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Edward+Bella::Find a way(Breaking Dawn part 1)


Halves of the whole[Edward and Bella l New Moon]

Edward&Bella-Ships in the Night

Never an Absolution-Edward&Bella[BD part 1]

Edward and Bella-Engrossing Death...

Edward&Bella ll "It's an extraordinary thing to meet someone who you can bare your soul to"


Edward&Bella:: Echo

Edward&Bella/Breaking Dawn/Lay me down


Edward&Bella- I'll Never Let Anybody Hurt You-BD part 1 and 2

Edward/Bella(I gave you all)

Edward and Bella-You will never be alone [BD part 1]

Edward&Bella-Silent Devotion

Edward+Bella/I'll love you forever

Breaking Dawn Edward and Bella Turning Page

Our Farewell-Midnight Sun Quotes/Twilight Scenes-Edward&Bella

Edward and Bella*Please Take My Hand


Edward&Bella/Rock Your Soul

"Stay with me"-Edward&Bella-Breaking Dawn part 1

Bella and Edward[Turning Page]

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You-Edward and Bella

Bella's Lullaby

Official BD 2 Trailer

New BD 2 Trailer from MTV Music Awards

Edward Cullen:"My Reason For Existing"(Edward's POV by MG)

~ A moment like this || Edward & Bella ~

Edward and Bella||.."My only weakness is knowing your secrets.."

Edward / Bella :: Stone Hearts and Hand Grenades ::

Bella + Edward - [ Innocence ] BREAKING DAWN

Bella/ Edward ( Twilight) // Haunted

Edward & Bella - crazier (taylor swift)

Twilight Edward & Bella- Mine (Taylor Swift)

Breathe [New Moon] - Bella & Edward [REVISED!]

Bella and Edward -Wherever you will go

Edward and Bella How To Save A Life

Bella Cullen's Transformation (HD)

Love The Way You Lie

Bella and Edward- Need you now (New moon)

Edward and Bella - A Thousand Years

Edward & Bella You and I'll be safe and sound

Edward & Bella × This Can't Be How The Story Ends..

edward & bella || it tells a story

It's always the darkest before dawn // New Moon Bella

edward & bella | after the silence [BD]

nothing makes me stronger than you fragile heart // edward & bella

Edward and Bella | never let me go (for my 1600+ subs)

Twilight saga || let's get lost (for yass)

Edward and Bella- Twilight //Hysteria

"Turning Page" ♡ Edward & Bella - Breaking dawn

Edward&Bella-"When You're Gone" (Twilight/New Moon)

I want to know what love is - Mariah Carey (Tradução)

Bella & Edward - Far Away (Tradução)

:: Edward & Bella :: Love Comes First ::

Bellward slideshow

E+B: When you love someone

Kissing lol

Kisses ~

Edward&Bella- Heavy in your arms

EB ~ forever

she's a part of this family now × Edward&Bella

Breaking Dawn × Together we will find a way to come back

Edward and Bella - it`s called a compromise

Missing You [Edward and Bella]

Edward / Bella / Jacob - Ships in the night

Sleep, sweetie (E&B)

[Come Undone]

wedding day||bella&edward(breaking dawn)

When the world surrounds you, i'll make it go away (Edward, Bella)

Bella e Edward (I Look To You - Witney Houston)

Bella e Edward Eterno Pra Você - Hori/Fiuk

Northern Lights

Moving Slowly

Eye of the Beholder [Edward and Bella]

Twilight series: New Moon Quotes

Edward and Bella: Quotes From Twilight

Like A Sin

I'd Rather Die | Edward & Bella

EdwardxBella | When I Look At You

Edward's Proposal

Edward/ Bella || My heart is broken

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer 2 Official (HD)

Edward & Bella // fix you

Breaking Dawn best Kisses

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - TV Spot "Relive"

Twilight Saga - BD1 - Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)

Bella/Edward - A Thousand Years

Breaking Dawn Wedding

Edward & Bella || My Love [from Twilight to Eclipse]

Twilight - Edward and Bella - Piano ballad

Twilight- Edward Cullen- "Bella's Lullaby"

Twilight "Eclipse" Love Scene - Edward and Bella

Behind the Scenes Breaking Dawn Love Scenes

Twilight - Bella and Edward love scenes

Twilight - Bella and Edward love scenes

Edward Cullen - Love Me

Twilight-I Don't Believe You

Broken - Twilight