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EgoMouse said …
If you're tired of our attire,
then wear something skimpy and not a suit for hire.
Step into my shower for a little happy hour.
Careful tho for any wrinkle of tire. Posted 28 days ago
EgoMouse said …
To be a giver you need to be a forgiver.
I'm no beginner to being a sinner.
As much as think of nakedness whilst bringing dinner,
your gaze fixed on one is much stricter.

Pray with all my might if you care enough to smite.
Focus on whats right, wondering if its love on first sight.
If silence is really shite, are my pinpoints all that tight?
Proof may not be made on sight but perhaps felt in light. Posted 28 days ago
EgoMouse said …
Everyone says what she said, but what did he said?
Well, he said to be more perverted and to send nudes.
Hmm....well, isn't that also what she said?
Or thats what they said?
Are they having a convo?
This is a bit convoluted..
Or....we're in a mutual understanding.
Lets not listen to the third parties. Posted 1 month ago