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greekgirlA posted on Jul 22, 2011 at 04:07PM
up in the northern lands, east past the forest of elves, the land not known to the men of of the empire. a story brews,and you are in that story.
in this you may be any thing from the inheritance cycle: dragon,rider, dwarf, elf,human,witch,shade,spirit,magician,you name it!

post it like this

looks and/or pic.
then just jump in!don't like don't join.simple as that.

plz don't have to many of 1 species (human aceptible though)

(i kinda want this to be a story,and i like long posts)

and try not to control others actions.only if necessary.

and, no spam. plz know things about eragon from the BOOKS not movie.OK! let us begin.
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