Episode 1: Bumblebee

Narrator: It's been one year after the Battle of Tokyo, and now the humans, in alliance with Professor Kakuzawa and Kurama have been hunting Autobots and all remaining Diclonius...

*Rio Dell, California*

Bumblebee: *In vehicle mode, which is a custom 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS, along with Nana, a young Diclonius*

Nana: *Sitting in the back seat* Bumblebee, I think you need a new vehicle mode.

Bumblebee: Why do you say that? *Drives over a bump and smoke starts to come from his engine*

Nana: That's why...

*Suddenly, a Police 2010 Concept Camaro drives by*

Bumblebee: Hmmm...that should work *Scans the Police 2010 Concept Camaro, and then changes to be the same vehicle as the Police Camaro*

Nana: Wow! That was so cool! *Smiles*

Bumblebee: *Starts to listen to Police Communications* Hmmm...

Police Radio: Attention! We have spotted an Autobot by the name of Brawn has been spotted in the Six Rivers National Forest! We need all forces at the Six Rivers National Forest!

Bumblebee: *Starts to drive quickly, turning on his siren* We need to help Brawn!

Nana: *Nods* Right!

*Six Rivers National Forest, near a river*

Brawn: *In robot mode, hiding behind a few trees*

Bumblebee: *Notices Brawn hiding* Brawn! We're here to help!

Brawn: Bee, get out of here.

Nana: What? Why?

Brawn: It's not safe! Just go!

Bumblebee: *Transforms* Brawn, don't be stubborn. We need to unite to find Optimus Prime.

Brawn: Bee, they've already found me. They can't find you, just go.

Nana: Please Brawn...let us help...

Bumblebee: *Stops for a minute* Nana, Brawn is right.

Nana: But Bumblebee...

Bumblebee: *Transforms into vehicle mode* Nana, get inside.

Nana: *Looks sad* But...

Bumblebee: *Revs engine* NOW!

Nana: *Gets inside of Bumblebee*

Brawn: Bee, drive as far as possible!

Bumblebee: *Drives away*

Brawn: *Sees a black helicopter*

*Suddenly, the Kakuzawa Corps start to fire at Brawn*

Brawn: *Gets hit a few times* GAH! *Pulls out a large blaster and fires at the Kakuzawa Corps Hummers*

*The Kakuzawa Corps Hummers are destroyed*

Brawn: Come at me! *Fires at the Kakuzawa Corps*

Kakuzawa Corps: *Fire Grenades at Brawn*

Brawn: *Falls from being hit by the grenades* GAH! You dirty humans...

Kakuzawa Corps: *All fire at Brawn's head*

Brawn: *Head falls off, then his lifeless body falls into a small creek*

Bando: *Walks up to Brawn's corpse* Well. Call the KSI, tell them we've brought new parts.

(To Be Continued)