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Duncan & Courtney - Airplanes {MEP}

Can someone picture Duncan Singing this song?

First episode of Total drama all starts

DxC[Blue Jeans]

Duncan you are a bastard

Love this! mirrors DxC

little things Duncan and courtney :)

give me a reason

found a clip of allstars!!!!!!!!!!


Courtney wants to be Duncan's girl

Everytime Courtney try's to fly she falls with out her wings (duncan)

Courtney and duncan: what hurts the most

Duncan and Courtney - First Date

Duncan and Courtney's Kisses

Courtney and Duncan - Wouldn't Change a Thing

Courtney & Duncan Need You Now

Fall For You CourtneyxDuncan

Duncan & Courtney Distracted. TDI clips

Duncan and Courtney-Ever Ever After

DxC. I'm your angel

Courtney and Duncan-Candy from a stranger

DxC broke up

Short DxC Video!!

Short DxC video

Duncan and Courtney's FIRST KISS - FANDUB

TDI/TDWT - Courtney Fandub

TDI - Courtney's audition (Fandub)

Total Drama voice of reasson DxC fans DxG fans the fighting ends

Total Drama Voice of reasson DxC fans DxG fans the fighting ends

TDI - Duncan & Courtney - I Can Wait Forever

Duncan, Give Courtney A Second Go

Courtney/Duncney MEP

☜♥☞ º°"˜`"°º☜(Duncan&Courtney= Don't ℓeave me)☞ º°"˜`"°☜♥☞ ≈ PREVIEW≈


♥☆ღ♡ღ★ »-(¯`v´¯)-» Happy Valentine's Day»-(¯`v´¯)-» ★ღ♡ღ☆♥

Who'sThatChick? | Courtney&Duncan

Courtney and Heather's Mini Show

DxC || Sexy and I know it

C&D All I Want For Christmas is you! :)

Courtney is insane

DuncanxCourtney-The Only Exception

DxC? (Break your)

Duncan e Courtney §°Sexualna°§

Which song fits the most to DxC?

Better than Revenge



Duncan & Courtney + Gwen & Trent-Raise your Glass

DxC-She's a Lady

DxC-Can't Stand It

DxC-Take a Bite of my Heart Tonight

See you again

Angel of Mine

DxC My Happy Ending

DxC Rolling inThe Deep!!!

Someone wanna make a vid outta this song for DxC...?

‣➠➠〰〗〭〯〬〖§hw M£ Lv£〗〭〯〬‣➠➠〰

  Un⮣Δk my heΔ®t  

 Don't Forget 

DxC Birds and Boats

savin me

DxC I Never Told You

TDI Courtney's scrapbook

Courtney and Duncan's first date

···Let's be friends···



DxC vs AxC-JxC-TxC Eenie Meenie

Can't you imagine Courtney singing this to Duncan?!?!

Duncan & Courtney Bleeding Love

Who owns my heart

Hey ,soul sister

Shut up and kiss me

DxC-What Hurts The Most (Courtney POV)

A little something for our troubles

Be good to me

DxC Toxic

Courtney and Duncan, and Alex?Part 2

Courtney and Duncan, and Alex?Part 1

DxC If we ever meet again

Hate this

Hey girl


Courtney's Just The Girl Duncan's looking for! :)

Pop Princess - Courtney :)

DxC Dammit I changed again!!!

DxC Gotta be somebody

My DxC vids from youtube

Courtney can't wait to see Duncan again ;)

Duncan will be right here waiting for Courtney

I Hate Everything About You (Why Do I Love You?)

Be my Bad Boy

Duncan and Courtney Kiss Me Through The Phone

dxc love the way you lie

dxc white horse

~DxC-Speak Now~

~DxC Back To December Duncan's POV~

<3 <3 DxC La la la <3 <3

Duncan and Courtney -Stuck