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Edward & Bella- You Belong to me ♥

Edward & Bella- 9 Crimes

"Looking in your eyes...seeing all I need..." || E/B (Twilight)

New Moon || I thought I could fly, so why did I drown? || Reupload

lay your love on me ( edward and bella)

Edward & Bella - Run Away

Bella/Edward || Hardest of Hearts

Edward/Bella - Devil in me

Bella and Edward - Only Hope

Edward\Bella - Colorblind

Bella & Edward ~ Here in Your arms

Bella\Edward - Insatiable

Bella\Edward - Goodbye

Edward & Bella - Guardian Angel

Edward & Bella - Hurry Up And Save Me

Twilight : Edward loves Bella

Edward and Bella: I See You

"Tell me when you hear my heart beat..." || New Moon (Collab with Tasia)

Twilight - Bella and Edward - Baby

The mess I made [Bella / Edward]

edward/bella || every moment of forever

Twilight: Edward tries to hide Bella

Twilight: Edward plays piano for Bella

Power of love - Bella rescue Edward [WoM]

Isabella & Edward || Stay

I am ready for love- Bella Swan

Twilight: Bella & Edward- "I Trust You" (Forest Scene)

Please Don't Go... [[edward&bella]]

Edward and Bella | Eclipse.

Edward and Bella-Be Strong

Twilight: Edward & Bella- Make out

Twilight: Edward & Bella Go To Prom

New Moon (My Immortal)

【Bella And Edward】Twilight: Avril Lavigne - When Youre Gone Music Video

Edward and Bella || Stripped

Edward & Bella|| The Beauty & The Tragedy

E/B - Volterra {New Moon}

Twilight Eclipse Clip - Bedroom Scene [HD]

Just To Be With You (edward/bella)

Edward&Bella My First Kiss

Bella & Edward: Your Love Is My Drug

Bella & Edward

Edward & Bella - Warmness on the soul

Edward and Bella - I can fly (Gabriel)

Closer {Twilight/Midnight Sun}

Bella&Edward//This is What Dreams Are Made Of

Bella and Edward - Kryptonite

Bella & Edward [Goodbye]

Pulling back the pieces that have shattered since your love (Edward/Bella)

Shattered [ Edward & Bella Music Video ]

*This forbidden song* || New Moon

The Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie Clip Doesn't He Own a Shirt

Heavy In Your Arms-Florence + The Machine ~E&B

Edward/Bella- You are my only [for Maria]

Bella & Edward {I Knew I Loved You}

Love To Be Loved By You - Edward & Bella

Edward and Bella - The promise

Sia - Breathe Me (Edward and Bella).avi

Edward & Bella | In the Intimacy of these Moments

Bella & Edward Twilight-New moon-Eclipse

Edward/Bella "Fever"

Edward//Bella [Preview]

Twilight - Edward and Bella Arrive At School Scene

Twilight - Edward Saves Bella Scene

Bella || Edward is still the one

Twilight || Edward/Bella || Gotta Be Somebody

Edward / Bella || Eclipse

Edward and Bella - Already Gone - Fanmade

Edward and Bella-Halleujah

Edward and Bella I Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse

Edward & Bella|| Love Song Requiem Preview!

Love Song Requiem [ Edward & Bella ]

Edward and Bella - Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Edward & Bella - Drip Drop *Eclipse Spoilers!*

Edward & Bella - Whataya want from me

Edward & Bella// Right Now

Bella & Edward - I Look to You

"Watch me burn..." Edward & Bella

Sleep Well, My Angel || New Moon [EPOV]

edward and bella

Twilight- Edward and Bella-Hot -Avril Lavigne

HEAVY IN YOUR ARMS / Bella + Edward

Bella and Edward: Vampire Love

Edward Cullen - Praying

Feel • Bella & Edward

Bella & Edward :: Burning For You

I'll Be (Edward/Bella)

Edward/Bella - Perfect

bella and edward; chasing cars

Only Human || Edward+Bella

Edward and Bella - Your Love Is My Drug

Edward & Bella I think i'm lovestoned

Edward and Bella- Stuck in the moment

Edward & Bella // When you love someone

Eclipse - Edward & Bella - All Yours (Metric)

Edward & Bella

Bella & Edward - next to you

Bella & Edward ; New Moon. || Here Comes Goodbye.

Love The Way You Lie | | Bella & Edward

You Make Me Smile (edward/bella)