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The fans pick: Izaya
The fans pick: Izaya Orihara
Izaya Orihara
Shizuo Heiwajima
The fans pick: Love him
Love him
Like him
The fans pick: Love him
Love him
Like him
The fans pick: I prefer the male character set.
I prefer the male character set.
I don't have a preference. / Unsure...
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Yanchi said …
Heyo hiyo yoyo as a drrr fan I greet you :3 Posted 14 hours ago
dollarsww said …
Just a new website that recently popped up. Please spread the word if you like it.
the password is baccano Posted 2 months ago
alice1919119 said …
ok, now, I'm planning to watch this anime soon enough. Not as a DRRR fan bt as an Anime fan, please tell me about this anime - if its nice and its genres.... Posted 2 months ago
dollarsww commented…
It's confusing but it's unique. If you want a slightly deeper insight into a city of Japan, it's for you. If you can get 7 episodes in for Durarara!!, you may like it a lot. I know that I really liked it when I got to the 14th/15th episode. :) 2 months ago
alice1919119 commented…
thnxx for this... i guess i'll try it out in the end... 2 months ago