Chapter 10: Satisfying

Courtney moaned slowly as she rolled her hips again. She loved being on top, she felt her clit being better stimulated and she loved being in control of each movement and thrust. It was also wonderful seeing how much joy Duncan was in and how hard he was fighting to let her be in control when all he wanted to do was thrust into her harder and faster, but Courtney was going to make sure she took things slow this time.

She lifted her hips again feeling the length of him move out of her before setting herself fully on top of Duncan again. Duncan went breathless and gripped her hips tightly to savor the feeling of her wrapped around his manhood.

He rocked his hips forward slightly only to have Courtney's hand come down on his chest. "Slowly," she whispered in a dominating way which turned him on further. He bit his lower lip to control himself and nodded at her request. Courtney smiled sweetly at him. She lowered herself enough to lay kisses across his neck and chest while she continued to slowly ride him.

Duncan gripped her hair and let her do as she pleased. He was never more in love with a girl, but he still worried about her. They were coming close to the finals and he wasn't sure if she was going to be able to keep going. Hell he even doubted himself on that one. He didn't really want to compete with her anymore. He wanted to share things with her now and not feel like their relationship had to be a power struggle anymore. The problem with this damn game show was everything was a power struggle, it was about being top dog and outwitting and outsmarting everyone else. How the hell are you suppose to be the strongest competitor when you were in love with your greatest opponent.

Duncan's thoughts must've been playing with his anatomy because Courtney immediately noticed a difference and stopped her movements to look at him.

"Hey, are you alright?"

Duncan looked at her bewildered and still aroused. "Yeah, why?" he asked.

Courtney glanced down for a moment before replying. "Well you're going a little limp."

Crap! Duncan hated that his thoughts were getting the better of him right now. Here he was with a hot naked girl straddling him, one he was madly in love with, and all he could do was think about the damn competition.

"I'm sorry," Duncan apologized regretfully. "I just have stuff on my mind."

Courtney grinned at him playfully. "Well that's new for you."

Duncan sneered at her replying, "Ha, ha, very funny."

Courtney smiled nicely at him and laid her torso on his chest still keeping Duncan's half-hard erection inside her. "What is it?" she asked truly wanting to know.

Duncan shrugged not knowing what words to use or how to even explain himself to her. "I guess I just feel like we're in a bad situation right now."

Courtney looked at him worriedly. "If you want we can switch positions or-''

Duncan chuckled at her and shook his head. "No I don't mean that. I mean what are we going to do if we have to face each other in the final round?"

Courtney furrowed her eyebrows at him. "Well then we compete, I don't see the problem in this. I thought you'd be ok going against me in the final round."

Duncan looked at her deeply. "I'm not sure if I can anymore."

Courtney could tell he was serious and decided she should get serious herself. She grabbed some sheets and wrapped them around herself so he wouldn't be distracted.

"Ok first of all," she started. "While I seriously doubt anyone will make it to the final round besides us, we still don't know for sure what's going to happen."

True, thought Duncan, although still not very convinced by her argument.

"And second of all," continued Courtney. "We're a lot stronger than that. Remember how you forgave me for choosing money over you during the first season?"

Duncan nodded.

"I'll forgive you no matter what, I know you want the money as bad as I do. No matter what we'll still love each other at the end of the day and I would even be willing to share the money with you."

Duncan raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Oh really?" he asked caressing her face.

She smiled at him lovingly. "Really," she paused for a second and looked him straight in the eyes. "I love you Duncan and I would do anything with or for you. If you're really uncomfortable with us competing against each other then maybe…" she couldn't believe she was about to say this. "I'll bow out and forfeit."

Duncan immediately panicked. There was no way he was making her do that. She had so much drive and potential and talent to just throw away on him. "Hell no," he said cupping her face. "If anyone deserves to win that money more than me it's you. You're not a quitter and there's no way I'm going to let you be just to protect my stupid feelings."

"You're feelings aren't stupid to me," said Courtney. "How you feel matters to me."

Duncan felt an urge to lie to her at that moment. It was true he was more than uncomfortable to compete against her, but at the same time he didn't want to ask her to sacrifice so much for him; he didn't feel he had the right to do that, and he wouldn't.

He decided to lie.

"I'm fine competing with you."

