Ezra Fitz B-26 (Ezra's Poem)

tvdabst posted on Nov 02, 2010 at 05:51PM

It’s a number.
It’s a song.
It’s a girl.

Pearl joy packed.
Gold falafel,
As through ice.

It’s four-thirty.
Morning with
Phone calls.
It’s deaf mute.

It’s cheap.
A foreign car.
Maybe bingo.
Lucky night?
Something says
It smells bad.
<b>B-26</b><br />
<br />
It’s a number.<br />
It’s a song.<br />
It’s a girl.<br />
<br />

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over a year ago AliMC said…
the whole first paragraph is refering to their first coversation/kiss.
smooth.pearl joy ppacked. is referring to Aria and her smile
gold falafel is the first meal they ate together
it's deaf mute how their relationship is so hush-hush
it's cheap their relationship is cheap and should be non-existant
a foreign car is talking about the time he picked her up in the rain and they kissed and temperarily got back together
maybe bingo because bingo is chancey like their relationship
lucky night? is about the night when he bumped into Aria and her mom at the theater
something says it smells bad Hardy said their relationship is obvious and it's gonna bring more harm then good
over a year ago kflo57 said…
the name : B-26 is refering to their favorite band