(left Carly right Amy)
I really just want to voice my opinion about this new band 'we are the fallen'.
I saw them on youtube the other day and thought that they kind of seemed a little like Evanescence, so I did some digging and found out this.
The band is made up from former members of Evanescence, Ben moody, Rocky Gray and John lecompt. The lead singer Carly Smithson off American Idol and huge fan of Evanescence, happens to look like Amy Lee (lead singer of Evanescence)Is it by accident that ex members of Evanescence use a look a like of their former lead for their new band? I think not. 'We are the fallen' (WATF)states " were just musicians trying to make music. we aren't trying to re-invent the wheel of Evanescence, were doing something new". Really?? If they were trying to be 'new' would they look, dress, sound the same as Evanescence? would they do cover songs 'Bring me to life', 'my imortal' and 'going under' By Evanescence? Would they name their band after Evanescence's first Album 'fallen'? To me this band is a copy cat, and are not going to get very far, with their 'new' music. My opinion? This band sucks, and are trying to start a war that they honestly can't win! If your having doubts about this then go to:


And see for your self. I can't wait untill Evanescence brings out their new album and shows WATF just who they're really competing with. We Evanescence fans need to stick together. Enjoy the vid. xxx
(We are the fallen)