“I…I … I cant tell you,” you say softly.
“Yes you can,” she says with a smile as you walk towards home. You sigh then look down at the ground.
“Fine,” you say. “I’ll tell you, but not here, lets go over there!” you say and point towards the woods, you grab her arm and start to quickly walk towards the woods.
“Ahh, show down!! What could be so secret that you have to drag me to the woods to tell me,” she says as you get to the woods and she gets away.
“Cause,” you say. “I’ll tell you, but you got to swear that you wont tell, my mom, or anybody, nobody at all!” you almost yell using odd hand gestures.
“Ok! I wont!” she yells.
“Ok, promise?” you ask. She nods… “Ok,” you say then take a breath. “While I was in Detroit, and going out with Marshall something happened, and we ended up having sex,” you say. She looks at you shocked. “Im not done, and I got pregnant,” you say.
“What!” she yells. You sigh and nod. “Your only 13,” she says.
“Well, I’ll be 14 when the baby’s born, and shit happens,” you say looking down at the ground.
“Are you gonna keep it?” she asks as you start to walk out of the woods and back towards home.
“Yeah, I wanna keep it, it’s a part of Marshall and I cant let that go,” you say playing your hand on you stomach. Annie smiles.
“Well, I can help you when the baby is born,” she says. You smile.
“Thanks Annie,” you say and hug her.
“What you gonna name it?” she asks.
“I don’t know yet, I don’t know if its boy or a girl,” you say. “I cant really go to the doctor to find out because I’d have to tell my parents, and if they found out they would flip out and make me get an abortion or something,” you say. “They already had a enough crap dealing with Nick,” you add.
“Probably,” she says. “But you’re gonna have to tell them sometime,” she says.
“Yeah but that can wait,” you say stopping in front of Annie’s house.
“Ok, well good luck with that, and I’ll see you tomorrow,” Annie says.
“Yep,” you say with a smile then walk home. Once home you go strait to your room, you lay down on the bed, you grab the picture of Marshall off the table next to you and stare at it. “We’re gonna have a beautiful baby,” you whisper as if he can hear you.
A few hours later Mya comes running into your room. “Abby!” she yells and jumps on your bed.
“Hey,” you say picking her up.
“Mommy say dinner done,” she says cutely.
“Ok, well lets go then,” you say getting of the bed, you pick up Mya and carry her out with you. “This one said dinner was done,” you say and laugh slightly.
“Yeah,” your Father says taking your sister away from you, you go sit down in a chair next to Mya. Your Dad hands you a plate of steak, baked beans and wild rice.
FFW >> About 2 months later…..
You’re three months pregnant now, the throwing up has stopped, and you sort of feel a little better. (Bruce is playing odd music… its like Halloween crap and its no lol) You still haven’t told your parents that your pregnant, you don’t wanna but you’re going to tonight. You’re going to see if they will let you go to one of them pregnant schools, you know theres one located not to far from your original school.
Its after dinner and you just sat you parents down and you’re going to tell them, and watch them freak the fuck out….
“Ok, why are you making us sit here?” your Mom asks. You take a deep breath.
“Well you know how… I uh… yeah, uhh,” you say, you don’t know how to say what you wanna say. “Had sex,” you say quickly, not expecting it to just fly out of your mouth like that. The both look angry for a second then they just stare at you like they know what you’re going to say.
“Let me guess, you’re pregnant,” you Father says trying to hold back the anger. You nod with a very scared look on your face. He sakes his head.
“Im sorry!” you say starting to cry as your Dad sits there steaming.
“How could you let that happen!” your Dad yells standing up, you back away a bit.
“It just happened!” you cry.
“Let me talk to your Mother in private, you go wait in your room,” your Dad says, you slowly walk upstairs to your room.
“What are we going to do?” Dane asks you pacing back and forth.
“Well, first we gotta take it easy on her, shes just a kid,” you say.
“Exactly!” he yells. “And shes going to have a child and 14 years old, that’s not right, what are people going to think!” he yells at you. “She should have an abortion,” he adds.
“No, we cant do that, I don’t wanna kill a baby,” you say. He sighs angrily.
“Fine, then she’ll have it and give it up for adoption,” he says.
“Ok fine,” you say. “That’s good, she couldn’t raise this child by herself and I don’t wanna do it,” you say…. You head to your daughter room and tell her what you came up with, she don’t agree with it but, too bad for her. You also when over the whole pregnant school thing and you decided to let her go there so she don’t have to be laughed at, at her other school and go though all the bullshit, but after she has the baby she’d go back to regular school. You leave the room angry, Dane and Lily are both angry also but after awhile you’ll all get over it….
