Mature Wesley Stromberg One Shot
Mature One Shot- Wesley Stromberg

A/N: Since I’m horny I guess I’ll write a Wesley mature one shot. Not sure why all my Wesley’s are mature right now. But they are … Oh well I’ll get some more mature Drew up later. Maybe even a Mature Keaton if I can do it and feel okay about myself. Anyway enjoy this mature Wesley One Shot.

“If you guys do that dance one more time full out you guys can leave.” My dance coach says. I was on my schools dance team. It was a lot of hard work. But I loved when my boyfriend Wesley picked me up after, so I was determined to get through this! When I got to the car I was out of breath and really sweaty, you know the way I love to look when I see my boyfriend.

“Hard practice?” Wesley asked.

“Yeah” I replied glad it was Friday and I didn’t have practice for a week now thanks to thanksgiving!

“Are you spending the night at my house?” He asked.

“Yeah, if your mom doesn’t mind.” I say.

He smiled and rolled his eyes both of us know his mom didn’t really care as long as we didn’t do anything inappropriate. But that didn’t happen either. Oh well.

He pulled into his drive way and we both got out of the car. We walked to the front door and up to his room. I could hear Keaton and his friend in the basement playing some video game. Wesley got me a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt to change into after I took a shower.

I walked to the bathroom and turned on the water so it was warm. I took off my clothes and stepped in the shower letting the warm water run down my body. I was washing my hair totally not paying attention when I realized there was another body in the shower. He wrapped his arms around my waist. I spun around in Wesley’s arms and kissed his lips. I felt his hard on against my leg and I moaned. I wanted him just as bad as he wanted me.

I slid my hand down his chest tracing the outline of his abs and down to his dick. I wrapped my slender fingers around him and stricken him up and down . I went down on my knees and and liked the tip teasing him.

“Please no teasing.” He said. And with that I slid my mouth around taking him by surprise. I took as much of him as I could and worked the rest of him with my hand. He tangled his fingers in my hair and started moving my head faster up and down his saft. A moan slipped past his lips and I felt him hit the bad of throat. “Fuck (y/n)!” He twitched in my mouth and I pulled out.

I stood up and kissed him again our lips moving in sync. He moved his mouth down my next leaving marks and continued down to my breast sucking on each nipple. I let out a moan and he went down my stomach and to my core. He kissed my clit before slowly licking my folds teasing me. He sucked on my clit and stuck 2 fingers inside of me curving them up to hit my g-spot every time.

“Oh my god! Wesley I’m gonna cum!” I yelled he stopped what he was doing and kisses back up my body til he was at my lips. He had my back pinned against the wall and I hadn’t legs wrapped Round his waist. He slid his dick into me and gave me a few seconds to adjust before he started moving.

“Fuck! Faster Wes! Harder! ” I screamed probably loud enough Keaton and his friend heard, but we didn’t care. Wesley obliged to what I said and began to move faster and harder.

“Are you close babe?” Wesley asked.

“Yeah!” I half moaned half said.

He moved slightly faster and deeper and then his thrusts started to get sloppier. “Holly shit! I’m cumming! Wesley!” I yelled. He came in me moaning my name and profanities.

Wesley pulled out of me while both of us got our breathing back under controlled. We both finished washing then got out of the shower and changed into pajamas he carried me to his bed and placed me down crawling in next to wrapping his arm around me he pulled me into him embrace and kissed the top of my head.

“I love you (y/n)” Wesley said into my hair.

“I love you too Wesley.” I said before I drifted off into a silent sleep in his arms.