Courtney looked at him skeptically. "Really?" she asked not fully convinced.

He leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips. "Really."

She didn't believe him, not even for a second. She knew he didn't want to compete against her anymore than she did with him. She loved him and right now the money was furthest thing from her mind. Honestly she just wanted him to be happy and to see him go all the way. Despite all of his wishes and despite all of her wants for the grand prize, for once in her life she decided she was going to be completely selfless.

Courtney arched her back and rolled her hips slowly making Duncan's erection stiff and hard again. She knew if she played her cards right she could pull this off. "If I said I had a plan would you listen to it and follow my every direction?"

Duncan was so mesmerized by her movements he was willing to do anything she asked of him. "Anything you say babe," he said tilting his hips forward.

The Next Morning….

Duncan was tired beyond all hell. He didn't really understand the whole point of staying up all night but he had already agreed to doing as Courtney instructed and now he had to deal with the consequences.

He actually didn't understand a lot of the things she was instructing him to do. Somehow pretending they were back together and she was more demanding beyond all logic was going to guarantee them a spot in the finals.

He was too much in a bad mood to really question her logic. He was so deprived of sleep that he just wanted to get the challenge for today over with so that he could get back to sleep.

Courtney however was making sure no such thing was going to happen. She had a plan alright, but it wasn't going to end the way Duncan was expecting it to.

The fact that they had "gotten back together" was only to help them along further. Everyone would be expecting problems right away and all Duncan had to do was just go along with it. She really did feel bad about what she about to put him through but it had to be done.

"Hey babe."

Already she could hear the fatigue in his voice, hell his whole body was bent over. She pushed aside her feelings and started correcting him on her "rules."

The contract was really nothing more than a dozen papers from her lawsuit, but they did the trick none the less, Beth and Owen weren't clever enough to catch on to the act. Only an idiot would believe she and Duncan hated each other yesterday and that just last night they were back together. (A/N: C'mon who else thought that was kind of dumb.)

Courtney allowed Duncan to hold her in their faking, simply because she was really going to miss him when she got eliminated, which was part of the plan.

Several Hours Later…

Fucking animals. Even though she had no intention of completing the challenge, it didn't change the fact that she got beaten up and nearly died while falling down a waterfall.

Her whole body ached and hurt from the difficultly of training a shark, she just had to choose the most dangerous animal available. She was absolutely positive that no one had had a harder day than her.

She realized just how wrong she was as soon as she Duncan and his deranged state. Damn she had really pushed it with the no sleep thing. He seemed completely out of his mind, swinging from vines, shooting darts at people, tattered and bruised up.

Even though his appearance was alarming, Courtney couldn't help but find it unbelievably hot. His savage actions were so raw and alive. She managed to keep her composure by acting repulsed by his actions, but she could already feel the area between her legs growing warm, while her breasts became hard and sensitive.

She immediately crossed her arms over her chest so no one would notice the peak of her nipples through her shirt. She decided to end this quickly by walking up to Duncan and placing a firm kiss on his lips.

He quickly came out of his insanity and looked at Courtney gratefully. He hoped she was going to take it easy on him after seeing how near insane she had driven him with their acting. But she wasn't even close to letting up. Upon her asking for her papers he confessed to losing them, even though he had eaten them….

He felt ready to quit and give up at this point. He really wanted to just rest.

"Hey Chris!' Courtney yelled making Duncan flinch.

"What?" asked Chris clearly annoyed.

"Do you think letting us take a break would be too much to ask for. I mean poor Duncan over here looks ready to kill over."

Wow! Was she actually giving him a break? Duncan was so happy he could just throw her against a wall and have his way with her, too bad he had no energy left.

Chris sighed and waved his arm at her. "Fine whatever, take your break."

Duncan began walking like a zombie to the trailers when Courtney grabbed him by the wrist and hurriedly dragged him into the trailer, slamming the door behind them and pushing him against the bed with all her might.

He was about to interject when Courtney swiftly pulled her shirt over her head and smothered her body over his and keeping him quiet with a deep passionate kisses.

Part of Duncan's body protested, still needing to recover, but the other part of his body shot alive feeling her porcelain soft skin move against his own.

His hands immediately wrapped around her, touching her every which way. With one hand he quickly unhooked her bra and moved himself lower so he could kiss and suck at her hard nipples.

