Yuuki Asuna
Okay. So I normally don't like to hate on anime characters, but ASUNA IS JUST ----- Okay. I am going to list some reasons why I do not like Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online.

1 ~ She had a lot of potential in the beginning and was basically just a complete badass but it all went to hell by her VERY NEXT APPEARANCE.

2 ~ This somewhat connects to number 1. She quickly became an obnoxious generic tsundere who relied on Kirito for EVERYTHING. I normally love tsunderes but Asuna was just......

3 ~ She was made to be the perfect waifu, so her personality and character development were both neglected and, well.....lacking.

4 ~ This part is pretty unreasonable but she interfered with my OTP. Liz x Kirito would have been canon if she didn't jump in the exact moment Lizbeth was about to confess. Every girl in the show truly needed him except for her but they got together anyway because f*** it, it's SAO. Asuna didn't know Kirito well enough to like him then so Kirito would've went out with Liz any day. Soon after, they were canon as HELL.

5 ~ She ruined the concept of a tsundere in her own little way. Everything about her was poorly written and she revealed too much too fast.

If you like her, I respect your opinion. I know I say this a lot, but I can't respect your opinion unless you respect mine.