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Opinion by iluvspike4eva posted over a year ago
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ER star Maura Tierney has spoke out in support of the decision to bring the show to a close.

It was confirmed at the start of the month that the long-running medical drama will return for one more season. After 15 years on the air, the show's final episode will go out in February 2009.

"I think it's a great thing for the cast and the crew," Maura told WENN. "And I think it is a great thing that [creator] John Wells and all the rest of the writers know that's it's ending and have time to prepare for it and finish it in a way that's thoughtful."

Tierney also admitted that she is at odds with producers over the ultimate fate of her character Dr. Abby Lockhart.

"I want them to kill me," she revealed. "And they won't. They refused to kill Abby."
Review by x5mp1xp1nx22x posted over a year ago
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The writers werent kidding when they said all good things must end.

Corney, i know. Lyrics to a song by The Academy Is...but they wont stop resounding my my head tonight.

I stand here today not as a fan, but as a friend, a friend who has lost something that most people cant even begin to dream about. Most will tell you, "hey, its just a show." but they forgot...its the small things that make our lives what they are. Years from now, ill look back, and remember...

my mom is smiling, the lights are out, the sound fills the room like im right there, the lights flicker in and out as scenes change.

and ill smile...and maybe let a tear drop. Cuz for one moment, in that ONE memory, everything is okay.

Sure ill go on, the world will go on, more moments will happen, more joys and sorrows, more life...but ill always have ER, forever in my mind, forever in my heart.

You gave me lasting memories that i wouldnt trade for the world.
Opinion by Starwarschick18 posted over a year ago
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I started watching ER around season 13. I never really got a chance 2 watch the golden age episodes form the 1990s.

I was only a kid during that time. I finally got the chance to 2 watch those episodes when they were on reruns on the TNT channel.

When I finally watched them I was totally & completely in love with the series! I watched the show religiously form then on.

I really started to feel that the characters were real and when they went through hard times so did I. When they were happy so was I.

Then the dreaded day finally came. NBC announced that the 15th season of ER was going 2 be its last. I was devastated and that's putting it lightly.

When it came time for the final episode I wasn't sure that I would be able to watch it all the through without breaking down.

My parents who where also life long fans through not as much as me watched it with me for no more than to give me emotional support.