Stage Name: Lay
Real Name: Zhang Yi Xing
Nickname: Xing Tuo, Xing Xing
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Born: October 7th, 1991
Astrological Zodiac Sign: Libra
Personality: Humble, easy-going, funny, hard-working, mischievous at times, forgetful.
Family: N/A
Height: 177cm or 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 60kg or 132lbs
Blood Type: A
Education: Hunan Normal University High School
Super Power (Badge): Healing (Unicorn)
Habit: He likes to sleep on the living room’s hard floors. He says that the temperature is cooler there and that sleeping in a different location allows him to dream different dreams.


Favorite Foods: Tidbits, junk food, anything he cooks.
Favorite Hobbies: Cooking, dancing, playing piano and guitar, playing on the computer, mastering the Korean language, composing songs.
Favorite Color: Purple, black.
Favorite Music: Every music genre.


Role Models: N/A
Celebrities they’re close with: N/A

Fun Facts:

He has lived in Korea for 4-5 years, but he still feels his grasp of the Korean language is weak.
He loves cooking. Like D.O is the cook of EXO-K, Lay is the cook of EXO-M. If there’s nothing to do, he’ll cook.
He loves eating fruits.
He’s considered an “all-rounder”. He’s great at a lot of things.
He likes to write lyrics and compose music.
In SHINee’s 2010 concert tour, he briefly filled in as Jonghyun’s dance replacement.
He’s Chen’s roommate in Korea, and Luhan’s roommate in China.
He was originally supposed to be EXO-M’s leader, but he was replaced by Kris.
On stage, he’s strong and charismatic, but off the stage, he is humorous and playful.
He won 3rd place in 2005 TV Star Academy (Hunan Economics TV show).
He can practice for a very long time. At one point, he arrived at SM Entertainment in the early morning, and didn’t live until the dawn of the next day. Sometimes he goes by with only eating one meal.
He can spend 3 hours at the gym alone.
His ideal type is someone who is cute and filial.
He is a bit slow to react. An example would be if someone says a joke and everyone else is laughing, Lay would laugh about a minute later (after he understands the joke).
In 2008, Lay was cast into SM Entertainment through one of their global audition.
He arrived at SM the same day as Luhan. That’s how they became close.
He used to be a local child star in China, making appearances at many variety shows.
He was officially introduced as an EXO member on January 17th, 2012.
He’s very mischievous. He knows about Luhan’s weird obsession with his bed, so he tries to push Luhan’s limits.
He wants to be a producer in the future.
He likes Donald Duck.