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edward/bella don't let me go tonight

Bella and Edward ║ Forever Young

Edward & Bella - Stay

Edward and Bella; "It's enough"

Edward | Human | Bella

Edward Leaves Bella.

Edward and Bella | Bad Romance

New Moon | Bella/Edward | You've disappeared

Near to you - Bella + Jacob/Edward

Edward/Bella || 'You're Here'

Bella and Edward - Beautiful As You

Edward and Bella // Already over

Twilight Edward's "Eyes on Fire" for Bella

Bella and Edward *my Name is nothing and you are nothing*

Edward and Bella - Right Here Waiting

Edward and Bella - Shattered

It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest

Edward and Bella - Cold

[The Twilight] | [Edward] and [Bella] | [love]

NM | My Skin { Bella & Edward }

Bella Edward - Mr Winter

IF Bella Chooses Jacob

Edward and Bella - set the fire to the third bar

тωιlιgнт // legeиd σf тнe ѕeeкer || тнe тrυтн υиrανelѕ

Edward/Bella Tempted


Bella and Edward: River Flows in You

if a rush of danger is what it takes to see him, then that's what I'll find | Edward & Bella - NM

A Twilight Tale ~ Edward and Bella

Official "Eclipse" Trailer HD [04.23.10] IMAX Experience

"....I waited for you at the edge..." [Twilight; E/B]

New Moon . O' death

Edward and Isabella - Love song requiem

love will conquer all - Bella || Edward

Edward & Bella * Fade into you

Bella and Edward (Twilight) - Love Story

[Edward-Bella] I belong to you(new moon)

Edward Cullen-Bella Swan slave to love [ the office ]

Edward☼Bella | Halfway Gone

Edward & Bella - Are you breaking up with me?| Bella's death.

Bella and Edward - Happy ending

Bella and Edward/Twilight/New Moon/-Tell me why



BELLS& EDWARD anywhere but here

Wide Awake Fanfic - Naked (READ DESCRIPTION)

Edward & Bella // Homeless Heart

If Eyes Could Speak Edward And Bella

TWILIGHT - Edward & Bella // join me in death

she's not good for him, she's nothing

Edward, The Beast In Me [Incubus Anomaly - Breath Only If You Must]

Edward&Bella; "Know Your Quarry"

Bella//Edward - Everytime

Edward and Bella~My Love

Bella and Edward write sins not Tragedies

edward and bella - river flows in you

Love Song Requiem ♥ // Edward and Bella .. ♥

Bella Edward New Moon

Twilight New Moon - Edward & Bella - Everything

Bella Edward - last night on earth

Edward and Bella- New Moon- Sorry (Jonas Brothers)

Edward & Bella - Falling On

Bella and Edward - Simple and Clean-

If Tomorow Never Comes [Bella/Edward]

Edward/Bella || Where Do We Go

Twilight - B&E - Beautiful Desire

Edward & Bella: Don't Leave me


NM || Edward is gone... [SIMC]

Edward & Bella miles from where you are

I love you, so much you must kill me now - VIDLET

Love Lives On Twilight AU

Edward and Bella || U N B E A U T I F U L

Bella and Edward - I believe my heart

Edward & Bella - Poison


Edward/Bella - Love Song Requiem

Bella and Edward (Twilight) - The Scientist

"That's a tragedy."

"...I can't breathe until you're resting here with me..."

Edward and Bella - Two Steps Behind

♠ Your love means everything ► Robsten

Bella & Edward's Memories || The Eyes Of Tomorrow

Edward & Bella- Storm

Edward and Bella - Over and over

Edward & Bella - I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Twilight New Moon Drawing of Edward Bella and Jacob

Bella and Edward - Starts With Goodbye


Edward Bella Teardrop


..::|♥Edward & Bella [Kiss By a Rose]♥|::..

New Moon || Edward's Goodbye (AU) [REUPLOAD

Bella Edward - I got you

Edward & Bella/Stefan & Elena/without you

Bella and Edward - Breath me

Edward & Bella - Sleep

The Volturi. Bella|Edward

Bella and Edward/Twilight/New Moon/-Tell me why

Edward/Bella & Brooke/Lucas - Down