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posted by SmilesKillMe
Here are some emo usernames I've came up with! (Note: some might not sound emo, but yeah..)

1. SmilesKillMe (My username)
2. Uncureable
3. CorruptedColors
4. Monochrome
5. SatanicPossession
6. RainOnMyHappiness
7. EmbraceTheDark
8. WoundedAndBroken
9. HalfAlive
10. StitchedDoll
11. VoodooHeart
12. DeadOrDeath
13. HappinessLies
14. HappinessExpires
15. HeartsAreNothing
16. PurelyHated
17. IAmNothing
18. WitheredMascara
19. WiltingRose
20. WiltingLife

Please if so, leave a number below saying which username(s) you liked the best!
Hi I thought I'd create some nice, unusual user-names for people who want something different and unidentifiable. hope you enjoy reading, and that you use some of these username ideas:) Could you please become a fan of me and comment on this:D thankyou xxxx
Of course these user-names may already be taken. If so, then just add a number/nickname on the end. Or you can take some words, re-arrange and improvise:)
The ones with the * beside them are my favourites:)
Enjoy x
WoundedNight *...
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posted by SmilesKillMe
Here are some more emo/vampiric usernames, yet again preferably for girls:

The ones with ♥ next to them are my favs!

1. INeedAGod
2. GiveMeHope ♥
3. DeathAura
4. ReviveMyHeart
5. ReviveMySoul
6. BeatMyHeart
7. PatchedHeart
8. ItsAllLies
9. DevilWithin ♥
10. PureSkull
11. VoodooDoll ♥
12. Nightwish (and yes, this is a name of a band.)
13. CorpseWithin
14. WeakVeins
15. PainWithin
16. MonochromeTears
17. LiveLaughDie
18. StitchedTeddy
19. PinsAndNeedles ♥
20. BloodAndScimitars
21. KnivesAndPens (yes, this is the name of a Black Veil Brides song. I just love this band, so, yup.)
22. BloodLoveGore
23. NoInspiration
24. NoEscape
25. GodessOf[add word here]
25. SatansPuppet ♥
26. EveryonesPuppet ♥
27. IdioticSoul
28. CallOfTheNight
29. BringThePain
30. DesirableFreak
31. Imprisoned[add word here] ♥
posted by 123meshe
i feal so sad no one gets me i cry day and night and yet it is like i am not there i am a fig meint of the mind that no one thinks is a real person that some one can ever love just to shame me is people life i wish the sad-ness whould go away leave me alone let me be me and be true to my self and no one else is my whis my way my life cause i am emo and that is all i willl ever do JUST LEAVE ME BE LET ME BE ME I AM EMO.

P.S to be emo is a from of culture love and sad-ness no one can take the pain but they can at least understand me us emos all around the world for us to just be free and under-stand us is all we ask all we need to be free and let us say hey I AM EMO AND HAPPY TO BE EMO THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE
posted by i-love-rping
I'll paint my mood in shades of blue
paint my soul to be with you
ill sketch ur lips in shaded tones
draw ur mouth to match my own
ill draw ur arms around me waist
And then all doubt i shall erase
Ill paint the rain that softly lands
On the crescents of ur hands
ill trace a hand to wipe away ur tears
A calming look to quell ur fears
A silhouette of dark and light
while we hold each other tight
ill paint a sun to warm ur heart
swearing that we'll never part
I'll paint the stars n the evening sky
draw their light into ur eyes
I'll draw a striking touch of grace
that shows the gentleness of ur face
I'll trace ur...
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posted by love_music45362
i sit and watch the blood drip down
all the reminders of the past
the past is the past
but what will the future bring?

more pain to come
life's full of pain
no way to hide from it
no escaping it

but what good will this do?
just watching the blood
you feel like
nobody understands you anymore

your trying to find yourself
in this world of confusion
the pain the world brings
has no end

you look at your wrists one last time
you think of the pain you've felt
you wipe the blood away
and tell yourself, no more

you stop the bleeding
stop it for good
you think to yourself
'what good did this do?'

