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Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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Edd wakes up from his bed from his CD player, playing the song It’s A New Day.

Edd (smiling happily): I feel just like that song said and that is it feels good to be alive.

Edd jumps out of bed, got dressed singing the song he heard when he got up, and ran to Eddy’s house.

Edd: Wake up Eddy! It’s a beautiful day.

Eddy pushes Edd away and gets out of bed mumbling to himself for not being able to sleep in.

Eddy: Fine fine! I’m up already! Geez!Why are you so cheerful today?

Edd: I feel something extraordinary is about to happen. I don’t know how to explain it either.

Eddy: Whatever! Let’s go get Ed.

The two friends run off toward Ed’s house, until they see a familiar face. The girl looked like Double D except she had dark brown hair, small brown eyes, she wore a turquoise dress with pinks flowers on it, and her hat was lavender instead of black.

Girl: Niho fellows. I am Achika Casanori I came all the way from Japan for vacation to explore the fascinating sites of America and its urban people. Who are you two boys?
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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Ok, one day Double D was on his computer with a secret obsession, he loves to play Solitaire!

Edd: OH YEAH BABY! I'm gonna win myself one! So let's see, this red ace goes on one of the card decks, and...

Then a message pops up saying he loses!

Edd: ARGH! This is the hundredth time I've lost! I WANT TO WIN THIS ALREADY! (he has been pulling his hair in frustration)

Eddy: C'mon Double D! We have to do a scam now!

Edd: Uh, one second! I'm playing this card game right now!

He loses again.

Edd: ARGHHHHH!!!!!

Eddy: Double D, it's just a stupid game!

Edd: But Eddy, I must win!!

Ed: I am dead from the neck up.

Eddy: We got better things to do, c'mon.

Edd: I SAID NO, EDDY!!!!! C'mon, I just have to win now!

He loses yet again!

Eddy: C'mon Double D, you can't be on that computer all day, you'll get blood-shot eyes!
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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It was a sunny day in the Cul-De-Sac. The kids were going to have a sleepover at Edds house.

Sarah and Ed: Hi Double D!

Edd: Hello Sarah

Ed: Hello Ed!

Edd: Wait on the sofa while I get a surprise.

Sarah sits next to Jimmy, while Ed sits next to Eddy.

Eddy: Hey monobrow, can you-

Ed: Did you see Celebrity Death Match last night? Judy Garland beat up Marilyn Monroe.

Edd: I'm back!

Edd sits down on a chair.

Nazz: (Looking at the book Edd is holding) What kind of book is that?

Kevin: Is it a joke book?

Jimmy: A love story?

Johnny: A murder mystery?

Ed: Buttered toast?

Edd: Its a fairy tale. Its called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Ed: Boring! Lets watch a movie. How about The Killer Hotdogs from Planet Hot Fudge Sundae.

Eddy: Cmon, cmon. Just read the story, Double Meat Patty.
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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One day Edd woke up and looked at his clock.

Edd: Oh my! *GASP!*

The clock read 11:00 AM.

Edd: My alarm is broken! Oh dear! Eddy an Ed must be provoked that I’m not up yet!

Edd quickly got dressed, and went outside to find Ed.

Edd: Hello Ed! Where’s Eddy?

Ed: I don’t know! I was waiting for you so we could go see!

Edd: Well what are we waiting for!?

Ed: Yeah! Let’s hurry! What if he’s makin` Faol Krop!?

Edd: Ha ha!

Edd n Ed went to Eddy’s house. They knocked on the door.

Edd: Eddy! Oh Eddy!

Eddy answered the door, still wearing his pajamas.

Eddy (provoked): Yeah yeah yeah! What do you want!?

He then realized it was Edd n Ed.

Eddy: Oh. Hi guys.

Edd: Ed and I have been wondering why you haven’t come outside today.

Ed: Is someone in the kitchen with Dyna!? Making Faol Krop maybe!?
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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One day, they heard a knock at their door. It was a Castle Carrier with an invitation from the castle. Edderella took the invitation, and quickly closed the door. Just as he was about to open the envelope, Stepbrother Eddy snatched it from his hand. He starts to read the invitation.

It said:

"You are cordially invited to attend the summer ball at the castle, to beld on August the 8th. Beginning 8:00 RSUP required.