Courtney arched her back and grinded against his crotch as he continued to tease her nipples. She bit her lower lip and grabbed his Mohawk, forcing his head back up and kissing her lips again. Courtney reached for his belt buckle and released his manhood within a matter of seconds. She moved on her knees and took him in her mouth.

Duncan moaned loudly as her tongue ran up and down his shaft while the head of his erection glided across the roof of her mouth. He nearly came when she sucked a little harder than expected, but Courtney grabbed his erection firmly and forced his cum back down.

This time Duncan whimpered slightly pained. He felt as though he was losing his mind slowly and it was only getting worse with her roughness and prolonging. Yet he couldn't even beg her to stop when he felt so feverish and aroused. He wanted her to keep going and keep torturing him this way; he was getting off so good right now that he was already ready to cum.

Courtney climbed back on top of him preparing to straddle him again. She made sure to take her time however by suspending her pelvis over his manhood and satisfying Duncan with kisses, she let her womanhood down slowly, catching the tip of his erection and let it go no further than that.

The amount of entryway was not enough for Duncan. As she continued kissing him he desperately tired entering her further by thrusting his hips, but the more he did so the more Courtney would either tighten up or pull away.

He was getting frustrated more and more by her. Her controlling nature was usually hot, but now it was driving him just plain nuts and crazy with lust.

He was becoming so needy for her that he started sweating. He pulled his mouth away from hers to argue with her, but as soon as he did Courtney set herself down fully on top of him allowing his throbbing erection to fully enter her.

He threw his head back and made a grunting sound. Country moved gradually and caressed his chest and abdomen with her hands. She loved seeing him like this, and she loved the way she could feel him inside her when they were in this position. She lifted herself up again and then back down.

Again Duncan threw his head back, he glided against her so easily he wanted to just keep going and never stop. He reached for her clit and started playing with it while Courtney continued to ride him.

Courtney moaned as his fingers teased her clit and caused her body to become hotter and wetter. She leaned back to give Duncan more room to massage her clit finding that the angle allowed Duncan to hit her G-spot even more.

Courtney leaned back on her hands and continued to thrust her hips forward. Duncan bit his lower lip and made a growling noise. He sat himself up fully holding Courtney in place and began to bounce her roughly on him. She was so wet and aroused that the movements made him enter her fully and completely causing Courtney to shriek out in an intense and ever building climax.

She collapsed on her back panting heavily while Duncan collapsed on top of her burying his head in her shoulder.

He shuddered violently as if this time was like the first. He had been so blown away by the sudden rush of lust and insanity he wanted to pass out right then and there if Courtney hadn't been pushing him off.

He watched her hazily putting her clothes back on. She glanced at him with what seemed to be pity in her eyes. Sure she should feel sorry for making him stay awake and driving him crazy all day long, but she seemed deeply sorry about something else, something further.

"Courtney…" he wasn't sure what to say, he was so tired and drained that when Courtney shushed him he immediately did as told and slowly put all his clothes back on.

He really wanted to ask her what was going on, why she was deliberately trying to drain and tire him out, but for some reason or another he trusted her and on top of it all he somehow still knew he was going to go to the finals. So why did he have a sinking feeling in his stomach that Courtney wasn't going to join him?

"Are you ok?" Courtney asked snapping Duncan out of his trance.

He looked at her dully. "You tell me," he grumbled running a hand through his disheveled hair. "What exactly are you doing Courtney."

Courtney seemed to freeze up all together at his question. "What do you mean?"

Duncan scoffed at her straightening his shirt. "You know exactly what I mean, this whole game and strategy of yours. Is this really some strategy or are you just trying to drive me crazy to the point of no return?"

Courtney looked at him for a minute before silently approaching him and putting a hand on his cheek. "You trust me don't you?" Duncan nodded immediately. "And you know I love you."

Again he nodded quietly. "I just don't understand why you can't tell me the reason behind all this. Don't you trust me?"

Courtney weakly smiled at him. "Of course I trust you, but you won't understand if I tell you. You'll figure it out soon… I promise."

He wanted to argue with her, or at the very least negotiate with her. But for once in his life he was actually too tired to do so, and a part of that made him slightly angry and scared. It was almost as if he was changing or she was trying to change him. He didn't want to change, he liked who he was. He was willing to change a little for the sake of this relationship, but he didn't know if he was willing to change this much.

