elena gilbert
    Birthdate April 28, 1992 (age 18)
Family Grayson Gilbert (Paternal Uncle/Adoptive Father, Deceased)
Miranda Gilbert (Paternal Aunt/Adoptive Mother, Deceased)
Jeremy Gilbert (Cousin/Adoptive Brother)
Jenna Sommers (Adoptive Aunt)
John Gilbert (Biological Father)
Isobel Saltzman (Biological Mother)
Alaric Saltzman (Stepfather)
Katherine Pierce (Ancestor)
Johnathan Gilbert (Ancestor, Deceased)
Occupation Student
Species Human - Petrova Doppelgänger

Status Alive

She is a 18 year old mortal human girl who lives in the supernatural town of Mystic Falls, Virginia with her aunt, Jenna Sommers and her brother Jeremy at 2104 Maple Street. She is strongly and deeply in love with Stefan Salvatore, who is a century plus old vampire. But she also shares a bond with Stefan's elder, dangerous and impulsive brother, Damon Salvatore, who is also a vampire. She attends Mystic Falls High School, where she is a former cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in the school. Elena wants to become a great writer. She stated this in a conversation with Stefan, and she has a diary in which she writes everything that happens in her life.

Elena has to deal with trying to lead a normal life eversince her adoptive parents died in a car accident and since she became involved in a love relationship with a vampire named Stefan Salvatore. Stefan saved Elena's life on May 23, 2009 when her adoptive parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert's car went off at Wickery Bridge. He tried to save them but her father, Grayson, insisted on him saving Elena first. When Stefan pulled Elena out of the car, he says that Elena looked like Katherine, he could not believe the uncanny resemblance between the two. Stefan then took Elena to the Mystic Falls General Hospital and has been watching her ever since, and learning about her to make sure that she is safe and not at all like Katherine Pierce. Elena said that it was a "miracle" that she survived such a horrific car accident and she questioned how it was possible that she made it out of the car.

After she discovers the secret of the Salvatore brothers, Elena has to deal with murders and lies into her life as well as with supernatural events. She is described as a star student. She is popular, sporty, smart, kind, caring and nice. She tries to be positive though it is often hard for her.

Elena and her younger brother Jeremy were being raised by their Aunt Jenna after their parents died in a car accident. After the death of her parents, she broke up with her childhood best friend, first love and boyfriend, Matt Donovan. After the tragedy of losing both of her parents, Elena makes an attempt to start over and learn how to cope with the tragic loss and start to regain some of her happiness again. When the school year started, Elena meets Stefan Salvatore and is immediately and undeniably drawn, intrigued and attracted to him. Meeting Stefan immediately brought things back to normal for Elena again. Her best friend is Bonnie Bennett, and she is frenemies with Caroline Forbes. Unknown to her, she is also a doppelgänger of Katherine Pierce, someone from Stefan's past
Elena dances with Stefan.
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Shortly after meeting Stefan, she started to bond with him and eventually began to fall in love with him as he fell in love with her. Later on, she asked Stefan to escort her to the Founders' Party, but became angry when he began to keep secrets from her. Eventually, she discovered that he and Damon were century old vampires, causing her to become hostile towards both of them, until they gained her trust again. When Vicki Donovan was turned into a vampire, she attempted to convince both her and Jeremy to stay away from each other, only to be threatened by Vicki and reprimanded by Jeremy.
Jeremy grieves Vicki's death.
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At the school's Halloween party, Vicki was killed by Stefan when she lost control of her vampire side, devastating both Elena and Jeremy. As a result of this, she asked Damon to wipe Jeremy's memory of Vicki's death, making him believe she "had left town and was not coming back. It was for the best." She and Jenna noticed that, as a result of this, Jeremy had stopped doing drugs.
Damon "kidnaps" Elena.
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Elena was also a witness of Lexi's death at the hands of Damon and of the destruction of Bonnie's talisman in order to prevent Damon from freeing the vampires underneath the tomb, after which she told Bonnie the truth about everything. She got into a car accident when swerving to miss a vampire after spending the night with Stefan, subsequently discovering the photo of Katherine. He almost attacked her, but Damon appeared just in time to save her life. A pizza guy named Noah came one night and Jeremy invited him inside. He later turned out to be the vampire that was following her. He showed up at a dance and threatened to kill Jeremy if she didn't leave the dance. Elena ran into the hallway with the vampire following her. She ran into the cafeteria and managed to fight back, stabbing him with pencils, until Stefan and Damon arrived and killed him after interrogating him. He was shown to have been friends with Anna and Ben, fellow vampires. He knew Katherine, which was why he was stalking Elena. Ep19-delena-the-vampire-diaries-tv-show-12368767-2000-1333.jpg
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After the tomb was opened, and the vampires were released, she helped Damon save Stefan from Frederick and the other vampires who were torturing him. When Frederick stabbed him, Elena gave Stefan her blood so he would survive. She consoled Matt when the news of Vicki's death had been revealed. However, Stefan became addicted to human blood, since he never learned how to control his cravings, and started drinking human blood that he stole from a blood bank behind Elena's back. When Damon told her what he'd been doing, they got into a fight, and Stefan attacked Amber, a girl in the competition for "Miss Mystic Falls," drank her blood, and almost killed her. Elena and Damon locked Stefan in the basement to try to get him back to normal.
Elena dresses like Katherine on Founders day.
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When Bonnie's grandmother died, Bonnie left town for a while. After she came back, she started to blame Stefan and Damon for her grandmother's death and was angry with Elena. Elena tried to fix things, but Bonnie told her there was nothing she could do, and to just leave her alone. Bonnie came back to school and resents Stefan and Damon because the tomb vampires came out and there was no Katherine, so "Grams died for nothing." When Elena's mother came to town, she and Bonnie repaired their relationship and Bonnie pretended to unspell the Device. It was eventually activated on Founder's Day by John Gilbert. Damon caught up with Elena (who in fact was Katherine) on the porch of her home & they shared a passionate kiss, which was interrupted by Jenna.

