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ravenswan87 said …
Has anyone got any theories on Dexter Charming's story? To this day I have never known, I would love to hear everyone's opinion.

My personal theories are that he is either the prince of snow white or cinderella. as both princes in those are brown haired Posted 5 months ago
Umbreon23 commented…
don't make fun of me but i was reading a fanfic and dexter was in apple and raven's story but, if the good king married the evil queen and raven is the daughter she might be destined to marry yeah but the problem is on the legacy day special it did not reveal that so i guess it will be one of the un-aswered questions... 4 months ago
big smile
FairyAmbassador said …
Hi, everybody! I made a Darling Charming fan club, so if anyone is interested feel free to join. Here is the link: link Posted 6 months ago
DarlingC said …
Does anyone know how to make a club im really stuck and would like some help thanks!! Posted 7 months ago
SilentForce commented…
go to the main page of fanpop and click on"create a new club". 7 months ago