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Opinion by Hermione4evr posted 2 days ago
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In a new feature in Interview Magazine, Thema & Louise star Geena Davis sat down with Emma Watson to talk about one subject they are both passionate about: feminism.

In the candid chat, the two discussed when they first noticed the lack of female roles in the film industry.

Davis, 60, explained that while watching TV with her then-preschool daughter she noticed that there were far more male characters than there were female. When she started widening her scope, she noticed a similar problem among mainstream Hollywood films.

"The world is missing female characters. A lot of times there is one female character, maybe even a cool one, maybe even an important one. But where are all the rest?" Davis explained.

The actress said she started looking into the statistics and data of female roles and was horrified by the lack of opportunities. After realizing the problem, she created the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, an organization dedicated to improving gender balance in the entertainment industry.
Article by Hermione4evr posted 3 days ago
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Dear OSS,

I've been searching high and low for our next book. The club has been much more international than I had anticipated - and much bigger. I'm really proud of my club members - discussion-wise - you are all hitting it out of the park. I'm having to find books that are accessible, cover multiple perspectives and languages, that are unique and not too well known already... So without further ado...

Our next book is going to be The Argonauts, by Maggie Nelson. The story is about the author’s relationship with artist Harry Dodge, who is fluidly gendered. It's about their romance, the birth of their son, the death of Harry’s mother and their changing bodies, as Maggie becomes pregnant and Harry undergoes surgery, but it’s also about inclusion and the powers and shortfalls of language. It might require a bit of work but The Argonauts rewards us with an expansive way of considering identity, caretaking, and freedom—along with a liberation from, what Maggie calls, “the demand that anyone live a life that’s all one thing.” I am excited to read this book with you. Maybe it will change the way we think and...
Opinion by Hermione4evr posted 12 days ago
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'Jeans for Refugees' is a Johny Dar project and artistic fundraising initiative dedicated to helping refugees around the world, with all proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee.

One hundred celebrities are participating in the project by donating a pair of their jeans to be painted by Johny Dar. Each pair of jeans will be made into an individual art piece consisting of the painted jeans showcased in a glass box, and the 100 art pieces will be exhibited in London. At the end of the exhibition each piece will be auctioned at a special fundraiser auction, and all proceeds raised donated to the IRC initiatives helping millions of refugees worldwide on a daily basis.

Collaboration for a cause
This an artistic collaboration involving 101 talented individuals who have achieved worldwide recognition for their contributions to society in the realms of fashion, film, music, arts and sports. Each of Johny's paintings will be an artistic expression representing the dynamic individual personality that the jeans belonged to. These 100 unique expressions and...