*this is just a poem i wrote while i was bored and i know its not good but...oh well(: *
posted by cherryade_s
I'm bored so I'll write a quick poem:) This is ALL true apart from the end. I just want to tell everyone that suicide isn't always the answer though at the time it seemed right. What really happened was my carers made me see a phycologist he gave me pills and things and now I'm living a perfectly happy teenage life though I can never rid of the memories that still haunt me. Stay strong people! It will all work out xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I remember a few years back,
When I thought I had it really bad,
I'd heard that my dear mother had died,
And there was nobody to hold me when I cried.

The months...
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Now before I begin...I jest wanted to say that all Emos are the same...and they all are like family to me...so this list is more of your emo style. ok enjoy!!! (///_^) 1;sad emo 2;angry emo 3;emotional emo 4;dark emo 5;shy loving emo 6;proud emo 7;stylish emo 8;alone emo 9;friendly emo 10;rock emo 11;expressing emo 12;lonely emo 13;scared with sorrow emo 14;happy emo 15;gloomy emo 16;skinny jeans emo 17;poetic emo 18;quiet emo 19;depressed emo 20;creative emo
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posted by alex1201
23 nov. 1987

it's raining. my clothes are drenced it water while my hair covers my face. i'am freezing. mom said she would be here an hour ago. until i got the message that she was'nt coming back. the following months after mom's death [mysteriously] dad's been hitting the booze pretty hard. my older brother kendell moved out when i was about nine. he always told me that he will come back and take me with him. everyday after that i would come home from school standing beside my bag and wait.

he never came. i was 14 now fending for myself. my life was'nt as simple as before. i was hit....
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posted by rainbowq12
so as of right know 9:46 PM 4/13/12 my grandma took every thing....... being who i am and what i am a person is normel but to my grandma every one (EVEN HER SON) is a thing that has no use on earth she tell s me i can't do what i love my true love art away what would you do if evey thing from you (FOR ME ART)was taken (I WANT TO DIE WHEN I LOOK AT HER BYE THE WAY)please help me srry this is not a article but more of a cry for help
-love rainbowq12-

p.s i am a very sad person i hate my life and every thing else i feel beacuse of my grandma i have no reson to live she takes all my resons away why i wonder do you know why cause i do not and a need a reson i feel
posted by Mallory101
The night was falling
And the stars are show up
My heart is still weak and cold
I try to defeated with the shadow
But I can’t
Is this the only way I can find my true love?
Sitting here all alone
Watching the stars
Hoping for the sign
The night was falling slowly
And the stars are show up
And my cold heart still searching for something
My lonely soul is lost in the darkness
Try to find the way home
My fallen angel is lost in my embrace forever
I see you in my dreams, dark angel
My love is belong only in your dreams
There is nothing to do with it
I am just shadow
Who is always hidden from the light
My cold heart...
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posted by anna_von_vanity
Go to sleep and close your eyes

And dream of broken butterflies

That tore their wings against a thorn

You know the pain that which they’ve born

Silver metal shine so bright

Scarlet blood that feels so right

Dream of that blood trickling down

And wake up just before you drown

The moonlight shining off your tears

As you bleed out your worst fears

So tonight when you start to cry

Whisper the cutters lullaby:

Hushabye baby, your almost dead

You don’t have a pulse and your pillows red

Your family hates you, and your friends let you bleed

Sleep tight with a knife, cause thats all you need

Rockabye baby, broken and scarred

You didn’t know life would be this hard

Time to end the pain you hid so well

And down you go baby

Straight back to hell
posted by ToxicRainbow
Here are some emo usernames I've came up with! (Note: some might not sound emo, but yeah..)