The King and Queen"

STEPBROTHER EDDY AND ED: (chanted happily) Yay! We are going to the ball! We are going to the ball!

After all the excitement subsided, Edderella took a bucket of water that he had used to scrub the floor with, to the kitchen.

He placed the bucket by a stool. Looking himself in the mirror and he started to sing.

EDDERELLA: (singing)

I'm a poor Edderella
No one loves me at all

Taking a old ragged cloak, he put it around his shoulders and stair at himself in the mirror again.
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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(Cut to dining room in Nazz's house where Lee and May Kanker, and Sarah, are cooking breakfast and Nazz is sitting at the kitchen table)

Lee: Who wants to try some of my super good omelets?

May, Sarah, and Nazz: Me! Me! Me!

(Lee gives each of them a gross looking omelet)

Sarah: Eeeew!

May: Goody!

There is suddenly a knock at the door, Lee answers.

Lee: Ya called?

It is a telegram messenger.

Messenger: Telegram for Miss Nazz!

Lee takes the note, slams the door, and gives the note to Nazz.

Nazz reads the note.

Nazz: Charity ball at the Peach Creek stadium, 7:00 P.M.

All: A charity ball???

May: And we have nothing fancy to wear!

Sarah: Good point May.

Lee: But, before we go shopping, we have to clean the kitchen, it looks gruesome!

Sarah: (complaining): Lets get it over with!
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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A/N: My sister and I made these up at the local pool. We like to pretend that Bernie Bernstein is the director and we're shooting the movies. Then we decided to take the movies we made up and put them in a fanfic. Enjoy!:)

One day, the Eds were walking down the street slurping jawbreakers when they ran into Bernie Bernstein, the director from the Powerpuff Girls.

Bernie: "Hi there!"

Eddy: "What do you want?"

Bernie: "I just wanted to let you know that I'm releasing a series of three movies to celebrate the Summer. They're called Screaming Nelly", "Surfin USA," and "My Cousin Goggles."

Eddy:(sarcastically)"Wow, I'll be sure to see them."

Ed: "Mike Sciosca!"

Bernie: "And guess what?"

Eddy: "What?"

Bernie: "You get to star in my new movies!"

The Eds faces lit up.

Edd: "Us? Star in three movies?"

Ed: "Cool!"

Eddy: "Well it is about time. We are the most famous trio around."
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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One Day, Edd Spied A Moving Van In The Cul-De-Sac.He Decided To Go Greet The Newcomers.He Went Over And Knocked On Their Door. A 12 Year Old With Short Red Hair, Wearing Glasses, Had Some Freckles, Greeted Him.The Look In Edd's Eyes Could Clearly State That He Was In Love.

Edd:(Softly) Hi,I'm Edd.But People Call Me Double-D.I Guess Your My New Neighbor.

Michelle:Hi,My Name's Michelle.Your Kinda Cute.

Edd Blushed A Deep Crimson.

Michelle:Would You Like To Come In?


Edd Came In And They Went To Michelle's Room.It Was Painted In A "60's,Shagidelic,Summer OfLove"Theme.And She Had A TV,VCR,And Computer In Her Room.Along With Plenty Of CD's.

Edd:Wow,Nice Room!

Michelle:Thank You! I'm Into The 60's.And My Fave Group Is The Beatles.

Edd:So Is Mine!

Michelle:We Have So Much In Common! What's Your Fave Beatles Songs?

Edd:In My Life,Michelle,And Girl.And So Far,I Think The Song Michelle By The Beatles Describes You.
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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"And, cut!" Eddy yelled, waving a hand in the air to signal for Dry Rain to stop. The band members quit playing, and looked up at him expectantly.

"Thats all," he winked, and Edd sighed with relief.

"What an exhausting day!" he chuckled. "I didnt realize staring in a music video would be so much work!"

It was a bright and beautiful Sunday afternoon in the cul-de-sac, which had been carefully reserved for the filming of Edds alternative band, Dry Rain, in their first music video. It had been a great idea by Eddy to sell copies of the video at the long-awaited Homecoming Dance this coming Friday. Standing around in Edds garage were the members of Dry Rain (Edd, Brian, Spud, and Marie), plus Ed the prop boy, Eddy the director and photographer, and May and Lee cheering them on.

They had traveled around town, filming in various places, and left the filming in Edds garage for last.

