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The vampire diaries Elena&Elijah - I can't live without you

TVD couples | If this was our last chance

- Klaus & Elijah -- In The End -

Elijah & Katherine: A Tribute - "Always Been You"

● TVD (2x22) \\ can you save me now?

The Vampire Diaries Season Finale 2x22 Part 11 - Klaus kills Elijah, Stefan asks Klaus for a cure

Elena&Elijah - Enchanted [vidlet]

Vampire Diaries - The Originals

The Vampire Diaries 2x22 - Klaus kills Elijah

♡ elijah & katherine/elena; let me wash this memory clear ♡

Caroline & elijah ; Just One more moment, that's all that's needed.


"So She Should Die For Your Gain?" ~ Katherine(Katerina)/Elijah ; Klaus

Katerina Elijah - You


Katherine/Elijah/Klaus|| Someday Happens

Elena//Elijah..........Bang! BANG!

Catch me - ElijahxKaterinaxKlaus DamonxKatherinexStephan


Vampire Diaries 2x22 | As I Lay Dying | Part 8 "Klaus Kills Elijah"

The Vampire Diaries 2x22 Season Finale - Klaus and Elijah

2x22 (final) Elijah.......

i need a doctor {elijah & elena}

katherine / elena and elijah-stay

elijah and katerina

Katherine teenage dream white Elijah

Elijah & Elena - whataya want from me. [TVD]

Elijah II Sexy Silk II a teeeease !!!!

elijah & jenna

Elena/Elijah+Multifandom - Once

(AU) Elijah/Elena ;; You where once normal...

K/K/E "I shot for the sky"

just a little girl (elijah/katherine)

Elijah and Katerina- Not now-Не сега

Klaus, Elijah/Elena/Damon • Adagio • (The Vampire Diaries)

looking for a tigress;Elijah+Caroline

Damon/Elena/Elijah - To let a love go

elijah vampire diaries

Katherine & Elijah(TVD)-cosmic love

TVD † S A C R I F I C E......... (2X21 "The sun also rises" )

Jenna/Elijah/Alaric ♥

Elijah & Klaus Push it to the Limit

The Vampire Diaries 2x21 - Bonnie takes on Klaus; Elijah and Klaus escape

`The Vampire Diaries` - Klaus and Elijah

TVD 2x21 "The sun also rises" (Elijah)

elijah+elena ● all i need

the vampire diaries~ elijah comes undone

Katharine/Elijah - Beautiful Girl

Elijah, Damon and Katherine(Elena) - Wuthering Heights

I Do Not Believe In Love, Katerina ● Elijah and Katerina/Katherine

Elijah/Elena (Elijah's POV) "oh no my walls are gonna break..."

Elijah [Daniel Gillies] || hot mess

Grip me in your hands || elijah&elena

♡ Elijah - Airplanes ♡

Elena • Elijah | A time for us | (TVD)

Love is war

Katherine and Elijah ( love )

TVD [Elijah & Katherine]

Katherine/Elijah/Klaus || Someday Happens

TVD | Katerina&Elijah | I'm Coming Home...

bonnie & elijah || the original & the servant of nature [au vidlet]

The Vampire Diaries - Elijah & Katherine - Down

Elijah & Katherine - Love Song *Vampire Diaries*

everybody loves me | DANIEL GILLIES ♥

bloody desire ● AU story (1)

Elijah- american badass

Morgana ; Elijah mini crossover (Test) TVD;MERLIN

Elijah/Elena "It was my heart,it was your knife."

Drop It [Hey Baby] l Klaus • Elijah

To Whom it May Concern - The Elijah Original Remix

Elijah & Katherine - Love can not be without

elijah/katerina/elena || i would wait a lifetime for you

Elijah & Elena | let me steal this moment from you now

(preview) bloody desire ● AU story (1)

elijah/elena/damon | "close your eyes..." {2x20} [AU]

Boulevard of Broken Dreams// Elena/Katherine/Elijah (2x19)

Elijah & Katherine || Not calling for a second a chance ... ||

"Wanna be a victim, ready for abduction." | Elena&Elijah

Elijah and Elena - Patience

Elijah & Elena | captivated

Katherine | Elijah | Damon- Howl *SILENT MAIDX

The Vampire Diaries 2x15 Elena Kills Elijah

Katherine & Elijah teenage dream

Elena+Elijah = illuminated

ELIJAH/ERIC; Eclipsed Hearts [SLASH]

EVIL ANGEL - Elena & Elijah *Vampire Diaries*

Vampire diaries - Elijah

Elijah | Bruises and Bitemarks

elijah;castiel [TVD;SPN]

Elijah | Judas

Elijah and Elena- I Choose You

Elijah and Elena- Closer

Elijah/ Katherine/ Elena - The Attraction of the Petrova

Can I trust you?

I Miss You So. Elijah • Elena

Elena & Elijah | Look In Your Eyes

● elijah & elena & katerina ● come on angel ●

::'I've came for you...'\\Elena&Elijah::

Elijah & Elena [Her words are swimming through his ears..]