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Unknown00 said …
Why would an EPIC club like this have so little activity these days ? Posted over a year ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
Well, That's Fanpop These Days For You. It's Not As It Used To Be !!!! over a year ago
Lefi87 commented…
*Signs* Sadly, it's true -_- over a year ago
TheLefteris24 said …
EPICNESS IS EPIC !!!! Posted over a year ago
Unknown00 commented…
AND EPIC IS EPICNESS... over a year ago
RedRaven said …
Wanna hear epic? Imagine an epic adventure fighting in epic dragon with an epic sword, and an epic bard singing an annoying song and the epic adventurer epically yells to shut up or he'll shove his epic sword down his throat and make him stop, so the epic dragon laughs epically about the adventurers pathetic ness and the adventurer yells, "I can swing my sword!" And freakin loops off his head! Posted over a year ago
Gumball17 commented…
EPIC! over a year ago