Gg: Tut Tut tut, Jack jack jack! Hope all you readers know what happened before because otherwise DONT READ ON!
[blair awakes and finds herself in a limo]
Blair: W-w-w-w-w-w hat happened?
[she goes to open the door but finds it locked]
Blair: HELPS!
Jack: Blair there is no way out! I might of not did what i was planning to do to you last night but i will later!
Blair: why are you doing this?! LET ME OUT! PLEASE!
Jack: Blair,Blair,Blair! You should know me more better!
[at chuck's house]
[chuck receives a message]
[the text message read:]
'Chuck! I have got your precious little angel!
so i would be careful what you do! i will settle for something later but for now i need to take care of my girl and make her feel in my care!
Chuck: NO,n-nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Lilly: Is something wrong charles?
chuck: Oh no nothing ! sorry just this thing!
Lilly: Oh okay then!
[back at the limo]
Blair: Please let me go, ill do anything! Chuck will be wondering where i am and he will call the police and they will soon find you!
Jack: No Blair, Ive already texted Chuck and dont think he will be calling them anytime soon!
[Chuck knocks at serena's bedroom door.]
Serena: Chuck? what a surprise!
Chuck: Serena this is serious. Its about Blair!
Serena: OH NO!
chuck: why didn't you tell me that you knew that she is kidnapped!
Serena: WHAT?! i was gonna say last night she rang me and said she thought you were gonna break up with her!
Chuck: No! now lets sTOP STANDING here and actually start searching
Serena: Okay Im coming!
[chuck is running and so is serena behind]
Serena: who would do this?!
chuck: a twisted man- JACK BASS!
serena: No chuck! he wouldnt do that!
Chuck: yep also ive got my proof!
chuck: I will let blair go if you give me bass industries !
[chuck read out to serena]
[3 hours later]
[chuck got into his limo but serena refused to come]
[the limo headed off]
[the jack's apartment ]
blair: you do know someone will find me!
so i suggest you let me go now!!!!
[chuck broke down their door]
Blair: CHU----
[she stopped as chuck put his finger on his lips]
[jack came in with a light]
[jack saw chuck]
jack: give me bass industries and 4000,00,0 or this apartment with you and blair goes up in flames!
Blair: Dont do it chuck! bass industries is your live! you love that place!
[jack suddenly put duck tape over Blaire's mouth.]
[Jack got the flame ready]
Jack: Hurry chuck time's running------
[he accidently dropped the flame and the whole apartment went into flames!]

To be continued.........