You walk into the building and walk up to the front desk. The lady smiles at you. “Hi, my name is Lily, uh yeah,” you say you have no idea what to do or where to go, the school is very small, and apparently theres only one classroom, the other rooms are helping you though teen pregnancy.
“Ok, go down this hall, room 8,” she says pointing down the hall with a smile. You walk down the hall, and look in the door window, there’s a bunch of girls sitting there watching the teacher, you feel very nervous. You knock on the door, everyone stops and looks, the teacher motions you in.
“Hello, you must be Lily,” the teacher says. You nod, she miles. “Have a seat right there,” she says pointing to a seat in the second row by the window.
“Thanks,” you say quietly. Its obvious that you’re the youngest there, but the other girls don’t seem to mind, a black girl next to you turns to you and smiles. “Uhh hello?” you ask as she stares at you. “Can I help you with something?” you ask annoyed with her.
“We should be friends,” she says with a smile.
“Im Natalie,” she says. “But you can call me Nat,” she says.
“Ok, Hi, Im Lily,” you say.
“So some loser knocked you up too huh?” she asks, you give her a dirty look. “Oh… still with him?” she asks. You sigh sort of mad.
“No, we had to move so yeah, he lives in Detroit,” you say.
“Oh a bad nigga huh?” she asks.
“No. He’s white, and uh… hes not ‘bad’,” you say like what the fuck is with this chick.
“Oh, ok I get ya girl,” she says. You stare at her, she is a very weird girl, but in a strange way you sort of like her, and maybe you two can help each other out. “So how old are you?” she asks.
“13 almost 14,” you say.
“Dang girl,” she says.
“How old are you?” you ask as if you’re getting back at her in a way.
“16,” she says.
“Oh,” you say then look back at the teacher who just keep blabbing, you and Nat don’t even pay attention the whole time, you just talk…. You exchange numbers with Nat before….
Class is over and your outside of the school hanging with Nat… “So who your baby Daddy?” she asks.
“Uh, Marshall,” you say.
“He sexy?” she asks.
“…………uhh…… sure?” you say.
“Oh so he ugly then?” she asks.
“No,” you say.
“Ok so he sexy,” she says as you walk down the street.
“Yeah,” you say. She shakes her head.
“You need to loosen up,” she says.
“I am loose…I mean… yeah…. You know what I mean, loose sounds bad,” you say then laugh, Nat laughs too….
“I know…. See now you been cool,” she says.
“I just never had someone ask me so many questions,” you laugh.
“Wait till you apply for a job,” she says.
“Great,” you say….
“So you live near by?” she asks.
“Yeah over there,” you say pointing to your neighborhood.
“Same,” she says.
“Sweet,” you say with a smile. As you to walk home, Annie catches up with you.
“Hey, Lily!” she says. “Missed you at school,” she says.
“Yeah,” you say.
“Who’s this?” Annie asks pointing to Nat.
“Im Natalie,” she say. “Call me Nat,” she add.
“K, Nat,” Annie says. “Cool, you know its Friday, we all should see a movie or something,” Annie suggests.
“Sure, Im in,” you say. “You in Nat?” you ask.
“Yeah, I gotta get money first, hold up,” she says.
“Nice house,” you say as you watch her walk into the house.\
“Thanks!” she yells back…. She comes back a few minutes later, you and Annie drop of your things then you go see a movie…..
You arrive at the theater…. “What we seein?” Nat asks.
“Oh! Friday the 13th!” you say.
“If they let us in,” Annie adds in.
“I got a cousin who works here, he’ll let us in,” Nat says, you walk in the theater….
“Hey Nat, what up?” the guy who you assume is Nat’s cousin asks.
“Hey Denaun, we need tickets,” Nat says.
“For what?” Denaun asks.
“Friday the 13th nigga,” she says.
“Ok, wheres my money?” he says like hes jokin.
“Nigga, where’s my discount?” Nat asks.
“Fine, nigga,” he says.
“Here,” she says handing him 10,” he gives her 3 tickets, you buy popcorn, pop, and candy then go into the movie….
“Damn, Nat you cousin is fine,” Annie says.
“He too old for you, he has a girlfriend anyway,” Nat says as you sit in the back row.
“Damn,” she says and grabs some popcorn. You laugh at her. You start to think that being back isn’t so bad, but you still miss Marshall, but you’re having a good time and you like it. Once the movie starts the theater goes silent…. Which was sort of surprising considering the fact that all the people in the theater are stupid teens, and usually they never shut the fuck up…. But that all stopped once the ‘scary’ parts started…