Emmett Tries out for cheer leading:

(Rosalie POV)
“Ugh! I am so sick of this!” I say as a walk down the stairs following my
Emmett. As much as I love him he can be really immature sometimes. And his has
a new Game? Truth or Dare! Thank you Alice for teaching him this wonderful
game! Rolls eyes..

I Sigh; “let’s just get this over with”.

“That’s the spirit, Rosie”. Emmett Jumped up and down as I settled down

on the floor and picked up my latest issue of Elle. I only got to the first
page when it was yanked out of my hands.
“No no no Rose, Truth or Dare?” Emmett asks me.
“I think that you should go first Emmett” I smiled at him. And everybody
else was more than happy to agree with me for they had all been through the
humiliation of Emmett’s dares.
“Ok, fine” he grumbled as he went to sit down. When he began to pout
I couldn’t help but laugh, payback was going to be so sweet!

(Emmett’s POV)

I went and sat down on the floor and pouted. Rosalie laughed so I shot her a
look, which just made her laugh even harder.
“Ok let’s just get on with it!” I Frowned.
“What happened to your joyful mood?” Jazz smirked. I wish I could punch
I ignore him and told Rosie to hurry up and give me my dare. Which I soon
realized was
a big mistake when Rose got that evil look in her eyes.
“Ok Emmett, I dare you to try out for cheerleading tomorrow”. I could
feel my jaw drop down to the floor. Me? A cheer leader? No way! This was
insane, I had to say something.

“What? Hell no! Are you guys Crazy, I think you guys have been drinking. I
would never under any circumstances.” I started yelling, but I was cut off
by a very stern looking Rosalie.

“Emmett, a dare is a dare. You make us do stupid and embarrassing things
all the time! It’s time for you to have a taste of your own medicine!” she
argued. I couldn’t believe it! My own Rose was going against me! And not
just Rose, I could see the others practically rolling around on the floor

“Well I’ll show them, I’ll be the best damn cheerleader they’ve ever
seen!” I thought to myself. This of course made Edward crack up even more!
Ugh, sometimes I really hate my family!

(Rosalie’s POV)

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come! It was the day of tryouts and I would
definitely be there… with the video camera! Just thinking about it made me
fall on the floor laughing! Tonight’s going to be interesting though, just
me and Emmett. I’m sure he won’t even want to talk to me tonight! And sure
enough, I walked into that room and for a good hour I sat there and let Emmett
yell at me. I guess he was pretty mad, ha, that’s an understatement! He
started with the usual.
“I can’t believe you would do this to me! I thought you loved me…”
and blah blah blah. I barely listened to the rest. I knew this would all be
behind us as soon as he got over it, especially because he can’t stay away
from me that long. Not to mention that he probably won’t make the team. I
mean look at him! He’s Emmett for goodness sakes!!! Hehe, I just got a
mental image of Emmett in a cheer uniform…

(Emmett POV)

Sigh, I just spent the last hour yelling at Rosalie. I just couldn’t
believe that she would do that to me! I’ve already decided that I was
hanging out in the living room tonight. Ha, that will teach her! Except that
around midnight when I had nothing to do I found that I quite missed her. Now
I didn’t even have anyone to talk to… except myself! It’s worth a shot.
“So Emmett how are you doing”- I started. “EMMETT SHUT UP!” Jasper
yelled. So much for that idea. I am so not looking forward to tomorrow!

**Next day**

(Emmett’s POV)

Okay, so it’s time for cheerleading tryouts. I still cannot believe that I
am actually doing this. Oh, they just called me name!
YEAH! “I started to jump around and shout. And then I looked over to see
Rose, with the video camera! Oh, she was so going to pay for that!
“Will you demonstrate a cheer for us?” the coach asked me. What? Do I
even know a cheer? Wait! Didn’t I see one on TV? Oh yeah! “Open up the
barn door, kick out the hay,
we are the girls form the USA!
Turn on the radio, and what do ya hear?
Elvis Presley doing a cheer,
Fire cracker, Fire cracker, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!
Fire cracker, Fire cracker, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!
Boys have got the muscles, coaches got the brains,
Cheerleaders got the sexy legs and we win the game!” I started cheering and
making up my own dance moves to go with them.
“Good job. Now will you do any tumbling?” the coach asked. And then I
busted out what I thought was a very good somersault! And finally this hell
was over and I was free to go! Thank goodness!!!

(Rosalie’s POV)

OH. MY. GOD. That was the single most hilarious thing I have ever seen in my
whole existence! When he started to bust out that cheer I thought I was going
to drop the camera! That was so funny! I can’t wait to show everybody else
this priceless video! Ha-ha!

**next day**

(Emmett’s POV)

ON THAT LIST! EMMETT CULLEN! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I could see my family over in the
corner keeled over each other, laughing so hard. My whole body just became
numb. I couldn’t even believe it. I walked on down to the gym and grabbed my
uniform- a standard cheer… wait… skirt? And v-neck sleeveless top? No,
this was not right! I went straight to the coaches, who told me,
“Sorry, but we don’t have men uniforms. I thought we told you that? Oh
well, it will have to do”. Oh no! This was insane!

**another time change- first game night**

(Emmett’s POV)

I could not wear this! I mean, this whole thing is sickening! I can hear
people laughing at me as I’m out on the field.
“I am so going to get my family back for this!!!” I think as I pick my
skirt out of my. I smirked to myself. I ran out with all the cheerleaders, I
winked at my Family they were sitting in the crowd…


(Emmett’s POV)

I grabbed the megaphone.
“I’d like to thank all you for coming out, because tonight we have a
special performance... will the Alice and Edward Cullen, and Rosalie, and
Jasper hale, Come down here to the field.” I yelled. They all looked up at
me like I was crazy... but they made there way to the field, I waved to
“As those of you that don’t know this is my family, and my girlfriend…
now if you look to the screen you will see all the dares I gave my family in
all these years…” I smirked to my brothers and sister, and Rose. On the
screen flashed, jasper first him in a army uniform singing sweet home Alabama,
Then Alice wearing guy clothes singing Im to sexy. Then Edward burning his
cd’s singing, Ill be missing you. And the best for last, Rose in her
sluttish outfit singing lose up my buttons by ** cat dolls. Then it had me
being dared to be a cheerleader. I smiled to my family who were now hiding
there faces.
“Paybacks a B*itch…” I ran up to the head cheerleader, and ripped my
cheerleading outfit off; I had pants on under the skirt though, but no shirt.
“I Quit, Oh and.” I looked back at my family.
“NO MORE TRUTH OR DARE.” I shouted. And ran, as the chased me. This year
was going to be great...