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part 26

I was calming down slightly, trying to find a way out of this mess. There had to be a way.
“Well, Alice,” I heard Bella begin. “Where do you want to do this?”
I heard Alice’s confused and terrified thoughts as I ran back to the room yelling.
“No! No! NO!” I roared, moving right up to Bella’s face. She twisted back, fear plain in her eyes. I ignored it, beside myself.
“Are you insane?” I shouted. “Have you utterly lost your mind?”
I felt the instantaneous, familiar sense of shame and Bella cringed away from me, her hands over her ears, but I was still too angry to move away from her.
Edward, calm down! Alice’s thoughts came seconds before she spoke.
“Um, Bella,” she cut in with an anxious voice layered with tension. “I don’t think I’m ready for that. I’ll need to prepare...” she finished uncertainly.
Bella moved so she could see Alice under my outstretched arm. “You promised.” She accused, glaring.
“I know, but...Seriously, Bella! I don’t have any idea how to not kill you.” She still sounded slightly shocked.
“You can do it,” Bella encouraged. “I trust you.”
I couldn’t help it, I snarled in fury. The way she was talking about this, ending her life.
Alice shot me a quick glance before turning to Bella and shaking her head, looking panicked.
The look of stubbornness was back. “Carlisle?” Bella asked, turning to look at him.
I didn’t know what I was doing, but I reached out for her face, stopping her from turning her head. I don’t know what I hoped to achieve with this action, but it felt better with her looking at me.

part 27

“I’m able to do it.” Carlisle replied quickly, hoping I would let go of Bella. He was slightly worried about how tightly I was holding her. “You would be in no danger of me losing control.”
“Sounds good.” Bella replied, trying to turn her head at her but still unable to move. Her words came out slightly distorted because of my grip but I was still struggling to remove my hand. My anger and guilt were two opposing armies, but so far, the guilt was too far outnumbered to be of any consequence.
I tried to salvage the situation. If I could just buy some time then maybe, just maybe I could talk her out of this insanity.
“Hold on,” I spoke between my teeth. “It doesn’t have to be now.” I knew I had to appeal to Carlisle’s sense of logic, then I might stand a chance.
“There’s no reason for it not to be now.” Bella answered very quickly, but the words were still muffled by my hand.
“I can think of a few.” I was struggling to remain calm, and losing immensely.
“Of course you can.” She replied sourly. “Now let go of me.”
I immediately removed my hand and folded my arms safely across my chest where they wouldn’t do anymore harm. Was I imagining it, or were Bella’s cheekbones slightly darker? Had I hurt her? The guilt finally managed to overthrow my anger in light of my actions. How could I have been so stupid?
I continued, seeming oblivious to her words. “In about two hours, Charlie will be here looking for you. I wouldn’t put it past him to involve the police.”
Bella’s forehead creased adorably between her brows. “All three of them.” She answered, but I could see her thinking it over.
I knew what she must be thinking of now, Charlie, Renee, all her friends at school. I hoped she would reconsider. Even if I only had a couple of months I might be able to dissuade her. Maybe I could find something she wanted more...
“In the interest of remaining inconspicuous,” I went on, tearing my eyes away from Bella with difficulty and looking towards Carlisle. I was still talking through my teeth. “I suggest that we put this conversation off, at least until Bella finishes high school, and moves out of Charlie’s house.”
To my relief, Carlisle agreed with me.
“It’s a reasonable request, Bella.” He pointed out.
She pursed her lips. Hope began to swell inside me. “I’ll consider it.” She said, looking none too pleased.
Relief flooded through me, I relaxed and my teeth unclenched. At least now I had some time.
“I should probably take you home,” unable to completely mask my hurry to leave. “Just in case Charlie wakes up early.”
Bella’s clear, brown eyes flickered to Carlisle. “After graduation?”
“You have my word.”
She breathed in deeply before turning to me with my favourite smile, slightly uneven because her bottom lip was slightly out of proportion with her upper one.
“Okay. You can take me home.”
I quickly rushed her out of the house, running with her back through the moonlit forest.
Without pausing I jumped through her window, her strawberry shampoo floating around me like a halo. I quickly set her on the bed wordlessly.
I was thinking intently. I had an idea, but would it work? Would she fall for it? If there was something she wanted more, and I had an idea of what that would be, what would she trade for it?
I started pacing. Would it work? Could it work? Is this the way to buy more time?
On every turn I looked quickly over at Bella, watching as her expression grew more and more frustrated. She was so adorable.
She finally grew tired with my incessant pacing, breaking the silence.
“Whatever you’re planning, it’s not going to work.”
And how could she possibly know that?
“Shh. I’m thinking.” Was my brilliant response.
“Ugh.” Bella groaned, throwing herself back on the bed and pulling the quilt up over her head.
I small stab of pain swept through me, just from not being able to see her.
Without a sound that she would hear, I lay on the bed next to her. I pulled back the covers to reveal her face, the light from her luminescent clock throwing shadows over her face, but illuminating the contours cast by her nose and lips. Her fathomless eyes reflected the light as well, shining clear and bright. I extended my hand and gently brushed some hair back from her cheek, relishing the warmth her body gave off.
The sight of her face brought instant relief, the brush of pain all but forgotten.
“If you don’t mind,” I murmured quietly to her. “I’d much rather you didn’t hide your face. I’ve lived without it for as long as I can stand. Now...tell me something.”
“What?” she asked, rather unwillingly.
I had an inkling of what she wanted most, but rather than guessing, why not just ask?
“If you could have anything in the world, anything at all, what would it be?”
I watched her face closely. It was not difficult to see the scepticism in her eyes.
I shook my head impatiently. “Something you don’t already have.”
I could see she was still unsure what I wanted. This might work.
She thought carefully before answering, anxiously watching my expression.
“I would want...Carlisle not to have to do it. I would want you to change me.”
Exactly what I expected. It was slightly funny, watching her wary expression, but also saddening. I must have frightened her before.
“What would you be willing to trade for that?”
Amazement lit her face as quickly as a smile would have. “Anything.” She answered quickly.
Perfect. I felt a slight smile on my lips. Quickly I tried to get my thoughtful expression back, pursing my lips. I decided to aim high. She would work me lower no matter what. “Five years?” I asked hopefully.
Her face twisted into an expression somewhere between chagrin and horror.
“You said anything.” I reminded her quickly.
“Yes, but...” she struggled with her excuse. “You’ll use the time to find a way out of it.” Damn, she knew me too well. “I have to strike while the iron is hot. Besides, it’s just too dangerous to be human—for me at least. So anything but that.”
I frowned at her explanation before presenting my new offer. “Three years?”
“No!” she exclaimed loudly.
“Isn’t it worth anything to you at all?”
She considered quickly, trying to keep her poker face but failing. She wanted this a lot.
“Six months?” she counter offered.
I couldn’t help rolling my eyes. “Not geed enough.”
“One year, then.” She said. “That’s my limit.”
“At least give me two.” I bargained quickly.
“No way.” Her retort was swift. “Nineteen I’ll do. But I’m not going anywhere near twenty. If your staying in you're teens forever than so am I.”
Exasperation rushed though me. This was the reason?
I knew this wasn’t working so I tried a new tactic.
“All right. Forget time limits. If you want me to be the one—then you’ll just have to meet one condition.”
“Condition? What condition?” she asked, immediately suspicious.
I spoke slowly, cautiously. I knew how she would take this.
“Marry me first.”

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