"Are you ready?" asked Courtney getting ready to open the door.

Duncan nodded. "Show time," he answered bitterly.

Beth had invincibility, Duncan was gone to the world, and Owen had proven himself as a snitch and lackey of Chris. Overall things couldn't have worked out better in her favor.

She was sure more than enough people were going to vote her off and with Duncan passed out his vote wouldn't be able to save her.

And she didn't want him to do so. She wanted him to have a chance; she actually wanted something that was best for someone else other than herself.

Duncan's offer was just something she couldn't say yes to, she didn't feel she had the right to ask him to sacrifice so much.

Yet at the same time she couldn't believe how much she was sacrificing for him and how good she felt in doing it. She allowed herself to trust Duncan with her very heart and body and in the end had no regrets about her decisions, just as now she had no regret letting go of the grand prize to allow someone else to have it.

It was time.

She casted in her vote and watched as Duncan barely snapped out of his sleep and accidentally hit her picture on his voting device.

Courtney smiled inside and prepared for the biggest act in her life. She got up angrily and yelled, "What! Duncan voted for me!"

It didn't take long for Duncan to discover what he had done and it didn't take long for him to finally figure out that this had been Courtney's intention all along. From the very start she had never intended to be in the final two, her plan was to strictly send him there and get herself voted out by driving him to exhaustion.

He wasn't sure what to think, he wasn't even sure how to feel as she put on a horrible act of breaking up with him. He was surprised and impressed that she would do something so clever and selfless. He wanted to be angry with her for tricking him so easily, but at the same time he couldn't help but fall in love with her more for doing something so amazing for him.

It was like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders and for once he was going to have someone other than himself to win for.

But he wasn't done with her just yet...

She lay naked in her bed going over the events again and again in her mind. Not the trivial things like the competition, the games, or the tricks. But the moments she was allowed to share with Duncan, her mind, her body and her heart.

It was strange yet beautiful to have had everything happen so suddenly and perfectly within such a short amount of time. What had worried her the most was the end of it all, perhaps that was why she took such a risk and such a chance in everything, to be able to not wonder about what could've been, and to be able to open up to someone else and love them in a way they loved her.

No matter the ending she had no second thoughts on doing it all over again.

"I always knew you had a soft side."

Courtney nearly jumped out of her skin as Duncan lay next to her in the bed.

"Jesus Christ! How did you even get here," she asked trying to cover up.

Duncan immediately tugged her hand away from the sheets and ran his hand across her shoulder and up her neck. "You're not as far away as you think you are from the set, I found out they were hiding you guys out here a few days ago."

Courtney wasn't surprised, Chris's cheap ass would just toss them all in an empty building nearby. The run down building was no farther than a few blocks from the trailers.

Courtney relaxed against the mattress waiting. Waiting for what she wasn't sure of. Was he mad at her? Was he happy? Did he even care?

"You…" Duncan started unsure of which words to use. "Are an evil cunning trickster, who can't stand it when things don't go her way."

Courtney relaxed knowing that was "Duncan talk" for thank you. "Well I am a control freak," she said smiling up at him.

Duncan smiled rolling his eyes. "Yes you are, I'm just surprised you used your powers for good instead of evil."

They both laughed and became fully relaxed in each others arms. It became a mutual agreement between the two of them that everything was fine and back to normal.

"I love you and wanted to do something nice for you," admitted Courtney sheepishly.

Duncan kissed the back of her hand and began tugging slightly at the sheet covering her body. "Can I do something nice for you back?"

Courtney bit her lower lip anxiously, not prepared to say yes just yet. "Don't you need to rest for tomorrow?"

Duncan smiled devilishly at her fully removing the sheet from her body. "I'll be able to sleep much better once I can satisfy you."

She giggled wrapping her arms around his neck. "You sure you're not here to satisfy yourself?"

Duncan's hand brushed across her inner thigh making her even more anxious. "Well who says we both can't be satisfied?"

Courtney grinned at him before starting to unbuckle his pants. "Well c'mon then millionaire."

"We don't know that yet," Duncan said kissing her deeply.

"I believe in you," she said kissing his neck and fully removing his pants.

