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Review by supermadam posted over a year ago
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GG: Tut tut tut Jack you really should be taught How to hold flames more carefully! Now all we can hope now is that Blair&Chuck get out alive.....
[Part of the roof has fallen down]
Chuck: Blair?! BLAIR?! BLAIR!!! Please say you can hear me!
Blair: Chuck! Im in here! HELP!!!
[chuck goes in to a bedroom]
[Jack suddenly crawls in]
Jack: You two will never get out alive![Starts coughing really badly]
Chuck: Jack! why did you do this?! If you wanted Bass Industries i dont know y u had to kidnap blair!
Jack: Chuck this was supposed to be the plan....
Chuck: I haven't got time for you to tell me about you're 'big plan' !!!
[Jack stands and pulls chuck as he stands]
Chuck: Get off me! Blair needs Saving!!!!!!!!
[Chuck pushes Jack and he falls back hitting his head on a table]
[Chuck suddenly looks over at blair]
[she's unconscious!]
[He goes to pick her up and Carry her out the apartment]
Chuck: Blair?! please i hope you make it through all of this. I-I-I-I LOVE YOU!
Opinion by supermadam posted over a year ago
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Gg: Tut Tut tut, Jack jack jack! Hope all you readers know what happened before because otherwise DONT READ ON!
[blair awakes and finds herself in a limo]
Blair: W-w-w-w-w-w hat happened?
[she goes to open the door but finds it locked]
Blair: HELPS!
Jack: Blair there is no way out! I might of not did what i was planning to do to you last night but i will later!
Blair: why are you doing this?! LET ME OUT! PLEASE!
Jack: Blair,Blair,Blair! You should know me more better!
[at chuck's house]
[chuck receives a message]
[the text message read:]
'Chuck! I have got your precious little angel!
so i would be careful what you do! i will settle for something later but for now i need to take care of my girl and make her feel in my care!
Chuck: NO,n-nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Lilly: Is something wrong charles?
chuck: Oh no nothing ! sorry just this thing!
Lilly: Oh okay then!
[back at the limo]
Fan fiction by supermadam posted over a year ago
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[Btw this is only about chuck & blair][and maybe just a tad more people!]
Blair is looking at his phone she is waiting for chuck to text back]
[chuck knocks on the door]
Chuck: blair its me chuck
Blair: Oh! come in
Chuck: I thought you would of said that!
Blair: what do you want?!
Chuck: cant a boyfriend see his own girlfriend?!
And the answer is Yes!
blair: Meet me 6.00 tonight dont be late
Chuck: But where?
blair: ill text you the details!
Chuck: good
But i have got an new number!
Blair: What is it?!
Chuck: i was hoping you'd say that!
[He suddenly pulled out a piece of paper]
chuck: Do not open this note till when you contact me! at 6.00 p.m.!
Blair: B-B-B
Chuck: Just do it!
Blair: FINE!
[After chuck left]
blair: Hm why cant i open it?!
[she was tempted to open it all day]
List by doraaaayeah posted over a year ago
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1. Because they have the most chemistry on the show.
2. Because both of them sing!
3. Because we'd kill to hear a duet.
4. Because Leighton loves Ed's scarves.
5. Because brunettes have more fun.
6. Because we look forward to their scenes the most.
7. Because they ARE Blair/Chuck.
8. Because they make us anxious for a new episode.
9. Because they play our favorite characters on the show.
10. Because we just can't get enough of them.
11. Because didn't you know? They're hot!
12. Because Leighton tugging on Ed's scarf is so cute.
13. Because we bet they loved filming the limo scene.
14. Because just looking at them makes our day better.
15. Because their awesomeness was unexpected.

Article by LoveLiesAndLust posted over a year ago
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"First of all he's hot and he's well dressed and he's British covering it with a cute little American accent, he's endearing. Yeah he's just so bad he's good." ~ Leighton

"TWO thumbs up...I mean, look at her, come on...come on, I'm serious here..." ~ Ed

"Ed is just incredible. He’s got that kind of bad boy edge to him, but he has a real soft side. I find him to be the most down to earth, cool and sweet guy." ~ Leighton

"Leighton and I have kissed, and I've banged into her teeth. I think that hurt her a little bit. I was clumsy!" ~ Ed

"Well, he's one of my favorite people to act with on the show. He's brilliant and also as a person, he's really great, so I think that's why we have the chemistry." ~ Leighton

"I have this moment in the new season where we talk and it's just two or three lines between us – I wasn't expecting it but I just started crying. And it's so weird, because it's this "love that cannot be" and all this, but I think it's just that Ed's a really amazing actor and I was just very emotional in the scene because of him. " ~ Leighton
Opinion by underthestarsx posted over a year ago
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"The first thing I thought when I met Leighton was, Fucking hell, this girl's gorgeous. And she was incredibly sweet." He chortles. "Now we tell each other to fuck off whenever we want to." Both Blair and Chuck are fond of impractical accessories — especially removing them. "There's always something great to undo or pull on or tug on, so it's always like, what can I do to make this more fun?" Westwick says, laughing. "We've been fake shagging for a year and a half now."

It doesn’t hurt that Leighton is blessed with the metabolism of an overworked 23-year-old. One memorable paparazzi picture involves her shooting on a freezing New York street, inhaling a large sandwich. “Ha!” she laughs. “It’s normally the only thing I have to eat on set.” Westwick says, “She can handle these big, gigantic sandwiches, and she’s got the most tiny little gorgeous figure. I don’t know, man, it certainly doesn’t work for me.”


Awwwwwwe E/L ftw:)