Duncan P.O.V

(There 12 years old)I got a text from Gwen to meet me at her house.I climbed up a tree and went to her room.I saw Gwen cring on her bed.

Duncan:Gwendolyn what's wrong?(That was Gwen's real name)
Gwen:I'm moving...
Gwen:Tomorrow morning...
Duncan:*Pulls out two necklesece,One with Duncan's name and one with Gwen's*
Gwen:What's that?
Duncan:A necklece I was gonna give it to you on Valintnes day but I think now's the right time.
Gwen:*hugs Duncan*Thank you.
Duncan:*Puts Duncan neckalece on Gwen*I'll miss you.
Gwen:I'll miss you more

I climbed down the window and waved bye to Gwen,I kept waving till I couldn't see her anymore.