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News by MisterH posted over a year ago
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I really mean it! What would you be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would you be able to do if writing fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would you do if it's illegal to do a cover of your favorite song on YouTube? What would you do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would you do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet from getting killed by SOPA/TPP!

SOPA may have been stopped, but large companies with many copyrights are trying to re-institute portions of it under other names and policies. This attempt to limit protected speech in the name of copyright is unacceptable, and must be resisted.
Review by BuddyBoy600alt posted over a year ago
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The European country flag for United Kingdom. It is known as "The Union Jack".
Here is my favorite countries in Europe. Well, It is the only English country in Europe. It's called The United Kingdom. It is the home of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Whales. The Capital of England is London (which is also the capital of United Kingdom). The current King/Queen is Queen Elizabeth the II. The national landmark is Big Ben. Big Ben is a clock tower that chimes. Now, The word "Ben" is another word for Bell. Also, We have red Double Decker buses and the old subway system (known as "The Underground"). Here are some famous people who were born in this European Country:

*Charlie Chaplin (London England UK - Silent Movie Comedian)
*Stan Laurel (Ulverston England UK - Comedian and stars with Oliver Hardy on the Laurel and Hardy films)
*Bob Hope (London England UK - Comedian and Singer on Musical Movies)
*James Paul McCartney (Liverpool England UK - The Beatles bass guitarist and the usually lead singer)
*George Harrison (Liverpool England UK - guitarist and singer of The Beatles)
Article by rosemina posted over a year ago
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Most European countries may share the same currency, yet its value can vary a lot from country to country. Here are some examples:

With 20 Euros you can buy:

7 cups of coffee in Greece / 35 cups of coffee in Portugal

84 eggs in Ireland / 192 eggs in Malta

4 pairs of pantyhose in Belgium / 19 pairs in Slovakia

8 bus tickets in Netherlands / 43 bus tickets in Slovakia

6 lt beer (from supermarket) in Italy / 20 lt in Slovakia

1.6 kilos Camembert cheese in Slovenia / 3 kilos in Belgium

2 cinema tickets in Ireland / 8 tickets in Slovakia

2-3 packs of cigarettes in Ireland / 10 packs in Estonia

30 newspapers in Malta / 11 in Cyprus

7.3 km with the taxi in Netherlands / 23km in Portugal

2 lt of olive oil in Slovenia / 7 lt in Spain

24 glasses of beer (in a bar) in Portugal / 6 glasses in Slovakia

5 bottles of red wine in Italy / 20 bottles in Portugal
Opinion by cromulanfav posted over a year ago
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Well many people think it's horrible that Serbia is against independence of Kosovo and they just want that territory, but they don't see something else. Kosovo is important part of Serbian culture and history.

Well, lets start with this: Balkan has alway been interesting and advantageous territory because it's between Asia and Europe and many nations tried to invade Balkan. In middle age, when Serbia, then called Raska, was the most powerful, by reign of Nemanjici, there were many monasteries and significant buildings on Kosovo. Anyway, don't want to bother you but: countries from Balkan are deserving for Turks not invading rest of the Europe. The battle which happened on Kosovo 1371 was very important for Serbia. After that Serbs were enslaved by Turks for 500 years in their attempt to stop the Turks invading the rest of the Europe.

So, although Kosovo is bad for Serbian economy, and there are mostly Albanians, think of this: Their ancestors lie there, the period of there greatest power lies there, and they have to listen every day how somebody is ruining monasteries and other monuments and they can't do nothing about it.
Opinion by aholic posted over a year ago
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The Belgian Prime minister has given up, he can't take the struggle anymore, but before I tell you more, you should read this text below (by the new york times) and read what they said in 2007.

Belgium has given the world Audrey Hepburn, René Magritte, the saxophone and deep-fried potato slices that somehow are called French.

But the back story of this flat, Maryland-size country of 10.4 million is of a bad marriage writ large — two nationalities living together that cannot stand each other. Now, more than three months after a general election, Belgium has failed to create a government, producing a crisis so profound that it has led to a flood of warnings, predictions, even promises that the country is about to disappear.

Radical Flemish separatists want to slice the country horizontally along ethnic and economic lines: to the north, their beloved Flanders — where Dutch (known locally as Flemish) is spoken and money is increasingly made — and to the south, French-speaking Wallonia, where a kind of provincial snobbery was once polished to a fine sheen and where today old factories dominate the gray landscape.
Article by aholic posted over a year ago
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Danish Greenland map. Nuuk, also called Godthåb in Danish, is the capital of Greenland.
The Greenlanders are going to vote about them ruling their country themselves. This does'nt mean that Greenland won't still be Danish because it will but will be voting for it November 25. If Greenland says yes, they can rule their country by themselves without asking the Danes from June 21, 2009.

The Danish Prime-minister says that they support Greenland in whatever they want to do and in whatever they vote. Denmark will still have control over Greenland but not full control if they say yes.

Greenland will not be independent, only political, if they do say yes because they may not...

Greenland will also be getting the right over the underground in Greenland which contains a lot of oil.

Greenland can also take the step and become fully independent, but the chance is'nt so big because the so called "rigsfællesskab" (kingdom community) is precious and what do they need to be FULLY independent for?

Denmark and Greenland are very good friends and have national traditions together.
Article by aholic posted over a year ago
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Here tonight - february the 17th 2008 - did Europe get a new country. Yes it is true. The province in Serbia, Kosovo, is now a country of it's own.

The albanian people in the province was tired of Serbia, and there has been a smaller conflict. The Serbians is not happy about it. They wonder if the albanians in the new country can handle it.

It has a population of just over two million people, predominantly ethnic Albanians, with smaller populations of Turks, Serbs, Romani people, Goranis, Bosniaks and other ethnic communities. Priština is the capital and largest city.

If you want to read more about Kosovo, then here is a link :

It's exciting to see how it will go.

List by aholic posted over a year ago
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I was looking through my books, and I found this funny little one. It's actually nice.

It's called: "What are these words in Danish?"

So here goes.

English - Scots - Danish

child - bairn - barn
birch tree - birk - birketræ
good - braw - godt/bra
drink - dram - drik
from - frae - fra
street - gate - gade
pig - grice - gris
peep - keek - kigge
know - ken - kende
church - kirk - kirke
chest/coffin - kist - kiste
cow - kye - ko
smoke - reek - ryge
crowded - thrang - trang
rope - tow - tov
used to - want - vant til
Review by aholic posted over a year ago
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I got the informations from the internet from several sites, and I mixed and fixed it all into one article. No cheat. Hope you like it.

The city of Warsaw, located on the Vistula river, is the capital of Poland and its largest city. Its population as of 2004 was estimated at 1.7 million inhabitants, with 2.8 million inhabitants in Greater Warsaw. The city, also the capital of Masovian Voivodship, is home to many industries, including steel, electrical engineering, and automotive. It also features 66 institutions of higher learning. Warsaw is home to over 30 theatres, including the Grand Theatre and the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Almost completely destroyed in World War II, Warsaw is essentially a postwar city. Its few historic districts have been carefully reconstructed, but most of its urban landscape is modern, from the products of the communist era to more creative efforts of recent years. Since the fall of communism in the early 90s, Warsaw has developed into a thrilling, busy city rapidly catching up with the West. It is Poland's most cosmopolitan and progressive urban centre, with many luxury hotels, elegant shops and a wide range of services....