Elena Gilbert Elena -Icon Contast [NEW(Round 20]

queen-seli posted on Apr 29, 2012 at 09:40PM

- I choose a theme for the round (Episode, Color, Quote, body-part, etc.), the rest is up to you.
- The icon need to be made by you.
- You cant vote for yourself.
- The icon must be 100x100 or 200x200.

Win Props

For Join - 1 prop
1st Place Winner - 6 props

Round 1: Closed
Winner Any_SJ
Theme: Black& White

Round 2: Closed
Winner: modernfan
Theme: at a Dance

Round 3: Closed
Winner KaterinaNina
Theme: Sad

Round 4: Closed
Winner modernfan
Theme: With Klaus

Round 5: Closed
Winner escada
Theme: Kissing

Round 6: Closed
Theme: 3x22

Round 7: Closed Winner
Theme: With Jenna

Round 8: Closed
Winner Any_SJ
Theme: Blur

Round 9: Closed
Winner Katherine1731
Theme: Half Face

Round 10: Closed
Winner MusicOfTheNigt
Theme: Bleeding

Round 11: Closed
Winner kitty13469
Theme: Black & White + 1 Color

Round 12: Closed
Winner kari91
Theme: Angry

Round 13: Closed
Winner Stelenavamp
Theme: With a Friend

Round 14: Closed
Winner Stelenavamp
Theme: Earrings

Round 15: Closed
Winner Stelenavamp
Theme: One Word

Round 16: Closed
Winner: Stelenavamp
Theme: In a Car

Round 17: Closed
Winner KarinaCullen
Theme: Quote

Round 18: Closed
Winner escada
Theme: Pain

Round 19: Closed
Theme: Family

Round 20: Open
Theme: Danger

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