"Good job everyone!" Ed grinned his silly grin. "That is a wrap!"
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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"Mom and Dad are right," Eddy sighed to himself. "Sure, I've got time in college to decide on a major, but I don't have ANYTHING I like in school right now? How am I supposed to pick when there's no choices?"

The ringing of his phone disturbed Eddy's thoughts. He dashed to it, and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hi Eddy."

Eddy gulped Dana! What did Dana want? Sure, they'd talked in school that day, but that didn't mean he wanted to date her again, if that's what she was thinking!

"Oh, hi Dana," Eddy replied.

"Look, I really need help with a project and I was hoping you could aid a friend in need."

Eddy sighed with relief helping with a project wouldn't be so bad!

"Sure, Dana, if you think I can actually help with something school-related."

"You'd be a great help," Dana assured him. "It won't take any brains or anything, just your presence and agreement."

Something was suspicious about this deal, but he figured it couldn't hurt any. "Yeah, okay, I'm in what do I have to do?"
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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Peach Creek High had stood deserted for the last three months. But this particular morning, the parking lot was filled and the courtyard alive with teenagers moving in and out of the building. It was the first day of the 1999-2000 school year.

Among all the cars moving about was a rusty 83 Datsun, which speed in front of the school into the parking lot, giving an earsplitting squeal of burning rubber as the car stopped rapidly in a parking space. The two doors opened, and one by one, emerged Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

Ed had been driving the car, and he grinned when he realized his parking accuracy. I did a good job, Ed told himself, smiling. Although his intelligence had improved considerably since his childhood in the cul-de-sac, he was still the slowest of the Eds. He was also still the strongest, stronger than many of the football players, even though he had never lifted weights before. He wore blue jeans, a green t-shirt, and a black trenchcoat with a red anarchy symbol embroidered on it. (He and the Eds friend Spud were going thru an anarchist phase, believing they were rebels but had actually caused no trouble or held any real anarchist beliefs.)...
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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It was a beautiful morning in the cul-de-sac. The sun shone brightly and the birds sang melodically; a perfect day to spend outdoors. But not everyone was interested in enjoying the weather.
"Messy, messy, messy!" Edd was kneeling in his bathtub, scrubbing at a spot of who-knows-what with a small sponge. He stared at the sponge, then the stain, and sighed exasperatingly. "Why is it so difficult to keep things clean?"
But before Edd could return to his meticulous cleaning, the bathroom door burst open and Ed and Eddy literally tumbled into the room.
"Whatcha doin', Double D?" Eddy asked, examining the bathtub.
"I'm cleaning."
"Didn't you just clean your bathtub last week, Double D?" Ed asked.
Edd gasped. Has it been that long? Think of the germs that could have built up within the last seven days
"Don't have a bird, Double D!" Eddy exclaimed, peeking out the bathroom window. "Haven't you looked outside? It's the perfect day for a good scam!"
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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June 29, 2001

Dear Diary,

Hi! My name is Kat. This is my first day in Peach Creek. I’ve already made friends with a cool girl named Nazz. She introduced me to some of the other kids who live here. But she never mentioned him…I first saw him as I gazed dreamily out my window. The most beautiful boy I have ever set my eyes on. His windchime voice sounds: he’s calling to his guys. I heard someone call him Double – D. If only he liked me…


"Hey Kat!" Nazz shouted. "Hey!" she yelled back. "Nazz, who were those three guys with all the Christmas stuff?" "Oh, just Ed, Edd, and Eddy." "Which one of them wears the black cap?" "Oh, that’s Edd, Double – D. Why?" "Oh, no reason." Nazz saw right through her new friend’s question. "Do you have a crush on him, Kat?" What did she have to lose? "Yeah." confessed Kat. "He doesn’t have a girlfriend, you don’t have a boyfriend, so let’s take care of that!"

© © © © © © © © ©
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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"Everybody’s looking for a something

One thing that makes it all complete

You’ll find it in the strangest places

Places you never knew it could be"

The newly risen sun was shining down upon the houses in the seemingly tranquil cul-de-sac. Looks often prove to be deceiving, though.

