Mature One Shot- Wesley Stromberg
A/N: this is my first time writing something mature so sorry if it bad. Hope you guys like it. :)

I was walking to the beach it was Sunday morning and I was ready to learn how to surf my boyfriend Wesley said he’d teach me. I was wearing my new blue bikini and I was ready to learn.
I watched him surf for a little bit.

When he was done he came back to shore and showed me the fundamentals, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was just staring at his abs.

“(y/n)! Are you even paying attention?” He yelled at me bringing me back from Daze.

“Um…yeah.” I replied. He continued on and I do my best to pay attention. Finally he lets me attempt surfing in the water and none of this balance on sand stuff. I fall a lot and he laughs every time. I had finally had enough and started to go back to shore.

“(y/n), will you do better if I give you something to work for?” Wesley asks me?

“What do you have to offer?” I ask curious.

“Um…how about every time you stand on a wave for 10 seconds I’ll give you a kiss?” He offers a good reward.

“Okay.” I say as the next wave comes. I swim out to it and stand up as long as I can, determined to get my reward. I fall the first few attempts but then I see a really good wave and head out. I stand up and stay up for 30 seconds. When I fell Wesley swam over and gave me 3 kisses that lasted a long time. I surfed a few more waves and got more kisses.

It was getting late and everyone at beach had left. It was about 7 and I was cold Wesley could tell I was tired and wanted to go back but I was enjoying my kisses too much to say something.
“We should start heading in.” He says.

I nod my head in agreement. I sit on my towel cold and shivering. It was getting later.
Wesley looks at me and pulls me into his embrace. I feel warm instantly. He kisses my lips. It’s gentle and passionate. He slowly pushes so I’m laying down him on top. He starts sucking on my neck and I moan when he gets to my sweet spot. He sucks hard and bites down making sure he leaves a mark.
He slowly moves his kisses to my collar bone. He starts to undo the straps of my bikini top.

“Are we really going to do this here? Someone could see.” I say nervous of being caught.

“Why not? Let them see how much I love you.” He whispers into my ear my me shiver.

He now has the straps undone and is sucking on my right nipple and biting down occasionally making it hard while he twists and pinches my other nipple. He then switches repeating his actions on the opposite nipple he just was.

He slowly leaves a trail of wet sloppy kisses down my stomach. He rubs my clog through the thin material of my bikini bottoms.

“I don’t think you’re this wet from the ocean.” He says as he slowly pulls down my bottoms. I moan in response and he kisses my inner thighs avoiding where I want him most. I had finally had enough and I let a whimper slip.

“What was that?” He asks.

“Please” I say hoping he’ll take the hint.

He doesn’t. “What do you want babe? Tell me.” He says just wanting to tease me.

“Please touch me.” I beg. His mouth finds my clit and his sticks a finger in me. Moving it in and out fast. He sucks harder on my clit and adds another finger.

“Fuck! Wesley right there.” I moan getting closer by each passing second.

He adds a third finger curling them up to hit my spot every time. I on the edge and he knows it “I’m going to cum.” I barely say. He pulls his fingers out and puts them to his mouth.

“Really?” I say pissed he didn’t let me cum. He just smirks. “Your turn.” I say determined to get revenge.
He lays on his back and I kiss his lips. I suck on his sweat spot and leave a mark. I leave wet sloppy kisses down his chest and stomach till I get to the waist band of his swim trunks. I palm him through the thin material and he moans and bucks his hips into my hand. I slowly pull his swim trunks down. I grab his dick and stroke my hand up and down a few times spreading the pre-cum with my thumb. I take the tip into my mouth catching him off guard. I take as much of him as I can, but he’s too big for me to fit all of him so I just stroke the rest of him with my hand occasionally squeezing a little. I start playing with his balls while he tangles his fingers in my hair pushing my mouth farther on him. He’s hitting the back of my throat and I feel him twitch. I stop and he looks at me with an annoyed face.

“Really?” He says mocking me.

“karma’s a bitch.” I say smirking and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

I sit up and straddle his hips. Positioning his hard dick at my entrance I slowly slide down onto. Grinding into his hips I begin to move up and down riding him. He grabs my hips and helps me move. Our hips moving in sync as he bucks his up and I move mine down. He flips us over so he’s on top.

“You’re so fucking tight.” Wesley moans.

“Fuck!” I half moan half scream as he hits my g-spot. He leans forward and kisses me softly when he pulls away I moan at the loss of contact.

“HARDER! FASTER!” I say. Wesley obliges and gives me what I want. I feel the familiar feeling in my stomach and I know I’m close.

“Oh god.” Wesley says getting closer to the edge as well. He snacks his hand down to my clit and starts rubbing tight fast circles around it.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum. WESLEY!” I say as my walls clench and I release my juices onto him. He moans my name and releases himself into me. He pulls out and I moan at the loss of contact we lay in silence as we catch our breaths and come down from our highs.

“We should probably start heading back home.” I say

“Yeah we should.” He says smiling at me. Before we start packing he pulls me into his embrace and gives me a kiss on the lips. “I love you (y/n).” He says as the kiss breaks. “I love you too.” I reply. We get our clothes on and pack up our stuff. As he carries me back to the car he says “You ride me better then you ride waves.” “Shut up I reply” and we drive back to his house where we have round 2 of fun.