Chapter 1

Bethor looked upon the great Cybertronian city of Iacon. Bethor was a large Cybertronian with demonic, bat like wings, clawed feet, green eyes, and a very demonic smile.

"Soon...very soon...I shall rule this world and all others..." Bethor thought to himself as he grabbed a small vase and smashed it in his hands.

"Excuse me, Lord Bethor" A voiced asked in the distance.

"You may enter, Ophiel" Bethor responded in a quiet tone.

"Lord Bethor, the Council of Primes has announced a startling finding" Ophiel told Bethor. Ophiel was a large tank and alligator-like Transformer.

"And what is this miraculous finding that has brought you here?" Bethor asked in an annoyed tone.

"They've found organic life!" Ophiel told Bethor. After hearing this news, Bethor roared as he burst through the roof the building.

Meanwhile, in the center of Iacon, a bunch of civilians had gathered to see this Organic Being.

"What's going on?" Seraph Prime asked the crowds of people. Seraph Prime was a large, almost angelic Transformer.

"It's an organic being!" A civilian said as the crowd moved so that Seraph Prime could see. When they looked, they saw a human-like girl with cat ear-like horns.