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Emmett Cullen Opinion Article

10 reasons why I love Emmett Cullen!

Opinion by Cee1901 posted over a year ago
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1) His sense of humor! When things get really rough, he always finds a way to joke about it! Comic releif!

2) Well dude, what you seen the guy? O_O Hot! Buff! Yeah! I like.

3) He's the teddy bear, and I wanna hug him! hehe.

4) Even if he is a goofball, he's very protective of his family. Don't mess with people he loves. He'll tear you apart and burn the pieces ;)

5) He sees Rose as an Angel. Being that Rose is the complete oposet, its very sweet that in his eyes, she is an angel. =)

6) He knows he's stronger than you, and he'll prove it! I love his cockiness, though it didn't do him much good when Bella beat him, more than likely he'll beat her once she isn't a newborn anymore =)

7) He was all for Bella being turned into a Vamp! Everyone else just said yes or no, but he made his funny and less serios, "Hell yes! We'll pick a fight with Demetri some other time" ( I'm not sure if those were his exact words, but something along those lines )

8) He doesn't have a problem with speaking his mind, no matter how inappropriate it is. Like him messing with Bella about her and Edward's sex life, so funny!

9) Ahaha because he thought because her name was Bella, of course she would love italian food! Duh.

10) And last but not least. Because he's simply Emmett! Everyone, if they are sane, either thinks he's funny/hot/buff/cute/ whatever! He's adorable! He stands by his woman and his family, he knows who he is, no one can change him. He's awesome!

Anyways, thats it! =) Hope you enjoyed my little fangirl article =)

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hahaha nice BUT HES ALL MINE =)And i Do not like to share soooo you can have James cuz i really Dont like him But all the Cullens are mine all mine =)Good luck with James lol
posted over a year ago.
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big smile
sami1002 said:
EVERYONE knows Jasper's better I mean Jasper had a complicated past and Emmett was malled by a bear.Jasper and Alice are adorible togetter( I'm cuter with him thought) and Emmett looks like Rosilie's bodygurd because of how huge he is (NO it's not musle it's fat pure fat)
posted over a year ago.
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Cee1901 said:
Okay...first of all..this isnt about Jasper. I think Jasper is awesome. But if I wanted to talk about Jasper, I would have gone to the Jasper spot. And its not fat..wtf? Don't come to the Emmett spot to bash him alright? sheesh.

posted over a year ago.
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kellan-24 said:
nope it has to be and is alex meraz DUH
posted over a year ago.
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all the same reasons why I like emmett! and to every one out there...he's MY MONKEY MAN!!!!! back off all of you!!!!!!!
posted over a year ago.
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Natalie88 said:
agree with all 10 statements! I soooo adore him :))
P.S some people should be more educated in medicine or at least wear glasses to notice difference betweeen muscles and stoutness :)
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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Illy237 said:
Emmett and Jasper are my fave vampire characters. Seth is my fave wolf character :D there just awesome.
posted over a year ago.