Part 1

*Autobot HQ*

Optimus Prime: *A red and blue robot who transforms into a modified truck* I am Optimus Prime, sending this message to all Autobots migrating through space. You are welcome to Earth and to re-join the Autobots here on our new home.


Onslaught: *A grey and black robot who transforms into a SWAT vehicle* Are the Deadlocks ready yet?

Lockdown: *A black and green robot who transforms into a Rally Fighter* Yes, the Deadlock clones are ready whenever you give the order.

Onslaught: *Smiles deviously* Excellent...

*Autobot HQ*

Jolt: *A white robot who transforms into a 2013 Chevrolet Volt* Lucy, how are you today?

Lucy: *A pink haired Diclonius girl* Eeehhh alright, what about you guys?

Sideswipe: *A silver robot who transforms into a Lamborghini Aventador* I'm okay.

*Alarm rings*

Bumblebee: *A black and yellow robot who transforms into a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro* What's going on?

Sideswipe: The alarm is going off...I think it might be just another fluke...

Bumblebee: *Looks at the monitor* It's a really a Decepticon!

Lucy: Wow...the first decepticon this year...

Jolt: Well, let's go calls the others!

*Later, The Congo*

Barricade: *A police-colored robot who transforms into a Saleen S281 Police Car* I think I see them...*Sees three stasis pods*

Crankcase: *A black robot who transforms into a Chevrolet Suburban* We must call Lord Onslaught!

Jolt: *Drives in along with Sideswipe* Not today!

Crankcase: *Fires at Jolt*

Jolt: *Dodges and transforms* Here's a shocker! *Fires electro gun at Crankcase*

Barricade: *Transforms and drives away*

Sideswipe: *Transforms, pulls out blade, and cuts Barricade in two*

Crankcase: Lockdown! I need a Ground Bridge!

*A Decepticon Ground Bridge appears*

Crankcase: *Runs into the Ground Bridge*

Jolt: *Fires at Crankcase*

*The Ground Bridge disappears*

Jolt: Darn it! He got away!

Sideswipe: *Goes to the 3 Stasis Pods* Hmmm...*Activates them*

Hound: *A military camo-colored robot, points a large gun at Sideswipe* WHERE AM I???!!!!

Sideswipe: *Falls on his behind* GAH!

Jolt: *Puts gun on the floor* Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep nini bong.

Hound: *Puts down gun* Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep nini bong.

Jolt: I am Jolt, an Autobot.

Hound: I am Hound, an Autobot Sergeant from the Autobot Grand Academy, Second division, tenth graduate of the Autobot Grand Academy!

Jolt: *Looks at the other stasis pods* Who else is with you?

Hound: Two other Autobots, one named Slingshot, my pilot, and Drift, my weapons expert.

*Later, Autobot HQ*

Ratchet: *A white and red robot who transforms into a Emergency Response Vehicle* So Hound, are you interested in this vehicle? *Shows him a Medium Tactical Vehicle from Oshkosh Defense*

Hound: Sure! *Scans it and transforms into a military camo-colored Medium Tactical Vehicle from Oshkosh Defense*

*Training Facility, Autobot HQ*

Drift: *A black and blue robot* Where am I?

Jolt: You are at Autobot HQ on Earth.

Drift: Dang you got yourself a nice place here!

Bumblebee: Anyways...we found you the perfect vehicle mode for you.

Drift: Really? May I see it?

Lucy: *Drives in with a Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse* You like?

Drift: DUH! *Scans it and transforms into a black and blue Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse*

Slingshot: *A neon green robot* Where am I?

Sideswipe: Your at Autobot HQ, on Earth.

Slingshot: Earth? What's an Earth?

Sideswipe: It's a very long story...

Lucy: I will be right back!

Sideswipe: Slingshot, we have found you a vehicle form so you can blend in on Earth.

Slingshot: Ehhh sure, why not.

Lucy: *Comes in driving a C7 Corvette Stingray* Ta-da!

Slingshot: Oohhhhhh I like it! *Scans it and transforms into a neon green C7 Corvette Stingray*

Lucy: You look very nice, Slingshot*

Slingshot: *Giggles* Thank you.

*California Coast*

Optimus Prime: Hound, how are you liking Earth as of now?

Hound: I think it is a beautiful planet, sir.

Optimus Prime: Hound, there are a race of life forms here known as Humans.

Hound: Are they techno-organic?

Optimus Prime: *Shakes head* No, they are organic beings.

*Underground, Somewhere*

Onslaught: Crankcase, how did you not bring those three Stasis Pods with you???!!!!

Crankcase: The Autobots took it!

Lockdown: *Slices off Crankcase's head*

Onslaught: Thank you, Commander Lockdown.

Lockdown: *Bows* Anytime, Lord Onslaught. I shall destroy the Autobots.

(To Be Continued)