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Emmett Cullen Opinion Article

70 Reasons to be a Proud Member of Team Emmett

Opinion by Andressa_Weld posted over a year ago
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01 - Team Emmett, because Jacob is not as cold, Edward is not as strong, Carlisle is not as crazy and Jasper is not as funny as him!

02 - He’s funny. He’s sweet. He has great smile and because he’s muscular. Big ass muscles…

03 - He may have pale skin but looks good with it.

04 - His abs are real.

05 - Because I would arm wrestle him any day just to see his victory smile when he wins!

06 - Not only because he’s hot, but Emmett is strong, has amazing eyes and cares for others.

07 - He makes you love him.

08 - He will never let us down, he’ll be there for us no matter what.

09 - Because even though he’s a vampire, he’s always happy and smiles.

10 - He can lighten any situation with a joke.

11 - He can never get caught by a human being. He is way too fast.

12 - He’s a monkey man. He thinks dating an older women is HOT. His eyes are amazing and his DIMPLES…

13 - He is hotter than Jacob and Edward combined.

14 - He's toughness is an inspiration to all.

15 - He is full of life experiences.

16 - He loves an irritated grizzly for dinner.

17 - He is extremely gorgeous, lovely, kind and helpful.

18 - He picks on Bella as if she’s his little sister.

19 - Because Teddy bears are friendlier than mountain lions.

20 - He makes the best sex jokes. And he smashes house’s on a daily basis.

21 - Because I don’t like wolves and he’s hot.

22 - He is a brother all of us would like to have…Not an annoying one but a caring person.

23 - Because thinking about Emmett (and Kellan Lutz) always makes me smile even when I have one of the worst days of my live.

24 - He’ll protect us from all evil including newborn vampires.

25 - He is sympathetic, passionate, reliable and smart.

26 - You can tell Emmett has a big heart.

27 - He can make you smile just by smiling.

28 - He has a nice car!

29 - He is always looking the good side of “life”.

30 - He loves to slack off people.

31 - He’s always game to fight for the ones he loves.

32 - He knows how to install stereo into the truck.

33 - Because we all like guys with muscles!

34 - He does not cheat on his girlfriend. Ever. And he doesn't leave her.

35 - He never gives up, he doesn’t like to lose, he is trustworthy, he is not ashamed of what he has become and lives life ‘normally’…

36 - He’s a well rounded Vamp in Twilight.

37 - He is careless, sweet, funny and he isn’t as ass tight as Edward is, and of course…He got Rosalie!

38 - Because I love his “I’m about to rip someone’s head off” face.

39 - Only he is our over-sized teddy bear.

40 - He is immature at times.

41 - He is the strongest vampire and a badass.

42 - His voice gives me goose bumps.

43 - Because real vampires destroy houses, not pillows.

44 - He’s the little (kinda perverted) kid that’s inside all of us.

45 - He is ‘Bad-ass’.

46 - He waves a sexy butcher knife.

47 - He’s played by Kellan.

48 - He’s bulletproof.

49 - He is outrageous, outgoing, mysterious looking, lovable and friendly.

50 - He can crush you in a pinch.

51- He gets to drive the nicest jeep.

52 - Because there is no man who can make a white velor track suit look hotter.

53 - Because Emmett rules!

54 - He is sexy.

55 - He’s dreamy.

56 - I’m He always wants to fight.

57 - Because we love stone hard abs and biceps!

58 - He can stop Jasper from attacking Bella.

59 - He is unstoppable.

60 - He is the funniest immortal.

61 - He’s all for fighting with the wolves.

62 - He’s just always been my favorite with the comedy that he provides and all that.

63 - Because when you push him the wrong way, he’s gonna kick your ass.

64 - He never can steer us wrong, he knows what’s best.

65 - He’s just freaking awesome.

66 - He’s unpredictable.

67 - He’s crazy, ambitious and spectacular.

68 - He makes Rosalie happy.

69 - He never complains!

70 - Because Carlisle is protector, Jazz is hot, Edward is cute, Jacob is funny and Emmett is protector, hot, cute and funny!
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posted over a year ago.
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lela666 said:
i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uuu­uvv­vv him all soo true he is so sexy and no that is not nearly enough u's
posted over a year ago.
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big smile
wow i agree with EVER SINGLE ONE EXCEPT #13 JACOB IS FIIIINNNEEE!!! im Team Jacob 1st. Team Emmett 2nd. WOW HE IS FIINNEE(emmett) lol his abs are real hahaha true unlike edwards
posted over a year ago.
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ros59 said:
posted over a year ago.
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so true
posted over a year ago.
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Thx guys
posted over a year ago.
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This is why i love him!!! And i do mean LOVE!!!!
posted over a year ago.
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The only reason I'm not proud is because he's with that little helion. HE IS MY MONKEY MAN
posted over a year ago.
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I love Rosie, she is the best. EVER!
posted over a year ago.
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yep and he has no girlfreid there married
posted over a year ago.