Eurovision Song Contest 2009 | Semi Final 2 - The 19 entries

Igor Curkov feat. Andrea
Liepa Tena

Written by Vjekoslava Huljic
Composed by Tonci Huljic
Broadcaster: HRT

Croatia will be represented by a duo of young singers Igor and Andrea. They will perform in Moscow in croatian the song Liepa Tena composed by Tonci Huljic and writen by Vjekoslava Huljic who also sent songs for Coratia in Eurovision in 1995, 1999, 2001. Croatia made their debut in 1993. Also the 13 of 26 Yugoslavian entries being Croatian and Yugoslavia's only winning song Rock Me, performed by Riva, was from Croatia. Two times the country finished 4th (1996 and 1999) which is Croatia's best position.

Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy

Written by Niall Mooney, Jonas Gladnikoff, Dannerl Moretti adn Christina Schilling
Composed by Niall Mooney, Jonas Gladnikoff, Dannerl Moretti adn Christina Schilling
Broadcaster: RTE

The winner of Eurosong 2009 in Ireland was Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy performing Et Cetera, which received 38 of 40 points from the four juries and the maximum 40 points from televoting. Ireland goes this year with a pop-rock band and the country hopes that will "rock Russia". Ireland first participated in 1965 and has sent 41 entries in Eurovision Song Contest and seven of them won (1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997).

Intars Busulis

Writen by Janis Elsbergs, Segej Timofejev
Composed by Karlis Lacis
Broadcaster: LTV

Latvia will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 marking its tenth entrance to Eurovision. Originally, after budget cuts were made by the Latvian governement on the Latvian broadcaster, announced plans to withdraw from the contest, but on 12 January it was announced by EBU that finally Latvia will be in Russia and will also sing in russian. Intars Busulis was born in 1978 and is well-known Latvian jaz and pop musician and actor. His country won Eurovision in 2002 with Marie N and her song I Wanna.

Marko Kon & Milaan

Written by Marko Kon and Aleksandar Kobac
Composed by Marko Kon, Aleksandar Kobac and Milan Nikolic
Broadcaster: RTS

After hosting the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, Serbia sends in Moscow a Cipela which means Shoe in English. The Serbian group includes from performers to ballet dancers and we will see on stage Marko Kon with Milan Nikolic, Ljubisa Dincic, Igor Knezevic, Jovan Sejnjanovic and Katarina Gromilic. Serbia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 and won the contest. Previously it participated as part of Yugoslavia, Federa Republic of Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro.

Lidia Kopania
I Don't Wanna Leave

Written by Alex Gerignas, Bernd Krimpel, Rike Boomgaarden and Dee Adam
Composed by Alex Gerignas, Bernd Krimpel, Rike Boomgaarden and Dee Adam
Broadcaster: TVP

The Polish song will presented this time by Lidia Kopania, a pop female singer with a strong voice. She won the Piosenka Dla Europy 2009 in her country with the song I don't Wanna Leave, which was the favourite of televoting and came second in the jury vote. Poland became a member of Eurovision family in 1994. Edyta Gorniak's first ever performance for Poland is also by far the most successful for the country as of yet.

Alexander Rybak

Written by Alexander Rybak
Composed by Alexander Rybak
Broadcaster: NRK

Norway chose their song at the national final, named Melodi Grand Prix. After three semi-finals, a second chance qualifier and the grand final, the winner was the singer, songwriter and violinist Alexander Rybak who will tell in Moscow his Fairytale. The backing dancers for the Eurovision perforfmance are from the dance group Frikar. The song is already one of the favourites all over Europe. Norway won the contest in 1985 with Bobbysocks and in 1995 with Nocturne, performed by Secret Garden. Despite these successes, the country also holds the unfortunate distinction of having scored the most "nul points".

