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News by redacter posted over a year ago
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Emma Watson stars in The Bling Ring! Isn't she hot!
Emma Watson is the face that has launched at least a half-dozen magazine covers so far this summer tied to her racy new movie “The Bling Ring.” And, to think, Emma considered bagging acting after her 10-year run in the Harry Potter movies.
Watson’s string of covers, however, certifies her as an international superstar.
“The Bling Ring,” about a group of suburban Los Angeles high school kids who burglarized the homes of celebrities, is Watson’s sexiest role yet.

For the former squeaky clean “Harry Potter” star, the film is as much of a departure from her child acting career as “Spring Breakers” was for former Disney teen queen Selena Gomez.

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News by naina2 posted over a year ago
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If there will ever be a textbook titled “How to Keep Your Career Alive and Well After Starring in the Harry Potter Series.’
Emma Watson will probably be the one to write it. After being a highlight in the wonderful ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower,’ the former Hermione Granger will soon be seen in Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring.’

You can check out some new photos from the film below.

As seen in the trailer, ‘The Bling Ring’ is based on the true story on a group of girls who tracked down the addresses of movie stars and celebrities and robbed them.
Emma Watson plays the leader of the group, but she’s backed up by Taissa Farmiga, Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, Claire Pfister, and Georgia Rock.
The images below show off Watson and her posse, looking at them while they’re at work and at play.

‘The Bling Ring’ will arrive in theaters in June, but it’s highly expected to play at the Cannes Film Festival in May.
News by redacter posted over a year ago
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Emma Watson shows some serious sexiness on the cover of British GQ magazine’s upcoming issue. She strikes a pose as Nicki, her “amoral” character from her upcoming movie “The Bling Ring.” Hello Julia Roberts. She wears the same dress that Julia wore in her 1990 move "Pretty Woman."

Watson wears a dress on the cover not seen since Roberts wore it in the 1990 movie “Pretty Woman,” with Richard Gere. She plays a hooker who falls for a tycoon.

Watson, 22, acquits herself well. Her navel peeks through a steel ring holding the dress together while she pulls down one side to give a peek at a tattoo perilously low on her hip.

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