Edd stepped out into the daylight, making sure that he didn’t soil his nice, clean clothes. There was no sign of his inane friends, yet. That was good. Maybe he would have a few hours of silence. Unfortunately, his hopes of a peaceful morning went down the drain as Ed and Eddy came dashing up the road toward him. Eddy seemed particularly excited over something, and Ed was just as dopey as ever. They slammed into him and, with lightning fast speed, the loudmouth of the bunch began ranting about his latest plan.

"I just got the greatest idea!" He bellowed.

As he rambled on erratically, Edd tried to tune him out. He could hear talking, but didn’t understand what was said. He began to develop a headache.
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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Jerry Springer: Hi,I'm Jerry Springer And Our Topic Tonight Is, My Friend's Scams Are Terrible And I'm Not Gonna Put Up With It Anymore! Okay, Let's Bring Out Double-D!
(Audience Cheers)
Edd: Thank You!
Jerry Springer: Now Let's Bring Out Eddy!
(Audience Cheers)
Eddy: Thank You,Thank You! I Know I Deserve More, But Thanks Anyway!
Jerry Springer: Now, Let's Bring Out Ed!
(Audience Cheers)
Ed:Buttered Toast!
Jerry Springer: Now,Double-D, It Seems That You Are Really Ticked Off At Eddy's Scams. Will You Tell Us Why?
Edd: Absolutley.Well,Jerry, It Seems That Eddy's "Foolproof" Scams Are Backfiring Every Time! And He Leaves ME To Do ALL The Hard Work, You Know,With The Inventions And All? Well, While I'M Working my Head Off, HE Just Sits On His Lazy Butt,T hinking I'M Gonna Do The Scam For Him! And Sure, All my Inventions Work Out Great,Until Ed Or Eddy Decides To Toy With It, And Then There's The Usual Meltdown! And Not Only That, But The Violence And Messes Are In This Job! I've Gotten scars, Scrapes, Bruises, Nearly Drowned In A Mud Pile, And When It's Done, Eddy Thinks It's All MY Fault And He Never Gives Me Any Credit! Now...
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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The Eds are sitting in Double D’s bedroom...
Ed: Oreo’s for breakfast? This could be the start of a very cool day!
Eddy: Shut up, Ed.
Ed: Don’t you want some burger to love?
Eddy: I said, shut up!
Ed: No, you said, shut up, Ed!
Eddy: SHUT UP!!!!
Ed: Bill of Rights?
Eddy: Man, I can’t think of a scam.
Edd: We could sell lemonade.
Eddy: We tried that already.
Ed: We can sell money!
Eddy and Edd stare at him.
Ed: What? I think www.pokemon.com would agree with me!
Eddy: Yeah, right. C’mon let’s get a Coke.
Edd: Eddy! That’s it!
Eddy: What’s it?
Edd: We can sell Coke!
Eddy: Hmmm, I like Pepsi better.
Edd: They're the same thing!
Ed: You need to take the Pepsi challenge!
Edd: Well, should we sell Coke?
Eddy: Yeah, I like it! Am I good, or am I good?
Ed: You are Eddy!
Eddy: We’ll make our own Coke flavors!
Ed: How do we make Coke?
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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It Was A Sunny Summer Day In The Cul-De-Sac,And The Eds Were Cooking Up A Hot New Scam.But,They Were Having A Bit Of Trouble...

Eddy:WHY Is It So HARD To Think Up A Scam????

Edd:Beats Me,Eddy.

Ed:Nope.Can't Think Of A Word. Hey,Who's That?

The Eds Looked Up To See A Girl (How'd You Guess?)With Shoulder Length Red Hair,Wearing A White Tank Top With The British Flag On It,And Blue Jeans.She Wore White Sneakers,Had Gray-Blue Eyes,And A Few Freckles.She Also Wore Glasses With White Frames.She Walked Up To The Eds.

Girl:Hi! Who Are You Three?

Ed:I Am Ed!

Edd:I'm Edd,With Two D's,So You Can Call Me Double-D If You Want.

Eddy:I'm Eddy! Who Are You?

Girl:I'm Rita! What Are You Three Doing?

Ed:Trying To Think Up A Scam To Buy Jawbreakers.


Rita:I'll Tell You What.You Seem Nice,So Why Not Take A Trip To The Candy Store? My Treat!
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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One Day,Edd Was Writing A Love Letter To Marie,And Just When He Put It In The Kankers mailbox, Marie Came Up.


