duncans pov.

Lucnch was over and it was 5th preiod and i have 5th period with courtney which was history i sit right behind her.she was already in class of course.i walked over to my desked and sat down,courtney just ignord me so i poked her with my pincel no responds i did it again still no responeds so i did it once again but harder and she finally tured around with a glare and said,
"what do you what"?
"i just wanted to to know why your going out with that fag!",i asked leaning back in my chair.
"first off we are not going out were just going to see a movie",said courtney.
"yea at first then the next thing you know your making out in the hall ways",i said then murmured,
which will severally piss me off.
"listen duncan it's nothing to get worked up about..at lest i think so",said courtney.
"yea you think so",i said.
she sighed and looked at me and said,
listen duncan i don't understand when did you get a interasts in me anyways, asked courtney.
"well when i saw how fisety and bossy and hot you where,i said with a smeirk.
"nice duncan just leave me and jake alone,said courtney turneing back around to face the teacher.
"alrighty then everyone time to get started,said the the teacher.
"well see",i said under my breath.


courtneys pov.

"HE SAID YES"!!,i screamed to my sister.
"NO WAY IM SO HAPPY"!,screamed ellie huging me.
"thanks this just so...awsome!,i said breaking the hug.
"yea but what about that bad boy,said ellie.
"you mean duncan...oh he's the far this thing from my mind,i said getting ready.
"yea ok your mind says he is but your heart says other wise,said ellie smeriking.
"what does that mean"? i asked looking through my closet.
"It means you like him but you don't say you do cuz he's a bad boy and he'll just bring you down,said ellie sitting on my bed.
"thats not ture",i said puting on my clothse.
"yes it is the heart what the heart whats",said ellie.
"Oh shut up,now tell me what you think of my outfit"? i wore dark blue shorts with a green tank top and light blue jacket that zipped up a bit and light pink fip flops and aad my hair stright and down.
"I like can't wait for you to tell me how your date goes,said ellie smiling at me.
"well i just hpo it goes well",i said.
"Me too",said ellie walking out of my room.

----At the movies---

"so what do you what to see anything does not matter to me",said jake smiling and me blushing.
"um well the movie i want to see you would not want to see"i said.
"i know what it is,eclips,don't worrie i'v seen it with like 3 other dates,said jake.
"oh well ok,are you sure?,i asked.
"yea im fine with that",said jake.
"well alrighty then lets go",i said.

Geoffs pov.

I took brigdette to go see that new vampier movie,eclips i think it's called,anyways the movie was starting and then i saw courtney with that one dude jake,i took out my phone to text duncan and it said,

"yo man courtneys at that one movie,eclips,with jake,if your worndering how i know im took brigd to go see it"

after about 1 min when i sent it i felt a tap on my shoulder i tured to see duncan with a smrik and said,
"I know"
"duncan what are you doing here,asked bridgette.
duncan pointed to courtney and jake and she said,
"oh" carrie on".

duncans pov.

I saw jake put his arm around courtney as courtney respoded to it i sat down next to geoff and graped a hand full of his popcorn and threw it at the back of jakes head,he turnd around and me geoff and bridgette duck down so he diden't see us and he diden't and we three went back up slowly.

-----1 hour in to the movie-----

I sat there glaring at them then i tured to geoff to ask him a quastion but he not respod he just there with eyes wide form shock i looked confused and said,
"what is it"!
He tured my head to courtney and jake to see that jake was...KISSING COURTNEY!!
I then grabed geoffs full soda and therw it at him he stood up and turned around and all three me geoff and bridgette ran out as fast as we could so he did not see us,and thankfuly he diden't.
we ran outside and then bridgette came up to me and slaped me and said,
"thanks duncan now i can't see eclipes".
"hey babe we can just go see it again,said geoff.
"alright,sorry duncan about courtney",said bridgette walking off with geoff.
I stood there a second still glareing and then walking still pissed.