Love at First Sight

♥ Brenda and Dylan should have ended up Together. They *were* soul mates–NOT Dylan and Kelly! They met, near Dylan's locker, in the halls of West Beverly High in November of 1990. They were introduced by Kelly Taylor. Dylan told Brenda and Kelly that he preferred blondes so Brenda dyed her hair. It turned out a horrible shade of orange. Dylan, while driving his motorcycle around Beverly Hills, saw Brenda jogging and pulled up to her. He offered to take her to a hairdresser friend of his to get the orange out of her hair. She hopped on the back of his bike and they drove off. In early January of 1991, Brenda accompanied her twin brother Brandon, and Dylan to a Marx Brothers film festival. The trio were to go out again, a few nights later, but, as fate would have it, Brandon came down with a cold and was unable to accompany his sister and Dylan; who went out alone. They skipped the movie and went to the condo Dylan and his father shared. There, Dylan and his dad got into a big argument and Dylan became angry and violent (he threw a flower pot). Brenda was scared and ran from him, trying to get away. Dylan chased after her and begged her to forgive him. They shared their first kiss. Dylan would stand Brenda up a few days later. Brenda was so devastated that she stayed home from school. Dylan came to her home and explained why he had been MIA (he had a very good reason). They made up and the rest is history. Brenda and Dylan were plagued by Brenda's father's opposition to their relationship and were also hampered, at times, by the sheer intensity of their relationship. They were so young and experiencing so much so quickly. Unfortunately, when Brenda was in Paris during the summer of 1992, she and Dylan both had summer flings, which eventually brought their passionate relationship down. Dylan took up with Brenda's best friend Kelly and Brenda eventually left the 90210 for London. During 1993-1994, Brenda and Dylan succeeded in forging a deep friendship. They were always there for each other; no matter what. Though we never saw them romantically together again (save a brief time in London)Brenda and Dylan proved, without having to try, that they were indeed the epic couple in 90210 history.♥

"Dylan, I love you. I've never stopped loving you and I know now I never will. I want more than your applause. I won't be gone forever, Dylan. Give me something to come back to. "