Edd:Hi,Marie! Oh,Here,You Can Have This Now That You're Here.

Edd Hands Marie The Letter.Marie Reads The Love Letter,Which Reads,

If A Man Loves A Woman,I Love You,Marie.
Your Voice Brings Peace Of Mind To All.
A Simple Kiss From You Is A Blessing.
Your Infinite Beauty Is An Image More Beautiful Than An Angel,
And I Would Love To Have You As My Wife Someday.

All My Love,

Marie Finishes The Letter And Smiles.

Marie:Oh,Double-D,You're A Genius At Poetry! I'm Gonna Frame This In My Room!

Marie Kisses Edd.Edd Blushes.

Edd:Wanna Go Dancing Tonight,Marie? Mabye Ed,May,Eddy,And Lee Could Join Us.

Marie:Sounds Great! Just Let Me Frame This Letter,And I'll Ask Them!

Edd:I'll Ask Ed And Eddy.I'll Meet You Girls In The Cul-De-Sac!
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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Edd Was In His Backyard,Adding Some Finishing Touches.He Just Got An In-Ground Pool,And An In-Ground Hot Tub.The Pool Had A Diving Board,And A Water Slide.The Hot Tub Had Bubbles,And Jets.Plus A Special Whirlpool Technique That Edd Put In.(Tested,Of Course)He Invited Everybody In The Cul-De-Sac,Even Kevin And The Kankers!

Edd:So I'm Polite! What?

Okay...Let's Go On.Edd Was Wearing His Yellow Trunks,And Michelle Was First To Arrive.She Wore A Purple One-Piece Swimsuit.

Michelle:Hi,Double-D! Am I The First One Here?

Edd:Hello,Michelle! And Yes,You Are The First One Here.Come On Out.


Michelle Went And Put On Some Sunscreen,Edd Borrowed Some Sunscreen From Her And Lathered It On Himself.Kyoko Was Next To Arrive.She Wore An Orange One-Piece Swimsuit.


Edd:Hello,Kyoko! Come On Out! Michelle's Already Here.


Kyoko Walked Over To Michelle,And They Chatted While Kyoko Put On Some Sunscreen.Sarah And Jimmy Came Up Next.Sarah Wore Her Usual Swimsuit With The Little Fishes On It,And Jimmy Wore Some Turquoise Swim...
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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"Why Do Birds,Suddenly Appear...Every Time...You Are Near..."

The Song,"Close To You"By The Carpenters,Came On The Train Radio.Marie Started To Cry Softly.

May:Something Wrong,Marie?

Marie:This Is The Song Edd And I First Danced To...

Marie Took Out Her Diary And Wrote:

"Dear Diary,

I'm On A Train With My Sisters,We Are Leaving Peach Creek Forever.We'd Hate For The Eds To Be In Danger We Caused.We Threw Our Lockets Out The Window,To Destroy The Bitter Harshness Of Leaving.I Know It Sounds Foolish,I Hated To Do It,But It Had To Be Done..."Close To You"By The Carpenters Is On The Radio,The Song Edd And I First Danced To...It Makes Me Wanna Cry,I Think I Will...And I Already Am...


Her Sisters Wrote What Happened That Day In Their Diaries,And Soon,They Found That There Was A Phone On Board.

Marie:I Have To Call Him.

May:I'm Too Sad To Stop You.
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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Marie Was Lying On Her Bed During The Afternoon,She Was Wearing A White Shirt,Black Jeans,And Red Sneakers.She Was Writing In Her Diary. She Wrote:

"Dear Diary,

Yesterday Me And Edd Gave That Kevin What He Deserved.We Found Out That The Ones That Sabatoged Our Date And My Sister's Dates Was Johnny 2x4 And Plank! But It Wasn't Their Fault,Johnny Was Threatened By Kevin,So He Was Just Kevin's Henchman.Well,I Finally Won Edd.I Can't Stop Looking At The Picture Inside My Locket! I Never Take It Off,I'm Wearing It Right Now! Double-D's Helping Me Perfect My Dancing Skills,So We Can Do The Waltz Perfectly! Lee Told Me That She Tought Eddy The Cha-Cha! She Said She'd Teach Edd And I Soon.


