In her childhood, Amber was in church band.
Amber likes cat more than dog.
Amber works out when she gets stressed out
Amber has insomnia.
Amber is not gonna wear wedding dress at her wedding
The custume that Amber wore on ‘Sorry Sorry’ performance is that Donghae gave to Amber.
To a question ‘why do you buy so many caps?’, Amber said:Head(×)Cap = happy Head.
Amber likes swimming
Amber likes red
Amber kept thinking ‘i’m gonna be all burned today’ while shooting photoshoot in Africa.
Amber said her sis bullies her around a lot.
Amber can snowboard better than skiing.
Amber can’t play baseball well.
Amber communicates with Vic in Chinese.
Amber’s diet secret is to eat small amount of food every 3 hours.
Amber gave up cooking.
Amber thinks wearing skirt is not secure.
Amber thinks too much everytime she choose cap.
When Amber feel depressed, she does listen to sad song,dance and sing.
Since Amber has gone to dental clinic many times before, she’s not afraid of going to dental clinic.
Amber’s sleeping habit is kicking her feet in the air.
The reason why Amber is so silent when eating is because she is having trouble using chopsticks.
Amber likes number 9,22.
Amber has won 2 goldmedals from taekwondo competitions.
Amber doesn’t do sel-ca often.
Amber likes ‘break away’ by Kelly Clarkson.
Back in the states, Amber enjoyed playing guitar hero(?!)
Amber takes breath secretly while rapping.
Amber got pick in SM audition with her singing ability.
Key and f(x)’s Amber (when she was still a trainee) made a pact that they would have bubble tea together, but it has not yet been fulfilled.
Amber picked Jang Hyuk as her ideal type
In America, when Amber needed to use the toilet, some aunties say "Go to that room”, mentioning the male toilet.
Amber’s favorite genre of music is R&B.
Amber is a big fan of singer/rapper Yoon Mirae.
Amber likes professional wrestler/actor John Cena from the WWE.
Amber doesn't eat junk food anymore.
Amber was SNSD’s Taeyeon fan before debuting.
Amber can play both guitar and drums well.
M.C. Max's "Oh Heart, Please Stop Now" and K.Will's "Left Heart" are the songs that Amber sang at the audition in SM Entertainment's 2007 Global audition.
Amber liked Linkin Park when she was young and copied Linkin Park’s vocalist Mike Shinoda a lot.
When Amber first heard Korean music, she used to listen to a lot of R&B like Wheesung's.
When Amber first came to Korea from the U.S. she felt like a complete stranger because the environment was completely different.
Amber used to have space out thinking 'Why am I here?' But Krystal helped her out a lot since her English is good and she gradually learned more Korean.
Amber's boyish image was something she wasn't aware of 'cause in the States she was just normal.
Amber was shocked when while she was a trainee, Amber went shopping with Krystal and her fans said they thought she was her boyfriend.
Looking similar to Super Junior’s Donghae is something Amber have heard frequently ever since she got in Korea.
These days people also say she look a lot like SHINee's Jonghyun so the three of them sometimes take photos together and call them the "dinosaur family".
Amber had been on a basketball team since elementary school in the U.S. and she played basketball a lot with her girl friends too.
Amber likes taekwondo too so she practices her moves when she gets bored.
Create a stage where there are no restrictions is Amber's dream.
A girl once confessed her love to Amber!