Everyone is outside of the trailers hanging out. Beth and Lindsay are playing cards on the table. Heather is getting a tan. Leshawna is eating some chips. Justin is nowhere in sight and Harold is playing with his yoyos. Courtney is reading a book on the lawnchair. Duncan is carving DXC on the tree behingd one of the trailers. He looks back at Courtney and his face turns soft.

Confession Cam:Duncan-Alright, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna tell Courtney the three words every man fears to say...{camera breaks up} no not that I'm wrong, I love you. And nothing's gonna stop me.

Duncan drops his knife, takes a deep breath and walks over to Courtney. He is about to call her name when Jusitn comes out from behind the guy's trailer and makes it to Courtney before he does.

"Hey bossy chick, any idea of what your opinion is on my eyes." He brings his face 2 inches toward her and flutters his eyes. Courntey stares at him annoyed with one raised eyebrow.

Confession Cam:Duncan-Okay so a nosy model got to her first, but I'm gonna tell her.

"Let's see, your eyes are empty." Courtney gets closer to him with a smirk. "Just like your head." She knocks him on the back of his head with her book and walks off muttering 'jerk'. Justin holds his head in pain. Duncan chuckles to himself seeing his girl stand up for herself.

Duncan follows after her. She is sitting on the ledge of the bridge Duncan and Gwen were star gazing over. Duncan sees her. He is behind a tree and notices how luminous she looks with the sun on her. He got even more choked up. He walks over to her.

"Hey princess" he calls out. She turns her head and smirks. "Wow, haven't heard that in a while." She closes the book and jops off the bridge toward him. "So what made you decide to finally talk to me all this time." Duncan holds his hand above herchin cupping it like when they had their first kiss. Courtney gasps.

"Let's just say I've been looking for the right words." Courtney giggles. "So what did you wanna tell me." Duncan takes a deep breath and Courtney looks at him puzzled. "Courtney, you may be uptight, obssessed with winning, hard sense of humor, sometimes crazy jealous..." Courtney holds her finger to his lip. "If this is gonna go somewhere that's not gonna make me hurt you in five differnet regions you better get to it."

Duncan gulps hard."Okay, Courtney I lo..." suddenly Lindsay comes runnin toward cOURTNEY and pushes Duncan away and into the water below them. "Chrissy,Chrissy, do you know how to remove a curling iron from a head."

Courtney looks straight to a screen annoyed with a raised eyebrow the nlooks at Lindsay. "Frist of all Lindsay, my name is Courtney and what happened?"

Lindsay spoke,"Well, I sorta left the curler on crazy hot and now its stuck in Beth's hair!" Courtney groans. "I'm coming, luckily, this happened to me before. Now all three of my cousins have troll wigs." She runs with Lindsay until she stops and syas. "Oh and Duncan we'll talk later k?" She then runs away.

Duncan is lying in the water miserable with an annoyed look on his face. He sees a piranha coming toward him. He says, "Don't even think about it shrimpy. The piranha blinks and swims away.