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Dimond Smile chapter two

Opinion by edward-lover456 posted over a year ago
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It was a dark dream. I dream I don't want to have agian. It felt so real. The man from the park, staring at us, The family! laughing marvaling..envey even. It scared me to think of the twised look on his face. Kyle Woke up with my loud screams he was caressing my arms and face and kissing every inch of my face, between breathes he would say "It was just a bad dream, my angel my world...Just a bad dream!" I smiled by his caring acttions. I was so in love! I had the best family in the world in my own world in my little world, I had everything..But then one day this man had just walked by and gave it the slitest nuge that it was in danger! It made me want to prodect every little part in my world! Make a defince meconesum. Build up a definse aginst what ever was hurting my family! I got up and walked over to my babies, Ella and Evan and as i had them in my arms I walked out to my older babies, Molly and David. I smiled as I found them sleeping each in there loving bed. Head reasted easly on the pillow arms tucked into the blankets., with the look of a good dream on there face. I walked into Mollys room and kissed her head waking her so easy. "What is it Mom?" she asked. "I just wanted to wake you my angel." I told her and I kissed her head again. I walked over to my oldest son's room...again i kissed his perfect little head and he woke up with a smile on his face. "What mom?" he asked "Nothing son, just wanted to wake you." I kissed his head again. Ella, Evan, David, Molly, Kyle and I walked down the stairs together. Each of us had the look of love in their eyes. We got to the living room and I was scared to look outside... To see if he was there It took all I had but I walked over to the window and put my shaking fingers to the curtain and I pulled it back. Fear shot threw me. He was there..again. He had the same smile he had in my dream he kept looking to the house and then he saw me, he waved and I turned around. I walked over to Kyle and wisperd "He is back." He saw the tears welling up in my eyes and he said "I will end this." He walked out and he got to the man, I looked into the shocked eyes of my husbent.. he knew this man, Why? How? When? Kyle walked into the house and walked to the kitchen he wanted me to fallow so I did, "He is my Uncle." he said I looked into his eyes. "What do I do, my wife?" he asked. "Invite him in, After I get back from dropping the kids off at Beths, I want them out of here just incase." He smiled and kissed my cheek I looked into his eyes again and said "Kyle, we will be fine" He kissed me again and I walked over to my babies.. all of them and said "come on guys were going over to Beths, Me and Daddy want to spend sometime with a family member okay?" Each of them looked into my eyes and got up. They met me at the door. Kyle walked us out. He kissed me and each of the kids heads. He walked back to the house and I pulled car onto the road, A few minits later we were at Beths. I told her everything and she said "I am there Godmother I am happy to watch them keep them safe Eva my bestfriend keep them safe." I smiled and hugged her goodbye I walked over and hugged each of my kids..Molly could tell something was wrong I hugged her harder trying to sow her i was fine. I walked out and got back to the car. Finally I was back home and Kyle was waiting for me. i got out of the car and welcomed our friend to our home. Although I did not like him. But My Kyle was there protecting me and My kids were safe at Beths So We would be fine. "Miss Eva, you are prettyer then Kyle had said on the phone." He had said walking into the house. "Thankyou" I said. Kyle held tighter to my waist. When he stopped in the living room he asked "What is going on?" finally I understood. The man started to speak....
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pie-102 said:
i love it cant wait for more
this is as good or even better than the first one so far
posted over a year ago.
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posted over a year ago.