Did Bella think I insulted her? She looked angry. I was getting a little worried after a few minutes when she didn't speak. Then I put one finger under Bella's chin so she would pay attention to what I was saying and I want her to know that I didn't mean what I said.
"Sorry. Really." I told her sencerely.
She looked at me, with a frustrated expression, which confused me. But then she spoke.
"I know. I know it's not the same thing. I shouldn't have reacted that way. It's just well, I was already thinking about Jacob before you over." she said.
I could tell that my expression hardened when she said Jacob's name. I don't trust Jacob Black. He's a werewolf, a risk to Bella. I couldn't think of a prayer to say if something happened to her. I already know how it would have felt like.

Bella's voice turned into pleading as she saw my expression.
"Charlie says Jake is having a hard time. He's hurting right now, and.... it's my fault." she said. I looked her in the eyes, and they were full of agony. I couldn't understand though, Bella didn't do anything wrong... I did. If I didn't leave Bella, none of this would be happening.
"You've done nothing wrong, Bella." I said to her.
She took a deep breath, to calm herself.
"I need to make it better, Edward. I owe him that. And it's one of Charlie's conditions, anyway-" Bella reasoned, but cutted of when she saw my expression. It felt cold and hard.
I couldn't risk her being around that DOG, unless if I was with her. But that couldn't happen, because of the treaty we made with the Quileutes.
"You know it's out of the question for you to be around a werewolf unprotected, Bella. And it would break the treaty if any of us cross over onto their land. Do you want us to start a war?" I reasoned.

Then Bella's face turned to panic when I said the last sentence.
"Of course not!" she yelled.
"Then there's really no point in discussing the matter further." I dropped my hand from Bella's chin. I didn't want to have this duscussion anymore, at least for now. I know Bella will be arguing about this topic again. I better prepare for it. I looked around the room, for something to change the subject on. Then I saw the Wuthering Heights book behind Bella. I smiled, I wonder why Bella loves that book so much, somehow, it's getting to annoy me.

"I'm glad Charlie has decided to let you out - you're sadly in need of a visit to the bookstore. I can't believe you are reading Wuthering Heights again. Don't you know it by heart yet?"
"Not all of us have photographic memories." she argued.
That was true... but I do.

"Photographic memory or not, I don't understand why you like it. The characters are ghasty people who ruin each others' lives. I don't know how Heathcliff and Cathy ended up being ranked with couples like Romeo and Juliet or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. It's not a love story, it's a hate story."
Then Bella's expression turned annoyed. I smiled, but I nearly laughed. It reminded me so much when we first met. She was always very annoyed with my additude and "changing mood" as she called it. I sighed, though, it was too low for her to hear it. So much has changed since then.
"You have some serious issues with the classics." she snapped.
"Perhaps it's because I'm not impressed by anquity. Honestly though, why do you read it over and over?" I said while looking her in the eyes, trying to, unsuccessfully, read her mind again. Her mind works so differently than other humans. If she was normal, she would have already ran away from me, screaming, or she wouldn just be avoiding me. I didn't have the strength to be tolerant about that. She will be mine... forever. Thankfully, she wanted the same thing.