Christina Metaxa

Written by Nikolas Metaxas
Composed by Nikolas Metaxas
Broadcaster: CyBC

The Cypriot national final was held on February 7 in Nicosia. Ten entries participated and the public chose the entrant completely by televoting. Christina Metaxa took the ticket to Moscow and she is one of the youngest performers this year. She want to show that teenagers have the strenght to set targets and to follow their inner light despite the difficilties of modern days. Composed and writen by her older brother, Firefly is something strange and new on eurovision stage. Cyprus made its debut in the contest in 1981. The best result for the island was the fifth place, which has been achieved on three occasions (1982, 1997, 2004).

Kamil Mikulcik & Nela Pociskova
Let' Tmou

Written by Anna Zigova and Petronela Kolevska
Composed by Rastislav Dubovsky
Broadcaster: STV

Slovakia will return at the Eurovision Song Contest after an 11-year absence. The program director of SVT stated that pressure from local artists was the driving force behind the country's return despite some budget problems. The fourth Slovak entry at Eurovision was chosen through a national final and the winner was Kamil Mikulcik and Nela Pociskova who won through televoting. Slovakia has placed no better than 18th, which it received in 1996.

Believe again

Written by Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Michael Larsson and Ronan Keating
Composed by Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Michael Larsson and Ronan Keating
Broadcaster: DR

As in previous years, DR selected is entry through the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix contest. The winner of this contest was Brinck with the song Believe again and one of the composers is Ronan Keating, the Irish pop singer who had hits with boyband Boyzone, managed Westlife band and had a famous solo artist, being the fist international number-one selling foreign artist in 2007. Ronan presented Eurovision Song Contest in 1997. Denmark won Eurovision for the first time in 1963 and the most recent danish victory came in 2000 with the Olsen Brothers.

Quartissimo feat. Martina
Love Symphony

Written by Andrej Babic
Composed by Andrej Babic
Bradcaster: RTVSLO

The winner of EMA 2009 was the song Love Symphony, which received full marks from the jury and came fourth in the public televote. Andrej Bavic is a Croatian songwriter who has written many eurosongs since 2003 for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Portugal in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008 contests. Slovenia has participated in Eurovision fourteen times, debuting at the 1993 contest. Slovenia's best position was 7th in Eurovision 1997 and in 2001.

Zoli Adok
Dance with me

Written by Kasai
Composed by Szabo Ze
Broadcaster: MTV

An open call for songs was held in Hungary until 2 February, with both the performer and song being selected internally. On February 3rd, after receiving a total of 105 entries, MTV revealed that they selected Mark Zentai to represent Hungary with the song If yoy Wanna Party. However, shortly after it came to light that the song had been relaesed in 2004 in Sweden. On February 4th announced that Katya Tompos will go to Moscow, but after a week of thoughts, Katya announced her withdrawal. On 23 February it was announced that Zoli will represent Hungary and he is now asking Europe to Dance with Him. The best result for Hungary in the contest was in 1994 when Friderika Bayer finished fourth.

AySel & Arash

Written by Arash Labaf
Composed by Arash Labaf
Broadcaster: Ictimai

Arash Labaf grew up In Tehran, Iran and he moved in the age of 10 to Sweden. His debut album was released in 2005 and his singles Boro Boro, Arash, Pure Love and Temptation made it to the hit lists around Europe. In early 2009 it was revealed that the entry of the Land of Fire will be the song Always which was written and composed by Arash and he will be on stage with Aysel. Azerbaijan made its debut last year and finished 8th.

Sakis Rouvas
This is our night

Written by Graig Portelis and Cameron Giles-Webb
Composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos
Broadcaster: ERT

Announced in July 2008, Sakis Rouvas will represent Greece and after placing third with Shake It in 2004 and hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens, Sakis returns and hopes that 16th of May will Be Our Night. Fokas Evangelinos will be the choreographer of the stage show and as remembering the Greek entries in 2004 and 2005, the Russian and Ukrainian in 2008 and the work that he did in Eurovision 2006, we are expecting something exciting this year. Sakis performed also at the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games 2004 and won the World Music Award in 2005. Eurovision is one of the most exciting moments of his career, which he wanted to experience again. Greece has been participating in the contest since 1974 and won in 2005 with Helena Paparizou and My Number One and reached the top ten every year since 2004.

