courtney screamed as her climax finally reached her and she went completely limp in Duncan's arms. Duncan came just as soon as she did and panted heavily trying to find his air. Both of them throbbed as Courtney lifted her body off of Duncan's and floated beside him. This had to be the definition of cloud nine, because Courtney had never felt so incredible.

Duncan reached out and grabbed her, he brought her in his arms and continued to pant and sweat, he looked like he had just run a marathon. Courtney looked at him wide eyed, still shaking like crazy and feeling numb between her legs. She wasn't sure how long they had been going at it, but she sure as hell knew it had been longer than any time before.

She panted heavily one last time before asking, "Where did that come from?"

Duncan just chuckled and rested his head on her chest, "Sorry, I've just been dyeing to touch you all day."

Courtney sighed wearily, "I think you got more than enough done to satisfy yourself."

Duncan shook his head gently placing a kiss on her breasts, "Oh no sweetheart, we could do that a million times and I would never get enough of you."

Courtney chuckled and just continued to float with Duncan in her arms. She was so in love with the criminal it was ridiculous. She felt light and fluid.

"Do you want me to turn the gravity back on?"

Courtney thought about it for a moment before saying no. "I don't think I can walk right now."