In February 2011, Goulding told the Daily Star that she had plans to release a follow-up to Lights sometime in 2012, commenting, "I'm not going to go away for ages. It'll be out this year or the start of next." The following month, when asked about the album's musical direction in an interview with gossip website Dean Piper's World, Goulding stated, "It's started to sound very dark and very weird. This album is going to be even more emotional [...] I wanted to make it so there is hope. I want to make an effect whether it's happy or sad

Ellie Has Been Away for ages. I Think It Would Be Best For Her To Release This album this year.

Ellie Fans Need This Comeback! And, I Love The Idea Of The More 'Emotional' Album.

This Is OFFICIAL Information, This Is NOT Fake. Ellie Will Be Releasing A Follow - Up To Lights Either In 2012/2013.

I Hope This Was Exciting For Ellie Fans!!