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criminalminds15 posted on Oct 30, 2009 at 12:09PM
I just wanted to thank everyone for making the Elle Greenaway spot the amazing place it is today. I remember when I first created this spot I was worried it would never take off but you all put so much into this spot and it shows. So here's to you!

(especially thanks to Rachel who I feel has put so much into this spot and came up with the banner and icon competitions and to Federica who created the banner)

Thankyou all so much!

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over a year ago mic_egan94 said…
Your very welcome Sophie! :D
(Although i really haven't done that much! :O )
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over a year ago criminalminds15 said…
You've done loads! You made some fantastic banners!
over a year ago girly_girl said…
big smile
Wow! This is so sweet! I like Elle so I enjoy making new fanarts and stuff for this spot!
over a year ago criminalminds15 said…
big smile
Thanks! I meant it, I really am so glad and so proud! I'm glad you like Elle, it shows through in your dedication! ;)