Keaton Imagine for Michelle (Dirty)
Imagine you are sitting on your boyfriend, Keaton’s lap on the couch watching a chick flick then a sex scene comes on and It gets really awkward. You guys have never “done it” before. You start to move around into a more comfortable spot but then you feel something hard under your butt.

“oh my god.”

You said really fast. You knew he had a boner and you knew his face was red and blushy. You tried to ignore it but that was really hard since it was just there. Then out of nowhere he turns you around and starts kissing you, you couldn’t resist so you kissed him back. Both of you knew where this was going, he started kissing you really rough and hard and it turned into a hot make-out session. You had your legs wrapped around his body and he started to carry you to his room. You guys were both on his bed and he was on top of you.

Keaton started tugging at your shirt so you took it off immediately, you wanted to do this so bad.

He took his shirt off and he was rubbing up and down your thigh, he kissed you all the way down to your neck while you let out a moan. Your hands trailed down to his bulge, he quickly took off his pants. You’ve never seen Keaton this horny and you were really enjoying yourself. You both got off the bed and you bent down to suck on his already hard member. After a couple of minutes he puts you back on the bed.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?”

He asked me.


As soon as I said that he started thrusting into me slowly at first. I have to admit it hurt a lot. My eyes were getting watery from the pain.

“Are you okay Michelle? I’ll stop right now.”

“No, no It’s okay.”

He continued to go in and out. After a while you got used to the pain and he started going faster and harder.

It went on for thirty minutes and you guys got tired and he layed down beside you.

He kissed your forehead then you kissed his cheek.

“That was actually really fun.” he said.

You blushed and you spent the rest of the day cuddling under the blankets with no interruptions.