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○Elena Gilbert | My skin

Elena Gilbert || [ᴅᴀʀᴋɴᴇss ɪ ʙᴇᴄᴀᴍᴇ]

Elena - _i_need_a_doctor (4x06 spoilers!!)

Elena Gilbert: Titanium

• Elena Gilbert - Spark [4x05]

How could this happen to me ? | Elena Gilbert {preview}

Elena Gilbert | fear and loathing

elena gilbert • wake up

►Elena gilbert || Feel so close

Elena Gilbert {losing your memory}

elena gilbert || "the moment when you realize you've lost yourself"

Elena Gilbert | Dear Diary .. I've lost myself

~Elena Gilbert // "I don't want to be a vampire,Stefan..."

Elena Gilbert | All is lost, hope remains.

S A I L { Vamp Elena V.S Katherine }

Caroline | Elena | teen idle

► Elena Gilbert || "I Lost Control"

Elena Gilbert // what it is to be a vampire

Elena Gilbert | Great Moments of Pleasure

elena gilbert-so cold

» Elena Gilbert {4x05} | I'm Only Human.

Elena Gilbert • I'm Gonna Get Through This

Elena Gilbert| Castle Walls 4x05

Elena Gilbert [4x05] The vampire Diaries

everything is gonna be okay • elena gilbert

elena gilbert ▿ "i killed someone.. (#2)

Elena Gilbert || I Feel Hopeless... [FOR MrsFluffyCat!!!!]

Elena Gilbert - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Elena Gilbert | i have lost myself again.. [1&1]

elena gilbert | ●bring me to life

ELENA GILBERT ● "I Don't Wanna Lose Anyone Else"

Elena Gilbert II The devil inside

● Elena Gilbert | Revolution

♠ Elena Gilbert | "I killed someone" {4x05}

Elena Gilbert :: Leave all behind[04x05]

►Elena Gilbert {4x05} | Running Up That Hill

Elena Gilbert | bury me alive ►

Elena Gilbert || « A Fighter » [S4]

Elena Gilbert || The worst feeling is the moment when you realize you've lost yourself...

►Elena Gilbert | Monsters { 4x05 }

Elena, the vampire (4x05 spoilers!)

Elena Gilbert {4x05} | Animal I have become

Vampire Diaries 4x05 The Killer - Elena/Stefan/Damon "You said i could trust you Stefan"

The Vampire Diaries;, Delena [4x05 the killer]

Stefan and Elena 4x05 Scenes

Damon&Elena 4x05 Scenes Part 6.

Damon&Elena 4x05 Scenes Part 5.

The Vampire Diaries 4x05 Elena's First Kill Scene(HD)

4x05 Damon & Elena "We'll get him out. I promise", bed scene [Vampire Diaries]

Damon&Elena 4x05 Scenes Part 2.