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Opinion by Bond_Of_Fury posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Hey guys 'n girls... sorry just couldn't resist putting a top 10 of the best singers of all time!
Plz post a comment on this article which says your own top 10, I'm kinda curious lol!

Top 10:

1) Enya - In my opinion, earth's most talented singer of all time. Her voice is so enchanting... I'm a sensitive dude...

2) Phil Collins - His songs have deep meaning and unlike many artists, this guy can actually sing on stage.

3) Alison Krauss - I just discovered this girl recently but I'm positive this artist desirves a 3rd place! Her duet with Brad Paisley was stunningly beautiful.

4) Chad Kroeger - Chad Kroeger is the singer from my favourite band: Nickelback. I love the raw voice he has, although, he's not that good on stage...

5) Sara Evans - Especially at the country songs, her voice always managed to steal my heart! What an amazing voice!

6) Freddy Mercury - This guy was awesome, he could latterally do everything with his voice, how high pitched the text may be!
Opinion by Clintonium posted over a year ago
fan of it?
I just recently entered into cyber space. I never knew who Enya was. It was unbelievable. Kinda like my cousin Ruth with Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. I would use her(Enya) art/music in my blogs. As I was compiling my profile on my space some editor(s) were trying to smear me. It's a shame. So Enya if they use me, to offend you, its not me, you're the best. Would love to see you in a live preformnace.


At this request of "Please write a longer article or consider posting to the forum."

Anyways I'm kind of a lonely person. So I decided to try online dateing. I began learning new applications for various sites profiles. I had trouble uploading video into my space so I decided to link sight speed clips an embed them directly into About me, in my space profile. Some where with in the process my audio and video were distorted. Kinda painted me as being a whore. The drunk singing cumbyya that was me. It was a real head twister of a night. Anyways the next day I inserted new video they added a lisp made me sound gay. I was sober, so I knew someone(S) was messing with me. Anyways its a sad planet and just want to tell Enya when I listen to her...