Sasha Son

Written by Dmitrij Savrov (Sasha Son)
Composed by Dmitrij Savrov (Sasha Son)
Broadcaster: LRT

Lithuania will be represented by Sasha Son, singing Love, after won the Lithuanian national final, Lietuvos Dainu Daina. Shortly after the 2008 South Ossetia war, some people in Baltic states suggested to boycott Eurovision in Russia. However, no Lithuanian boycott occurred and now they're sending Sasha Son means "Sasha Dream". He has earlier work with Dima Bilan. Lithuania has participated nine times, debuting at the 1994 contest. In 2006 they sent LT United and the football chant-like song "We are the winners" and finished 6th, Lithuania's best placing in the history of the contest.

Nelly Ciobanu
Hora Din Moldova

Written by Nelly Ciobanu
Composed by Veaceslav Daniliuc
Broadcaster: TRM

TRM held an open call for songs for Eurovision and received a total of 39 songs. Twenty of them passed to the national final which was held in 14 Febuary and Nelly Ciobanu won with the song Dance form Moldova. Nelly is 35 years old and made her debut on stage in 1993 with her brother as part of duo "Master Dinamit". Moldova has participated four times, debuting in 2005 and finished 6th with Boonika bate doba, performed by Zdob si Zdub.

Kejsi Tola
Carry Me In Your Dreams

Written by Agim Doci
Composed by Edmond Zhulali
Broadcaster: RTSH

Kejsi Tola will be one of the youngest performers in this year's Eurovision. She is only 16 years old, but already has a career of more than six years. She is also the winner of Albanian Idol 2007 and the composer of her song Carry Me in Your Dreams was responsible for Albanian very first Eurovision entry The Image Of You in 2004, which was the most succesful entry for the balkan country. Albania has participated in Eurovision five times and RTSH is using each year for its selection the long-standing national song contest, Festivali I Kenges.

Svetlana Loboda
Be My Valentine (Anti-crisis Girl)

Written by Svetlana Loboda
Composed by Yevgeny Matyushenko
Broadcaster: NTU

From early childhood Svetlana was very fond of music and her parents noticed her musical ability and sent her to a music school. She is working on the piano, conducting and vocal performance. Svetlana is also a fashion producer and script writer. And now she is the Anti-crisis Girl which is coming in Eurovision with her "hell-mashine". She changed the first version of her song Be My Valentine and added new lyrics. She is an icon in Ukraine, which has participated in Eurovision 2003 for the first time, won in 2004 with Ruslana and never missed a final and finished second two times, in 2007 and 2008.

Urban Symphony

Written by Sven Lohmus
Composed by Sven Lohmus
Broadcaster: ETV

After a lot of discussions on whether Estonia should withdraw due to the Russian participation in the 2008 South Ossetia war in Geogia, the national bradcaster ETV have announced that, due to public demand they will participate in Eurovision this year. ETV organized a new format of national final, named Eesti Laul, and Urban Symphony won it with Randajad. The song with a remarkable oriental flame, tells a story for neverending journeys through the sand deserts and risks on the way. Estonia has entered the contest 14 times and won in 2001, when Tanel PAdar and Dave Benton sang Eveybody.

The Toppers

Written by Gordon Heuckeroth
Composed by Gordon Heuckeroth
Broadcaster: NOS

It seems that The Toppers are the biggest stars in their country. The have broken every record in the Netherlands and now they are travelling their talent across Europe. The Toppers are Gordon Heuckeroth, Jeroen van Der Boom and Rene Froger and they are true fans of Eurovision Song Contest. The Netherlands was one of the seven countries competing in Eurovision in 1956. Since then won the contest four times, in 1957, 1959, 1969 and in 1975.