1. SmilesKillMe
2. Uncureable
3. CorruptedColors
4. Monochrome
5. SatanicPossession
6. RainOnMyHappiness
7. EmbraceTheDark
8. WoundedAndBroken
9. HalfAlive
10. StitchedDoll
11. VoodooHeart
12. DeadOrDeath
13. HappinessLies
14. HappinessExpires
15. HeartsAreNothing
16. PurelyHated
17. IAmNothing
18. WitheredMascara
19. WiltingRose
20. WiltingLife
21. ToxicRainbow (scene)
posted by girlyshadowfan
READ THIS IF YOURE EMO! my heart is black.its filled with sadnesss.its filled with angst.my heart is cold,no happyness filled in.i wish it had.every change of happyness is destoryed for my poor ,cold heart.my heart is black filled with sorrow,and reget...........................everyday sorrow builds up in my heart.i may look happy....but my heart is.....black..................................................................................................................................................................an endless timeline fills my heart.
posted by jessicamc26
Forever Changed
© Danielle
I heard the footsteps coming and I knew this would be another long night
And something inside me screamed this time it really isn’t right
The words he was saying were ruthless and cruel
And each time he hit me I sat there and obeyed each and every rule
I sat there blank faced and scared knowing that I couldn’t cry
For I knew what would happen if he saw the tears in my eyes

Each and every swing felt worse and worse
And then all I wanted was to be dead in a hearse
He got real close and whispered “Bitch I wish you weren’t alive”
And all I was thinking was you’re right,...
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posted by bloody_puppet
i will revive it!!!

posted by ImBooOK
i could of let myself sink in.
but the walls were to thin.
the room was silent, and my breath sounded loud against the silence.
i am alone.
i could blame it on you, on them...but i cannot see.
maybe it was my fault, maybe it was me. but i cant see.
it wouldnt be mine anymore.
not anyones, because now it is lost.
lost like my voice because there is no one to talk to.
no one but me.
who is me? what am i?
i feel the wet tear drop fall from my eye.

im lost in the silence and can not drown, alone forever and not knowing who i am. what i used to be.
now the tear falls to my hand, it feels nice, but then it...
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posted by jessicamc26
Door Of Pain
© Jennifer
In my life you're the one thing I fear,
And before you die, this you must hear.
Everyday we were out to play,
we'd laugh and joke, and together we'd stay.
Even Saturday's we'd go to the mall.
our great rapport was never to fall.
We had our favorite restaurants and we loved to eat,
in our famous foot race, I was never to be beat.
We’d get in your truck and drive off to town,
I was so happy my face was never to frown.
And as years past bye your pecan trees grew higher,
and our relationship bond grew tighter and tighter.
Something felt wrong and I hoped it wouldn’t happen.
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posted by strawberry19
im so hurt
all i feel is pain
im so stressed
pain is my middle name
my life is like a game im waiting for my next move
trying to take step by step im dying way to soon!!
my life is crumbling slowly right before my eyes
my heart is beating slowly i think im fin tah die
im tired of being used
it hurts so much, but i just cant refuse
i cry myself to sleep from what he did to me
i shouldn't have let him get it! He's so phony!!
but why am i so depressed!!
am i the cause for all this stress?
im such a mess! God just end my fight!
im trapped in darkness and can't find tha light
i try to find people to hide my pain...
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posted by ilovekud
I draw a pretty picture A picture on my wrist The picture keeps getting bigger Every time my feelings are dismissed You think the words don’t hurt me That the actions don’t cause me pain You think that if I smile I must be happy again I’m not going to blame it on you Because I know that its my choice But it only ever happens when you raise your voice I hear the screams and shouts And I reach out for the blade I do it without thinking Then I look at the mess I’ve made It looks ugly and it stings But it takes away the pain And the hurt Of all the other things I know you’ll tell me its wrong If you ever find out That’s why I keep my arms covered I don’t want you to scream and shout I keep my arms covered so no one else can see The scratches ive made on my arms There something that’s private to me.