The night ended with Elena arriving home after someone had taken her stuff. After entering the house, she heard a noise in the kitchen and went to investigate it, unaware that Katherine was in the room.
Season TwoEdit Season Two sectionEdit
Elena finds John in the kitchen.
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Elena headed towards the kitchen and was shocked to find John on the floor bleeding to death. She ran over to him and dialed 911. John let her know that someone was behind her and Elena grabbed the knife Katherine had used earlier to stab John with. She tried looking for the attacker and Katherine just watched her, super speeding around the house, and then Katherine left the house shortly after.
Elena tries to wake Jeremy.
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Elena remembered that Jeremy was also in the house and ran up the stairs in a hurry to find an unconscious Jeremy, who had just taken her whole bottle of pills and Anna's blood. She shook him hastily and he awakened. Bonnie showed up at the hospital to see how Caroline was doing. Later, Damon offered to give Caroline some blood to make her better, while Elena disagreed, Bonnie told her that they couldn't let Caroline die.
Damon confronts Elena about the kiss.
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When Elena was alone, Damon confronted her about the kiss they shared, moments into the conversation, Elena's aunt Jenna arrived. Elena and Jenna had a confusing conversation and at that point, Damon found out that it was Katherine he kissed, not Elena. Stefan was watching Jeremy when Katherine arrives posing as Elena, soon Stefan realized it was Katherine and tossed her aside. A sound at the door bid Katherine time to flee. Damon and Elena walked in and Stefan told them that Katherine was just there. He was also not happy when Damon revealed that he kissed Katherine but thought it was Elena.

Later on, he asked her about the kiss again, and she said that it was no surprise that he would kiss her, but that it was a surprise that he thought she would kiss him back, hurting Damon immensely.
Elena is captured by Rose and Elijah.
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Later she is also kidnapped in episode 7 by Rose who wants herself and her friend Trevor to be free, in exchange for Elena. She learns that she must die to break the curse of the moon stone. Elijah, a powerful vampire, one of the Originals, who is trying to get the moonstone hears Elena talking about it. He tries to compel her but fails to do so, because of the vervain necklace. He then rips the necklace from her neck and compels her to tell him where it is. She then is saved by Stefan and Damon, and was brought home. At home Damon comes to give return her necklace which she thought she lost, and before returning her necklace he tells her he loves her, compels her to forget he said it.

Elena helps Rose after she is bitten by a werewolf and reassure Damon destroy just before Rose.

Elena decides to try to keep out John in her plans with Elijah, and Elena along with Bonnie give support to Caroline after suffered the incident with Tyler, Jules, Brady and other werewolves.
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Stefan SalvatoreEdit Stefan Salvatore sectionEdit
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Elena met Stefan on his first day of school, though initially Stefan knew Elena long before their fateful meeting. Elena found him to be quite charming, handsome and mysterious. Eventually, they end up dating. They are enjoying their time together as a couple. Stefan later reveals his vampiric nature after she pressed him, putting their relationship on a minor hold. Soon after, Elena warmed to Stefan being a vampire when realizing his good nature. The two continue as a couple, professing their love for each other.

Recently, they broke up because of Katherine's actions against Elena, compelling Jenna to attempt suicide. Even after Katherine is imprisoned in the tomb, she doesn't get back with Stefan though she still loves him as she wants to make sure her loved ones are safe. After Stefan is imprisoned in the tomb with Katherine, Elena rushes to the tomb but Damon prevents her from entering. She bargains with Elijah to secure Stefan's release, which he grants. When Stefan arrives at her house after being set free, she runs into his arms and they kiss, resuming their relationship.
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Elena found Damon to be an arrogant and self-absorbed sadistic monster; the complete opposite of his brother. The hostile tension between the two lessen after she spent the day with Damon at a bar in Georgia for his own personal agenda in releasing Katherine from the tomb. She warms up to Damon once he realized that Katherine wasn't trapped as he initially thought, comprehending with the fact that he is lonely and is desperately seeking love. The two later build somewhat of a close friendship, occasionally working together for the good of their friends and family.

