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New User/Model  DaiquiriDahlia 0 246 11 months ago
buy soma citrate 50mg ~ soma online  DavidJPiper 0 1526 over a year ago
hi  DavidJPiper 0 854 over a year ago
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ome new  salmanemoboy 0 2178 over a year ago
best  damintop 2 1832 over a year ago
{infinity}  MedHelp 0 1166 over a year ago
{title}  Bestdesign 0 1050 over a year ago
New emo forum free to join! Make some friends now...  johnnymartian 1 784 over a year ago
hi emo girls and boy  medscity 0 560 over a year ago
Hi  kallalas 0 392 over a year ago
Email Password Hacking Hotmail Gmail Yahoo AOL Web Based Service  woomenshop 1 14145 over a year ago
life is long  DarkStar96 0 231 over a year ago
Order Ambien Online, Enter Here  Doctordr22 0 428 over a year ago
PLZ read this  Black_cat_ 29 3990 over a year ago
U dont love me.  misty13569 1 5751 over a year ago
Can't find anyone like me.  DarkPrincessMeg 1 979 over a year ago
PROUD EMO How to tell family and friends?  DarkPrincessMeg 0 1236 over a year ago
Hanna  SamTurk 0 936 over a year ago
Chat Room Friday... 5:44 PM  DarrenGruch 8 1202 over a year ago
POEM! It's Him again, it's Death  DarrenGruch 2 1487 over a year ago
HOW R YOU!  bedpop1 0 779 over a year ago
ANY ONE FEEL THE SAME?  DarrenGruch 39 4619 over a year ago
WHY CAN'T I WEAR FUCKING EYELINER?!  demonthief 4 1011 over a year ago
DONT TUCH MY FUCKIN EYELINER!!!!  sophielambert 6 2825 over a year ago
The Emo Love Contest! for [EMO] Boys  bratzkianna 0 896 over a year ago
the night we never met  alex1201 0 740 over a year ago
read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  alex1201 0 529 over a year ago
Fave Emo Song  arcticflake 0 523 over a year ago
Obsession  arcticflake 0 1566 over a year ago
Why do you cut?  josie_an_sie 3 829 over a year ago
piercing  zero-kun123 0 703 over a year ago
this is a dumb question but im just wondering  katy11 1 671 over a year ago
Am I crazy?  Sprinter23 5 937 over a year ago
Am i alone  dainel56 4 788 over a year ago
The Perfect Picture {Emo Poem}  marinapatrishia 0 629 over a year ago
If your Emo and Proud. Comment below and prove it!!  Jogle12 48 6800 over a year ago
HELP HELP HELP  GwenFanxxxx 0 648 over a year ago
AWESOME STORIES AND POEMS!!!!!  Black_cat_ 17 5738 over a year ago
the best way to become EMO  ophellia 0 713 over a year ago
My poem.  mcrkilljoygirl 4 1171 over a year ago
Emo Poem  lovedeath26 2 2953 over a year ago
Over-rated?  itsWHOREifying 2 961 over a year ago
Please get off the goth spot.  creepylittlekid 1 953 over a year ago
Emo  nan0 5 980 over a year ago
Alone Poem  Yell-0 0 626 over a year ago
if u r emo , can u be......  jode111 8 1573 over a year ago
Dyers Eve  vampirerebel 0 832 over a year ago
Regrets  2cute4u2hate 0 463 over a year ago
why are you EMO  jode111 0 1350 over a year ago
a little poem  vampirerebel 3 866 over a year ago
Crimson Blood and Poison Tears  Mallory101 10 2559 over a year ago
Prejudice and stereotypes. :(  starwarsfangirl 1 936 over a year ago
I hope this inspires some of you  teamsalvatore98 7 2225 over a year ago
i thinking about killing myself..  shade-hedgehog 2 814 over a year ago
am i a couard?  unfair_love 0 1029 over a year ago
do. you. lik. meh. poem???  TR3 2 976 over a year ago
How I feel on the inside.  teamsalvatore98 0 3178 over a year ago
I'm in ruins.(my emo poem)  teamsalvatore98 2 5679 over a year ago
Hearts  EmoSuicidal13 1 876 over a year ago
Poser???  Jasperluver11 3 870 over a year ago
What style is hotter?  abbyrockz 6 808 over a year ago
WE NEED TO CHAT!  miss_orange 4 1577 over a year ago
Why Does Cutting Have To Relate To Emo?  BornToRun 1 638 over a year ago
What is It That Makes Certain Music 'Emo'?  BornToRun 0 774 over a year ago
how do i get my hair like emo  rich872 1 585 over a year ago
Tiffany's Quotes  Screamer45 0 445 over a year ago
which. version. of. meh. poems. do. you. lik. more?  TR3 1 915 over a year ago
The EMO Graphic Contest!!  XXwhy_meXX 0 795 over a year ago
Hey!!!!!! LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!  twilight4ever-4 0 677 over a year ago
Hi, bye, why?, lies, what?, life!  deathnote 6 1314 over a year ago
WE NEED TO CHAT!  miss_orange 0 723 over a year ago
Are you Emo What is Emo  Gorgiacrossroad 19 2301 over a year ago
Broken Mirror  Mallory101 4 1317 over a year ago
Help a Newbie Emo!  miss_orange 3 2546 over a year ago
Poems  j1edwardcullen7 3 964 over a year ago
-------------------------------------------------  11relaxing 3 1394 over a year ago
THE BEST POEM (if you be my fan I'll be your fan)  zerg1994 9 1358 over a year ago
My Emo Poem I LOVE CODY HEY CODY ITS ME ANGEL BABBYY  Girlfriendlover 4 1403 over a year ago
Random Poem  Rockgrl 1 1463 over a year ago
Falling Away  Mallory101 1 1022 over a year ago
Autumn Times  Mallory101 1 1105 over a year ago
Ignorance is Bliss  Mallory101 1 1054 over a year ago
Happy Birthday  Mallory101 1 784 over a year ago
Chance or Fate  Mallory101 1 562 over a year ago
Your Mistakes  Mallory101 1 537 over a year ago
Sorrows Lullaby  Mallory101 1 782 over a year ago
Life in the Dark  Mallory101 1 533 over a year ago
My Heart  _Charlie_ 0 535 over a year ago
poem  lovedeath26 1 1287 over a year ago
Why?  Cemetary_queen 4 491 over a year ago
The World?  Emobaby_4ever 2 891 over a year ago
emo outcast  bethy_boo28 0 929 over a year ago
HEY YOU! READ THIS OR ELSE - very important message-  emo4ever 0 581 over a year ago
Why?  Cemetary_queen 0 708 over a year ago
A poem for my fans. And for you who isnt my fan "yet"  zerg1994 1 689 over a year ago
My own poem. Enjoy.  zerg1994 1 574 over a year ago
have you ever cut your self ..  lovedeath26 1 669 over a year ago
what are you  bee--123 2 632 over a year ago
new spot  emzielouise 0 639 over a year ago