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she's so high (damon/elena/stefan)

Damon&Elena - The arms of the ocean (3x19)

Soldier {Damon&Elena}

Elena Gilbert - What Makes You Beautiful

Jenna + Elena | My Road

Stefan&Elena|Hate and Love

TVD ll Elena is Going Crazy

Stefan + Elena | You're Everything

Elena Gilbert (Елена Гилберт)

Stefan & Elena | What Can I Say

Elena Gilbert | Set Fire To The Rain

Elena + Kol | Devotion

Kol + Elena | Safe & Sound

◆Elena Gilbert◆ {People Always Leave}

TVD - Elena Gilbert - She Will Be Loved

Elena Gilbert|| "No Stefan, it makes me strong"

AU - Letters From the Sky - Damon/Elena/Stefan

I can't shake him {damon♦elena}

stand in the rain[elena+caroline]

► Damon & Elena || The One ♥ [100+ SUBSCRIBERS!! xD]

Everything - Damon & Elena

Stefan & Elena || Give me love

Damon | Elena - I said something I didn't mean |DEDICATION FOR ALL DELENA FANS|

►Stefan + Elena | We've still got time

Like the Man'dem. [Elena; TVD]

►Stefan + Elena | Eternal Destiny

Numb • Katherine & Elena •

Katherine&Elena-Game on *saw version*

Katherine&Elena-Until the Day I Die


Katherine&Elena-to love Salvatore Brothers is Toxic

Elena-they gonna eat me alive..

Katherine & Elena-the Petrova curse

Katherine & Elena-hurricane


Katherine and Elena-never give up

Katherine (Christeen)& Elena-Castle Walls

Katherine and Elena-I'm not alone

Katherine/Elena-All about us

Damon & Elena - Sail {for spulgaciite}

Damon & Elena - I'm Not Going To Leave You

DE ✘ [Do you? - I do]

Damon and Elena | Insatiable

|► elena&damon [ 03x19 ] spoilers


Without You;; [Damon/Elena]

Katherine / Elena_ My Medicine part 1

Damon+Elena "I will take you away" The Vampire Diaries

► Stefan+Elena | Never let me go

Damon and Elena || Unwilling to go 3x18 spoilers

Damon & Elena ♡ I can't shake him

Gone Away;; [The Vampire Diaries]

Stefan Salvatore + Elena Gilbert | Three Wishes

TVD ll Elena Gilbert - I'm Only Human

Stefan and Elena | Just a Kiss

Elena Gilbert - Get Over It

►Elena Gilbert ► What Doesn´t Kill You Makes You Stronger!

Elena Gilbert || Music Video - "Perfect" [TKOFND]

damon & elena ● you and i, without you;

Katherine Pierce & Elena Gilbert ღ Similarity

►Stefan + Elena | My Heart Will Go On

Elena Gilbert ✘ [Ignite The Light]

The Vampire Diaries|We always survive

Devotion; save me now;; [Damon/Elena|Stefan/Elena]

TVD couples; love is rushing in (collab with MoonSilverStudio)

you put your arms around me and I'm home...

The Vampire Diaries : you the only light i ever saw

Damon and Elena- "I just.. can't shake him."

katherine&elena; "won't you give me something to remember?..

now you're just somebody; that i used to know..

you're exactly where you wanna be | alaric&elena

TVD Girls | Whataya' Take Me For?

Alaric & Elena ♡ "We're kind of right for each other"

I'll be there. Every second. Every day. | TVD (3x16)

Damon&Elena | Holding On and Letting Go

Alaric/Elena 'You know it's never too late.'

Alaric & Elena - Stars

damon&elena | where was my fault

Damon & Elena vs Dmitrii & Anya (Anastasia | The Vampire Diaries)

Damon & Elena - Magic

Damon&Elena|| I found a reason for me

Damon + Elena | Somebody That I Used To Know

damon&elena | i can't shake him [3x16]

The Vampire Diaries Girls (Stronger)

The Vampire Diaries Promo 3x17 - Break On Through [HD]

Stronger | Caroline Forbes + Elena Gilbert

Damon & Elena ✘ 'she din't want me'

►The Vampire Diaries | Devastation

"Roadtrip, I call shotgun..." || Damon & Elena

The vampire diaries( Elena Gilbert ) - My word { For Natysik1204 }

damon & elena; [seven devils}

the vampire diaries ● in another life

|► Damon/Elena - Kiss Kiss [HUMOR]

Stefan/Elena/Damon || you're doomed...

Damon & Elena - Crew Love { For CryssTVDfan }

Damon & Elena | 'I can't be what she wants me to be'

TVD ~ ♥ D.E.L.E.N.A ♥ ~ it's time to rescue me...

Matt/Elena- Give Me Love

Into your dream || Damon&Elena

Damon & Elena AU ♡ Part 2