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The fans pick: Celty's shadows
Celty's shadows
Shizuo's super strenght
The fans pick: They're both kinda crazy and fit each other
They're both kinda crazy and fit each other
He doesn't deserve her
The fans pick: I prefer the male character set.
I prefer the male character set.
I don't have a preference. / Unsure...
The fans pick: Shinra And Celty
Shinra And Celty
Mikado And Anri
The fans pick: HECK YEAH!!!!!
I'll watch it, but I'm not absolutely ecstatic about it.
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ryanmccurdy7 said …
Hello I may or may not have been spoiled to future seasons. I need to ask someone who is caught up in the Durarara manga or light novels and confirm if it is a spoiler or not. Its about a villan in the show. Message me on skype:ryanmccurdy7 Posted 6 months ago
Yanchi said …
Heyo hiyo yoyo as a drrr fan I greet you :3 Posted 6 months ago
candylover246 commented…
Hi! 2 months ago
dollarsww said …
Just a new website that recently popped up. Please spread the word if you like it.
the password is baccano Posted 8 months ago