After Elena refuses to kiss Damon, he kills Jeremy (but he was brought back by the Gilbert ring, so Elena said to him, you have lost me forever.) It is revealed that Damon is in love with Elena, in several episodes, but was much more clear when he told Elena himself in Rose (episode), but later compels her to forget it. And now there is a new story. In Katerina, Damon gets involved with Rose and they have sex, but Damon still loves Elena and will give his best effort to help save Elena. In The Sacrifice, Damon and Elena return to Mystic Falls to find Stefan trapped in the tomb with Katherine; Elena panics and tries to run to him, but Damon restrains her. Stefan then makes Damon promise to protect Elena and Damon promises. Katherine then says to Stefan that that was the biggest mistake he'd ever made, as she thinks Damon will try to make a move on Elena with Stefan out of the picture. Damon, however, doesn't make any move on her though he continues to love and protect her.
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Elena's witch friend: Bonnie Bennet
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Elena and Bonnie have been friends from since childhood. Bonnie has said that she "loves Elena like a sister" and has said that she would "die for her". They are very close and would do anything for each other. Since Bonnie's Grams died, she has alienated Elena for her relationships with Stefan and Damon.
Jeremy GilbertEdit Jeremy Gilbert sectionEdit
Elena's cousin: Jeremy Gilbert
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Elena has always tried to protect Jeremy. She even asked Damon to take away his suffering (by compelling him) so he wouldn't remember Vicki's death. He also blames Elena for taking away his memories and says that it wasn't her call to make. He is only Elena's adoptive brother but it is found out that he is in fact her biological cousin. At the beginning of Season 2, Damon snaps Jeremy's neck after Elena snaps him emotionally, leaving Elena horrified and his friendship with her shattered. Though Jeremy came back as he was wearing the Gilbert Ring at the time of his "death". Elena continues to be cold to Damon throughout the season because of what he did to Jeremy though she eventually warms up to him. Elena loves Jeremy very much and goes to great lengths to protect him, even refusing his ring when she was linked to Katherine at the Masquerade Ball while the Salvatore Brothers were attacking Katherine, stating "No Jeremy, what I need is for you to be safe" . Jeremy has also grown closer to the Vampire stuff, and does the best he can for Elena, in Rose(episode) finds out that she is missing.
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Elena is the doppelganger of Katherine Pierce, and Katherine is Elena's ancestor. They look alike because they are both the Petrova doppelganger. Out in season two Katherine explais to Elena that she had a child in Bulgaria before she was transformed into a vampire, but her father sent the child away and she never saw the child again.

Elena eventually discovered that she looks exactly like her. At the end of season one, she began to walk towards the kitchen where Katherine was lying in wait. Elena and Katherine meet after Stefan tortures Katherine for information about her being in Mystic Falls. In the same episode, it is revealed that she did come back because she loves Stefan. She didn't know much about Katherine, until she went to the tomb where she was trapped in, and traded blood from a bottle in return for Katherine to give her information about her past. Katherine then informs Elena that Klaus will kill everyone close to her just like he did her family .
Caroline ForbesEdit Caroline Forbes sectionEdit
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Caroline is a friend of Elena and Bonnie. She starts the series as being superficial and often jealous of Elena. Later in the season she starts to date Elena's ex boyfriend, Matt but becomes jealous and upset due to Elena and Matt's history. Caroline learns to a more accepting kinder person, and comes to understand that Matt is committed with her, though occasionally, frustrated by her tendency to be overly dramatic. When Caroline becomes a vampire and Damon wants to kill her, Elena puts herself between Caroline and Damon's stake, stating "Damon, she's my friend." She helps Caroline adjust to vampire life and continues to be a supportive friend. They seem to be becoming closer in season 2, as Caroline opens the tomb door for her so she can talk to Katherine about Klaus and keeps Elena's location a secret from Stefan. Caroline and Bonnie becomes closer by the minute as scene when trying to save stefan out of the well,Bonnie stops her.
Jenna SommersEdit Jenna Sommers sectionEdit
Elena's aunt: Jenna Sommers
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Elena and Jenna are very close to be just aunt and niece, but Jenna treats Elena as if she is one of her own. Elena keeps secrets from Jenna though, even Jenna has kept the secret that Elena was adopted. But since then their relationship is growing stronger, thus there is now a strain, due to Jenna thinking that Elena is the one who kissed Damon, though in reality it was Katherine. In Plan B , she was compelled by Katherine to stab herself and this lead to Elena breaking up with Stefan, as she feared for Jenna's safety as well as the rest of her friends and family. She is later seen in By the Light of the Moon , inviting Elijah into her home; unaware of him being a vampire.