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Edgar Allan Poe Opinion Article

How did Edgar die?

Opinion by shenelopefan posted over a year ago
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In 1949, like about a week before he died, he was supposed to take atrain in Baltimore for going to Philadelphia. That`s what history knows. After that it`s a mystery. Some people (And myself) believe that he went to a bar and he got drunk, with this it is believed that he was taken to vote for some elections and then dropped in the streat. This was a common way of faking the elections in that time. But, still, I can`t really say how he day. All I know is that, five days after he was supposed to take that train, he appeared in the streat and he was taken to the hospital. The doctor was a friend of him. And then October 7th, he died. Miserable, poor and having hallusinations, our loving Edgar died and nobody in his family or friends (he had a grandmother ) knew it. He died alone. Tragic isn`t it?

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wow i didnt know that thnx for the information on that
posted over a year ago.