Marie Opened Her Locket And Looked At Edd's Picture.She Smiled,Closed It,And Skipped Out The Door.Ed And May Were At The Park,Eddy And Lee Were Out Dancing,And Marie Went To Meet Edd.



Marie High-Fives Edd.
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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7:00 p.m.,New Year's Eve. The year of 2002 would soon end, eaving 2003 to take it's course.Would it bring pain? Would it bring fortune? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Ed and Edd were gathering at Eddy's house for the New Year's Eve party. His parents were out of town and they were having a sleepover. Everything was set up, and it was just about to start . The Eds had rented tuxedos for the special occasion.

"How do I look?" Eddy asked.

"Amorous,eh, Eddy?" Edd gave him a wink. "Or just anxious?"

"Shut up, Sockhead."

With a knock at the door, Ed greeted the Kanker Sisters with a smile. Each wore strappy-silver heels, with strapless dresses with a slit cut up to the thigh. May wore blue, Lee wore red and Marie wore green.

"Hey there, girls! C'mon in!" Eddy called from the snack table. "Mmm..."

"We're here!" The girls shouted, kissing their respective Ed.

Eddy popped open some sparkling cream soda and poured it into some champagne glasses for fun. They started the party with Eddy putting on a record."You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, crying all the time..."
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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One day, the Eds had their fannies plopped on the couch. They were desperately surfing the channels when they saw a McDonalds commercial.

Announcer: "You're going to love our managers special here at McDonalds. We sell a sandwich with a large drink and fries for $1.99. So grab your keys and head to McDonalds right now."

Voice: (singing)"At McDonalds, we love to see you smile!"

Eddy turned the TV off with a smile on his face.

Eddy: "Hey! How about we open a fast food restaurant!"

Edd: "That's a great idea!"

Ed: "My dad traveled to Kansas City on a mutated bug!"

Eddy: "Shut up Ed. Anyway, we'll call our restaurant EDonalds! Come on! Let's get to work!"

The Eds built the restaurant. All they needed to do was to let people know they were open for business. So they made a commercial with Ed in it. Edd hooked the camera up to all the cable and satellite connections in the cul-d-sac. Then they shot the commercial. All the kids were watching TV when it came on.
Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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Only read this story if you HATE boybands,and I apoligize if I flame anyone's fave group.

Ed,Edd,and Eddy were listening to the radio, when the song, "Bye,Bye,Bye" came on the radio. Edd made a face. "Ick, I hate this band!"

Eddy turned it off. "I know,boybands are sick."

"I think that N'SYNC are ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES I TELL YOU!!!"

Edd looked through his Beatle records for some better music. "They look so...feminine!"

As he picked out "Abbey Road" and put it on the turntable, being Edd as he was, he had a plan. "EUREKA! I've got it! We'll go back in time and try to destroy all of the boybands!"


"Eddy...you're hurting me..."


"...There! That's our time machine!"

"Ed,set the controls for 1999."

"Okey Dokey,Smokey! Ha,ha,ha!"

Fan fiction by MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted over a year ago
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Edd Was Dressed In A White Robe,His Eyes Closed,Beautiful Angel Wings Fluttering In The Wind.He Was In The Land Of The Dead.

Voice:Hello,Edd.Nice To See You Again.

Edd Opened His Eyes.Sayuri Stood Before Him.

Edd:Sayuri...But You're Dead...

Sayuri:I Know,But You Are Too.You're In The Land Of The Dead.

Edd:What?! But I Can't Be Dead! I'm Just A Kid! I Haven't Lead The Life I've Dreamed Of,And Eddy And Ed Need Me! And I Need Them...

Sayuri:I Know How You Feel...This Is What I Experienced When I First Got Here.

Edd:But I Promised Eddy I Wouldn't Leave Again! And Now...I Won't See Eddy Or Ed Ever Again...

Edd Started To Cry.Sayuri Floated Up And Put Her Hand On His Shoulder.

Sayuri:Don't Cry,Edd...

Edd Continued To Cry,And Sayuri Whispered To Him To Stop.

Sayuri:Don't Cry,It's Going To Be Okay...

Edd:But I'm Still Dead!

Sayuri:Let Me Explain This Quest To You.Two Of You Out Of You Ed And Eddy Are Going To Die.I Cannot Tell You Which Ones.You Have Been The First To Die,So Ed Or Eddy Will Be Next.When The First Two...