Duncan shuddered as his skin came to contact with hers. He quickly whipped off his shirt and began to slowly move his hands across her body. He took his time tracing over each curve and indentation.

He wanted to show her how much he had appreciated what she had done and who she was. He began kissing her neck, chest, and lower abdomen while his hands continued to roam between her legs.

Courtney hummed softly to herself as she ran her fingers through Duncan's hair and arched her body further into his kisses. She let out a whimper as his kisses landed gently on her clit and against the folds of her womanhood.

As always her blood turned warm and her skin became electrified. She already knew she was wet as Duncan's tongue began tasting her. As he continued pleasuring her she played with her breasts and closed her eyes intoxicated in the moment.

She couldn't hold back her moans any more as Duncan's tongue began working faster against her. She rolled her hips playfully and let out an excited giggle.

Duncan came up grinning at her and forcefully turning her on her side, he gently spooned her and brought his hand around her buttocks until her finally found her wet hot center and thrust his fingers in and out of her.

Courtney moaned deeply reaching behind her to grab Duncan's head to bring him down for a deep kiss. Her tongue explored his feverishly as Duncan continued to finger her. He knew she was more than ready for him at this point and hoisted one leg over his so he could better enter her.

Courtney gripped the sheets as Duncan entered her swiftly and fully, while Duncan buried his head in her neck taken back by how amazing she felt wrapped around him. He had to hold on to her even tighter when she began rolling her hips nearly causing him to cum.

He moved his hand towards the front to play with her clit while he continued to thrust into her. Courtney gasped with each thrust and nearly had an orgasm as Duncan pulled her hair back and gently bit into the sensitive area of her neck.

She felt her entire chest and face blush as an orgasm came closer and closer but just wouldn't reach its breaking point yet.

Duncan continued to hit her g-spot with each thrust causing Courtney to go wild. "Don't stop," she begged knowing it would be soon. Duncan knew it would be soon as well and wanted to prolong it as much as possible to properly give her one worth having.

He pumped as fast and as hard as he could before figuring out that the current position they were in was not going to be enough. Getting fired up and feeling animalistic, he pulled out of Courtney and picked her up out of the bed and stood up.

Courtney immediately knew what he was doing and followed suit by wrapping her legs around him and lowering herself down on Duncan's manhood. She became slightly panicked when Duncan staggered from the obvious ecstasy that overcame him in the new position, but Duncan was strong and determined and started to bounce Courtney up and down over him repeatedly.

Courtney began to moan louder and louder till her moans became screams as a multiple orgasms rolled across her womanhood sending her entire body numb.

As Duncan felt her orgasms come again and again he continued to push through and finally achieved his release causing him to collapse, with Courtney, against the bed in a shaking, staggering, breathless mess.

Courtney couldn't even feel her body, she felt as though hers had molded with Duncan's and that if they separated too quickly she could very well pass out.

As exhausted as Duncan was he was worried he might've been crushing her and tried to move only to have Courtney wrap her legs tighter around his torso and her arms stronger around his neck.

"No please," she begged. "Just a little longer," she said burying her head into his neck. He nodded, but rolled them both on their sides so they could breathe and rest better.

Courtney finally removed her head from his shoulder and looked at him sleepily with sweat still glistening on her forehead.

Duncan ran his thumb over her cheek and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I would be a happy man being with you like this every night as opposed to winning a million dollars," Duncan said wrapping his arms tighter around her.

Courtney smiled at him with her eyes glittering, "You're just saying that to be sweet."

"You know I'm not sweet," he said stroking her body slowly. "I'm saying it because it's true."

Courtney remained silent knowing he was telling the truth. The rest of tomorrow didn't matter to either one of them, the moment between the two of them and all the other moments leading to this one was more than enough to satisfy the challenges of the this reality show. They both knew that after the show was done they would be far from done with each other.

"So what do we do after I win the money," asked Duncan who began stroking her lower and lower.

Courtney bit her lower lip and batted her eyes at him. "I just kiss you claiming that a king needs a queen."

Duncan grinned at her as she slowly crawled on top of him with that look in her eyes. "So you're a queen now are you?"

Courtney leaned down to kiss him before saying, "Well a princess doesn't behave this way," she kissed him again before saying. "A princess would stay on her side of the bed."