there's vampires!
We last saw the doctor and amy heading off into the Tardis together after sharing a passionate kiss....but no one knows why they went into the Tardis in the first place. In this episode the doctor decides to take rory and amy on a 'romantic honeymoon'.....

The 1st scene doctor/rory

It's rory's stag do, everyones at the pub. He leaves amy a voice message saying he loves her. Then all of a sudden a paper wedding cake comes along. They hired rory a stripper, but it was the doctor who decided to pop out and leave the diabetic stripper named lucy outside! He is happy rory is there, then he sais "i think we should talk about your fiance...." rory gripped onto his picture of him and amy on his shirt. "she tried to kiss me" evryone was gobsmacked then he finnaly said to everyone "you're a lucky man though..she's a great kisser" !

The 2nd scene doctor/amy/rory

They're in the Tardis. The doctor is still continuing fixing the Tardis. The doctor tells them that they can go somewhere, anywhere for their 'date' according to Amy. Rory still hasn't confronted amy about her kissing the doctor. They arrive in Venice. Amy and rory are sightseing and then they hear a woman screaming. They run to the woman and they see a man...who must have attacked her. When the mysterious man is walking away amy spots his teeth...he's a vampire. During the same time the doctor was helping someone he noticed the same thing. Later on they all met up amy told the doctor and the doctor told amy, they jumped up and down in exitment leaving rory left out basicly. Rory and the doctor speak in private, he tells the doctor what he really thinks about him and the danger he puts amy in. He's jealous and wants amy to be protected, so he asks him to not let her be in anymore danger....and amy also gets bitten by a vampire and her and rory share a kiss.

The 3rd scene doctor/amy/rory

the doctor gets electrocuted. Rory and amy run to his rescue. Amy fears he's dead she nearly starts crying, but then he's fine. Next there's an explosion, they start running, the doctor stops to save issabella's father. Amy and rory stop, amy sais to the doctor that she's not leaving him. The doctor shouts at amy and tells her "whatever i say you do it!". She runs off nearly crying and rory thanks the doctor for shouting at her for him. Rory runs off to go and get amy. The doctor didn't want to shout at amy, and he still can't believe he did it.

[b]The 4th scene doctor/amy/rory

They all bump into each other again, he tells them both to go back to the tardis. Rory dissagrees and sais they're not leaving him. Now the doctor starts getting angry with rory. He talks in front of amy saying that him and rory have been having problems, she's confused a bit then an earthquake comes.....rory, amy and the doctor get rid of all the vampires, and head back into the tardis. Amy calls them both her boys.
are rory and the doctor getting along in this ep?