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Edward&Bella//Breath of Life


Edward and Bella-Lion's in the house

Edward and Bella ll DNA

Edward and Bella::From this moment

Edward&Bella-I can't live without you

Edward&Bella- I hope that it won't end though,alone

Edward and Bella//Follow me home

Edward&Bella::Every touch is sacred

Edward&Bella ll "And the reason is you"

Edward&Bella[Twilight&BD]..."Shine bright like a diamond"

Edward&Bella ll Ships in the night


Edward&Bella[BD]..."Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies"

Edward&Bella[BD]..."All my life starts now"

Edward&Bella(BD)..."Love's the sweetest feeling"

Edward&Bella//Twilight Saga..."My time as a human was over"

Edward&Bella..."We're under the sheets"

Edward&Bella-River flows in you[Twilight Saga]

Edward&Bella..."I Have Loved You For A Thousand Years"

Edward&Bella(Renesmee)//Breaking Dawn-Rescue Me

Edward&Bella/As Long As You Love Me

Edward&Bella-One and Only

Edward&Bella ll Frozen Moment

Edward&Bella ll The Twilight Saga

Edward&Bella-I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Edward&Bella ll A Thousand Years Part 2

Edward and Bella ll Let's Start With Forever



Edward&Bella/My Skin

Edward and Bella ll Sky's Still Blue

Edward+Bella-Meeting Again

Edward&Bella-Sweet Dreams

Edward&Bella-Gravity of Love

Edward&Bella-Love Lasts Forever

Edward&Bella ll Your love is my turning page

Edward&Bella Trailer

Edward and Bella-Ooh la la

Edward and Bella ll Wonderwall

Edward&Bella-Heart of Stone


Edward&Bella-Lovers~2~(Fire in the Water)

Edward and Bella-My Beloved(Breaking Dawn)

Edward and Bella-Beloved

Edward and Bella::Just Give Me A Reason

no promises-Edward and bella

Edward and Bella-Set Fire to the Rain

Edward&Bella-Written in the Stars


Edward&Bella-The Last Thing(a Twilight Saga fanmade video)

Edward&Bella-My Last Breath

Edward&Bella-Romeo and Juliet

Edward&Bella-Begin Again(Twilight Saga)

Edward&Bella-Last Kiss

Sparks Fly-Edward&Bella Tribute


Edward&Bella//Closer to Me

Edward&Bella-You and Me

Edward&Bella-Never Stop

Taylor Swift-Haunted(New Moon version)

Taylor Swift-The Way I Loved You(Edward&Bella/Twilight saga version)

Taylor Swift-Superman(Twilight Saga/Edward&Bella fan made video)

Edward and Bella(a fanmade video)

Edward+Bella- I'm giving you all my love

Edward and Bella-Thank You For Loving Me(Bon Jovi)

Edward&Bella//Let Me Breathe for You

Edward&Bella-With or Without You(fanmade video)

Edward&Bella Tribute-Lullaby to Forever

Edward&Bella-Lets Start With Forever(A Twilight Saga Love Story)

Edward&Bella//A Thousand Years(part 2) with clips of all 5 movies

"Secrets" || Bella & Edward (Twilight/New Moon)

What's My Name?

Can I Make it Better

Basic Space // Edward and Bella

Just The Way You Are // Edward and Bella

Must Be Dreaming // Edward and Bella

Edward & Bella-A Thousand years

I Looked Into Your Eyes...

I Remember It // New Moon

I Would Wait a Lifetime For You

I'm Gonna Love You ~Bella & Edward

Edward/ Bella || Bittersweet

Po nee Po ~ Twilight version

I'm With You- Avril Lavigne (Twilight)

Goodbye- Miley Cyrus (New Moon)

all coming back to me II edward&bella

Edward&Bella // ET

one thing- twilight

Moments||Edward and Bella

Bells y Ed-Everything About You

Edward/Bella-Part of Me(Katy Perry)

♥ Bella&Edward- What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction) - Twilight Saga ♥

Edward&Bella ll Kiss Me Slowly


my all-Edward & Bella

shattered // edward&bella

E/B | we'll start with forever

you want a revelation